Teaching about natural disasters – hurricanes and earthquakes across the school curriculum

Blog Post created by tbaker-esristaff Employee on Sep 15, 2017

The human impact of the natural disasters occurring in North America in the last few weeks has been staggering – the result of a complex story of earth’s natural systems and human activities.  Independent of the subject you may teach, consider these pre-built activities, maps, and data to support your inquiry into earth’s systems with your students.


American Literature

Hurricane warning!



How much rain? Linear equations

Rates of population change

Perpendicular bisectors


Social studies

Exploring elevation with Lewis and Clark (elementary)

Climate (elementary)

USA demographics

M2L1 – The Earth moves

M7L2 – In the eye of the storm



Where does the water go?  (elementary)

Climate (elementary)

Weather forecasting  (elementary)

Seismic events: natural hazards (elementary)

Cracked plates

The Earth moves under our feet

Fluid Earth: winds and currents

Tropical storms

Climate change