Ten Reasons to Take an Esri MOOC

Blog Post created by ASchutzberg-esristaff Employee on Jun 26, 2017

Esri offers five different massive open online courses (MOOCs). Here’s why you should become a MOOC student.



  1. You, and most anyone, anywhere, can take an Esri MOOC for free. You need just a computer, browser and an Internet connection.


  1. You learn about interesting and applicable topics including spatial analysis, location analytics, building apps without coding, applications of imagery, and cartography.


  1. You gain hands on experience with ArcGIS Online, Business Analyst Web App, ArcGIS Pro and other Esri products.


  1. You tackle one or more lessons available each week, whenever you have time, at your own pace.


  1. You complete a MOOC in four to six weeks.


  1. You receive a certificate when you complete a MOOC. It looks great listed on your resume or LinkedIn profile.


  1. You meet and interact with experts from Esri and students from all over the world.


  1. You experience top notch teaching and learning. More than 95% of students rate Esri MOOCs “very good” or “good.”


  1. You can apply what you’ve learned directly to your professional, academic or personal projects.


  1. You continue your lifelong learning journey by quenching curiosity and adding to your experience.