Story Maps Webinar, and Story Maps IYGU competition

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(1)  Mapping Your Stories with Esri Story Maps


Free NCGE-Esri webinar – 8pm ET / 5pm PT Wed 7 December.


Instructor:  Joseph Kerski


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DescriptionEsri’s story maps platform allows you to easily and powerfully embed and combine dynamic web maps with audio, video, photographs, sketches, and text in a compelling framework. Explore issues and topics ranging from glacial retreat, population change, global ecoregions from local to global scale. Teach with existing story maps in the online library, or have students create their own for their own projects, including local fieldwork. Use them as communication tools, assessment tools, and lesson activities.


(2)  On a related story maps note:

There is still time for your students, aged fifteen (15) to nineteen (19), to participate in the International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU) Story Maps Competition.


Students may work in groups of up to two (2) persons. Their story map should focus on one of the six (6) official IYGU themes: 1. Eating, drinking, surviving  2. Moving, staying, belonging   3. Working, housing, urbanizing  4. Communicating, networking, interacting  5. Wasting, recycling, preserving   6. Sports, entertaining, recreating.  For further information, visit:  http://go.esri.com/webmail/82202/302202612/19b31f9e060d19f6e3eff37276f16d82.


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