The New Cascade Story Map is Here!

Blog Post created by jkerski-esristaff Employee on Jul 5, 2016

The New Cascade Story Map is Here!

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Last week, I wrote about the new Crowdsourcing Story Map app.  There is another new story map app that will be very useful in education, the Cascade app.  The Cascade app, as the name implies, allows you to combine narrative text with maps, images, and multimedia content in a “cascading scrolling experience.”  This engaging, full-screen way of interacting with your map’s sections can be interspersed with “immersive” sections that fill the screen with your maps, 3D scenes, images, and videos. Cascade is ideal for making compelling, in-depth stories that are very easy for people to navigate.

To get inspired, see this gallery of Cascade apps, including those on the oceans, Alexander Von Humboldt, the crisis in Syria, and my favorite, A River Reborn.

How could you use the Cascade story map in education?  You could use a selection of existing story maps to teach about watersheds, population change, natural hazards, land use, and other topics.  You could create a new one easily on a topic that you would like to teach about.  Your students could create one to present the results of their research to you as their instructor and to their peers.  You could use them as assessment tool to gauge student acquisition of content knowledge and skills.  Share with the community in the comments below how you are using these or other story maps in your own instruction.

Give the Cascade story maps a try!

Gallery of Cascade Story Maps

Gallery of Cascade Story Maps.