New Resources about GIS Careers

Blog Post created by jkerski-esristaff Employee on May 19, 2016
Many of us attended graduation ceremonies this month; some of us have our own students graduating.  Amid these joyful events, I wanted to share several new resources about careers in GIS that are now available that I believe will be useful to students, educators, career counselors, and others.

First, the folks at the career and employment resource, The Muse, created a fascinating node on Esri with interviews of young people working here!

I created several new videos on my YouTube channel under "Career" such as a new series of 4 “career pathways in geotechnologies” videos, beginning here.  I also created a "Top 5 skills you need to be successful in GIS" series beginning here, a Geographer is a Green job video, and others.

The career development zone on the Esri EdCommunity page includes Esri career posters, a summary of the blog essays we have written on careers, links to industries that use GIS, some GIS heroes, videos of those who use GIS on the job as firefighter, city manager, and in other fields, and much more.

I also tell students to frequently check the job openings on www.geosearch.comgisjobs.org, and our own Esri openings on http://www.esri.com/careers as they think about their future.

Esri also maintains an interesting  student opportunity page and a jobs zone on GeoNet is useful too.  Interested in talking with our staff about career opportunities?   See this page for upcoming events where our university recruitment team will be.  Feel free to contact the university recruitment folks on university @ esri.com.  Read this blog and the Esri Higher Education Facebook community to find out where the education outreach team will be speaking in the near future.

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