What’s New in ArcGIS Online – Introducing Credit Budgeting

Blog Post created by alee-esristaff Employee on Nov 18, 2015

Tools for managing credits by users has been the most-requested enhancement to ArcGIS Online from the education community. We’re glad to say the November update of ArcGIS Online introduces credit budgeting.  When combined with custom roles, credit budgeting will help you manage resources and avoid mistakes that consume all of the organization’s credits.  In addition, you’ll see improvements to tools for tracking usage of credits and apps.


Credit budgeting highlights


  • The credit budgeting tool allows administrators to allocate credits to organization members to help manage use of premium services.  Specifically, credit budgets apply to geocoding, geoenrichment, analytics, and map tile generation.


  • Credits can be assigned by individual member, role, or group.


  • Credit budgets provide an upper limit for each member.  This can prevent one member from using all of the organization’s credits by mistake.


  • Credit usage statistics can be downloaded as a spreadsheet


When combined with custom roles, the credit budgeting tool will help you provide broad access to ArcGIS Online while managing access to credit-intensive services.   For more details about this and the many other improvements to ArcGIS Online, see



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