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Hello. I want to calculate Hurst Exponent of Modis Timeseries from 2000 to 2018? Is it posible to calculate Hurst Exponent of raster time series using arcpy or arcmap? All data are in tiff format and same spatial extent. I want to apply Hurst exponent H estimated by R/S analysis as a long-term memory in time series. Xander Bakker Dan Patterson 
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Click to view contentLast week, Minnesota lost a key player in the rise of GIS in K12 education. Scott Freburg retired from the MN Dept of Education. But the state hasn't lost as much as it might seem. Freburg has been a difference-maker, and such folks often stick around, making more waves.   He had his first experiences with remote sensing and GIS in college in the… (Show more)
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Hello all, I work at a school with significant attendance issues. I acknowledge that we have a culture issue, but before my admin team jumps in and creates new policies around this issue, I'd like to analyse the data a bit to see if we can detect any meaningful patterns or insights to help guide us.   To this end, I've had a report run that… (Show more)
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Ive loaded a Raster into ArcPro and would like to change a color in the symbology using the colormap to a specific color and it will not let me do so.  Any thoughts?
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Click to view contentEffective teaching and learning about demography and population change is enriched through the use of web mapping tools and spatial data.  These tools and data sets foster critical thinking and spatial thinking, learning about content, scale, change, and systems. In the attached document, I describe 8 short activities: Comparison of urban areas… (Show more)
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We wanted to ensure that everyone saw the below, and communicated it to your IT collaborators, as it will impact anyone using ArcMap versions prior to 10.7, and ArcGIS Pro versions prior to 1.3, when making connections to ArcGIS Online.  ArcGIS Enterprise, some client apps and custom third-party applications built on ArcGIS Runtime, depending on… (Show more)
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Arrays The case against <null>    The scenario... Some data.  Simple, but a combination of singlepart, multipart a couple of holes and tabular data with nulls. Time for the SearchCursor Easy couple of steps, when you know what you want.  We will just blow up the polygons to points and get all the attributes in the table. in_fc =… (Show more)
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