• Adding a feature to Feature Service (polygon) using ESRI SOAP API

    Hi,   Using the ESRI SOAP API, how does one add a polygon to an existing Feature Service? Documentation seems scarce on this point. Using SOAPUI and the wsdl (provided by ArcGIS Server) i was able to distill the...
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  • Can not adding the rasters to mosaic dataset on ArcGIS Server 10.4.1

    First of all, we have 5 data sets. The characteristics of these data sets are as follows: Data Set (A) => 72 files [NetCDF][~ 10 MB x 72 = ~ 720 MB] Data Set (B) => 65 files [GRIB][~ 3 MB x 6...
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  • The specified WKID (factory code) or WKT (definition string) is not a Geographic Coor

    The Geocode service I am using has the spatial reference 2278. I am trying to project it to 4236, but I got the above error with this code:            com.esri.schem...
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  • Prevent ArcMap From Drawing Specific Layers

    I apologize if I don't use the right terminology here, I'm not usually involved in the ArcMap side of our map interaction.   The basic issue here is that we have users who want to add layers from our Server into...
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  • SOAP SDK Feature Server Update method

    Hi, I've been searching for a C# sample code to Update Features using the SOAP SDK Feature Server Update method to use in a asmx Web Service with the ESRI.ARCGIS.SOAP.DLL library but I didn't find any. The SOAP SDK re...
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  • Feature Service ApplyEdits is giving error for Updates through SOAP

    Hi,   I am running into an issue while I am trying to execute "ApplyEdits" task for updates through SOAP UI. I am facing below error.   <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/env...
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  • How to use the SOAP API from a javascript client aplication to query data

    I wonder how to query a map service using the SOAP API from a javascript client application. With the REST API, it is quite easy using html POST and GET protocole to send json data to the server, but how do you achiev...
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  • Looking for example to use SOAP SDK Feature Server Update method

    Hi!   I am trying to use ArcGIS 10.,1 sever soap sdk to update a field value for selected record via feature service And I could not find the net code sample to use udpate method   Basically, I have fiel...
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  • Incorrect annotation in SOAP API causing exceptions

    When using the ArcGIS Server SOAP API on Windows using Java 7/8 (works fine on Linux and/or Java 6) I found an issue where the arcgis_agsws_stubs.jar library is throwing an intermittent class cast exception   co...
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  • How we can add Array of Geometries in SOAP Response for custom SOE

    Hello Everyone,   I Have developed one custom SOAP SOE, I would like to know how we can add Array of Geometries in SOAP Response.   I have added following statement in SOAP wsdl,   <xs:complexType...
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  • ExportMapImage - Highlight Features

    Hi   I want to select and highlight a feature in an exported Image using the code below:     if (tmpLayerDescr.LayerID == imageContent.ReportingFeatureLayerId) {           t...
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  • GeocodeAddress - Specifying OutputSpatialReference does not project Geocoded points

    The SOAP API Documentation (Geocode Services > GetLocatorProperties) states that you can add an OutputSpatialReference property to the locator property array (PropMods) for a service, and then the service will proj...
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  • Bug in the SOAP API? GeocodeAddresses ignoring OutputSpatialReference

    Hello everyone, I've read other threads here that talk about problems with setting the OutputSpatialReference as a property modification when using SOAP to call and ArcGIS Server (10.0) Geocoder Service.  The RE...
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  • Future of ArcGIS Server SOAP API

    Why is "10.0 and prior" included in the title of this discussion forum ("ArcGIS Server (10.0 and prior) SOAP API")?   Isn't the SOAP API still available after 10.0?   Will it be going away?   Thank You.
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  • Having trouble running SOAP samples

    I've tried 2 samples now (SimpleSoapSOE and FindNearFeaturesSoapSOE) and I get everything registered and located properly but once I open open the client solutions to test the soap services the solutions have errors(s...
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  • Failure Authenticating with NTLM

    Hi I'm trying to access the webservice thru a standalone java application in Windows and am getting the following error. Pls advise May 7, 2014 4:37:09 PM org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodDirector processWWWAu...
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  • Upload blob via SOAP API

    Hello! For some reason we have to use SOAP API for integration between ArcGIS Server and 3rd party application - e.g. read features, geometry etc. Also we need to create a few features and one of them contains field b...
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  • QueryFeatureData2 returned different results from  GeometryServer's Project

    Hi All, I am using QueryFeatureData2 and Project to handling a same data. But I found that the returned results are difference. I am not sure if it is my handle issue or others. Below is the issue detail: 1. I used ...
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  • Problem with ImportData via SOAP

    Hello, I am pretty new in ArcGIS development, so please excuse me for a stupid questions and barking on a wrong tree :) I am trying to upload table to geodatabase via SOAP ImportData. I did following steps before i...
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  • Error response when running OD Cost Matrix solver through SOAP API

    Hi, I'm running the OD Matrix Solver using the SOAP API but I have run into an issue. The request is submitted and seems to be processed successfully by the server however the result is never returned. My client app...
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