• How can I display a hosted feature layer's attribute table on an Open Data site page?

    I need to display a hosted feature layer's attribute table in an Open Data site (ArcGIS Hub). Can someone please tell me the best way to do this?   To explain, we have an open data site that displays a road...
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  • How can I display a hosted feature layer's attribute table on an Open Data site page?

    I need to display a hosted feature layer's attribute table in an Open Data site (ArcGIS Hub). Can someone please tell me the best way to do this?   To explain, we are displaying a road closures map, a...
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  • Configure ArcGIS Online Popup with URL to local server files

    I have a GIS layer with an attribute that stores a path (i.e. \\vancouver.root.local\...) to video and photo media files that are stored on a local server. We are not interested in making these media files accessible ...
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  • Not all values returning when Symbolizing using Arcade Expression

    Hello,   I have a map on ArcGIS Online of customer calls and I want to symbolize them into three categories: Affected, No Call Called, No Information Called, Left Comments   I am using this arcade expre...
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  • Drop down into another drop down

    Hey Esri,   I'm working on a map where people can place points with a comment. I have a few categories that they can choose from in a drop down menu, but would it be possible to make sub categories? So for examp...
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  • Enable default popup of a map service

    I am an AGOL beginner and looking for to create HTML file similar to AGOL map. When I add a map service into AGOL map (http://arcg.is/1iqvOu ) it shows the popups. However, I can't view any popup a...
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  • Integrating Real-Time data in ArcGIS online

    Hello everyone! I am currently working with a remote monitoring system that gathers data from an anemometer, and would like to know if there's any way I can link that data to a map in ArcGIS online so the information...
  • How to Configure two Pop-up windows for the same layer in a web map

    Hello everyone,     Is there  a way to get more than one Configure Pop-up window in ArcGIS Onlne.    I have a web map and I would like to provide two Pop-up windows for the same layer, ...
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  • How to Show Related table records in ArcGIS Online

    Hello everyone,   Configuration:  ArcMap 10.4.1, ArcGIS Swrver 10.6 and ArcSDE 10.4   Is there a way to show records from a related table in Web Map Popup if I added the Relate relationship in ArcMap ...
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  • How to Increase the Size of Widget Icon In WebApp?

    Hi all,   Seemingly simple task, but I'm unfamiliar with HTML/CSS, so I need some help here. I've built an app with the query custom widget, & uploaded a .png to symbolize its function.  However, when I...
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  • Smart Editor not Loading all Layers

    Hello,   Attempting to configure smart editor. Usually don't have issues, but only one layer is loading in the configuration list and I am unable to hit save.   seeing this error when opening smart editor ...
  • ArcGIS for Developers license coverage

    I am trying to build and deploy a non-revenue-generating web app with ArcGIS API for JavaScript and ArcGIS REST API. When I call the Closest Facility (https://developers.arcgis.com/javascript/lates...
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  • How to schedule a map service to restart at 5 a.m. in ArcGIS server

    Hello everyone,   Is there a way to schedule a map service to restart at 5 a.m. in ArcGIS server.    Is there a way to do it in ArcGIS Server?   Thank you
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  • Automatically Update Field in ArcGIS Online

    Need a way to update a field in AGOL every week. I have a date field that specifies a static date (Ex: Jan 21, 2019) that indicates an inspection date. I want this date to update once a week to show the next scheduled...
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  • Arcade

    Using Arcade in an online and application I would like to know how to highlight a field, similar to how you can inside ArcMap   Thank You   Brandon
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  • Can I get the URL of a Web Map Popup

    Is it possible to get the URL of a Popup in an ArcGIS Online web map?  Not a URL in a Popup but the URL of the Popup itself.   We are trying to pass the URL of a Web map popup to a another non-GIS applicati...
  • Edit Feature outside of map using form

    I'm very new to ESRI - and I'm hoping to find *some* way to pull this form into a uniquely addressable page so that it can quickly be edited/triaged by staff:  (more below) ...it doesn't work for me to have this...
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  • Adding Pie Chart in Pop up

    Hi all,   New to ArcGIS online, (zero experience programming), and I'd like to configure the pop ups for each county in my state to show a pie chart breakdown of top employers for each county.    ...
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  • Can't set custom url in Pop Up in ArcGIS Online

    I find a bug, which makes makes using url scheme impossible in ArcGIS Online and Collector. When I try add link with some url scheme like fmp:// to popup, it works only until I save and refresh the map. After sav...
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  • ArcGIS Online Custom Popups

    Hi,   I try to create a custom popup to show symbology according availability on selected areas. It works in my webmap until i save and refresh. Then when i select in map, the code its corrupted and sh...
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