• Hide the thousands separator in AGOL

    Hello everyone,   When showing a numeric value in a Web Map in AGOL how can I hide the thousands separator.   Thanks
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  • Developer Mode- Understanding After Token

    I am able to do access a token for developer mode to input to develop a web map application, and once inputed nothing happened. When I look back at the web map application that I used to get the token, the token ...
  • FeatureLayer link

    Hello! I was trying to link a FeatureLayer like so:     var testLayer = new FeatureLayer({ url: "https://services9.arcgis.com/______/FeatureServer/0" }); map.add(testLayer ); });       &...
  • Using Javascript 4.xx apis, how to find nearest point in one layer while referencing a point from another layer?

    I did find Find Nearest endpoint for JS 3.xx FindNearest | API Reference | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.29. But I am using JavaScript api 4.12 and don't see any documentation wrt. to this endpoint in the 4.xx documenta...
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  • URLError: <urlopen error [Errno 10054] An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host>

    Hello everyone,   We get the following error message:   URLError: <urlopen error [Errno 10054] An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host>   when running the function below :...
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  • Symbolizing using Arcade Expression not showing complete

    Hi, I have created an Arcade expression in ArcGIS Pro 2.3 to build the value for symbolization from to field.  I took the Arcade expression for unique symbol values: Concatenate([field1,field2]) I gave both fie...
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  • style a polygon layer with a marker on its Centroid

    Looking for a way to style a polygon feature layer with a marker on its Centroid (without creating a second dataset) in ArcGIS Online.
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  • why is there no warning that when a process is going to use all the credits available?

    If the user has insufficient  credits  required to run an analysis, why does the system not inform you, give you a warning or an error message something like  "You do not have enough credits t...
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  • How can I display a hosted feature layer's attribute table on an Open Data site page?

    I need to display a hosted feature layer's attribute table in an Open Data site (ArcGIS Hub). Can someone please tell me the best way to do this?   To explain, we have an open data site that displays a road...
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  • How can I display a hosted feature layer's attribute table on an Open Data site page?

    I need to display a hosted feature layer's attribute table in an Open Data site (ArcGIS Hub). Can someone please tell me the best way to do this?   To explain, we are displaying a road closures map, a...
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  • Configure ArcGIS Online Popup with URL to local server files

    I have a GIS layer with an attribute that stores a path (i.e. \\vancouver.root.local\...) to video and photo media files that are stored on a local server. We are not interested in making these media files accessible ...
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  • Not all values returning when Symbolizing using Arcade Expression

    Hello,   I have a map on ArcGIS Online of customer calls and I want to symbolize them into three categories: Affected, No Call Called, No Information Called, Left Comments   I am using this arcade expre...
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  • Drop down into another drop down

    Hey Esri,   I'm working on a map where people can place points with a comment. I have a few categories that they can choose from in a drop down menu, but would it be possible to make sub categories? So for examp...
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  • Enable default popup of a map service

    I am an AGOL beginner and looking for to create HTML file similar to AGOL map. When I add a map service into AGOL map (http://arcg.is/1iqvOu ) it shows the popups. However, I can't view any popup a...
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  • Integrating Real-Time data in ArcGIS online

    Hello everyone! I am currently working with a remote monitoring system that gathers data from an anemometer, and would like to know if there's any way I can link that data to a map in ArcGIS online so the information...
  • How to Configure two Pop-up windows for the same layer in a web map

    Hello everyone,     Is there  a way to get more than one Configure Pop-up window in ArcGIS Onlne.    I have a web map and I would like to provide two Pop-up windows for the same layer, ...
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  • How to Show Related table records in ArcGIS Online

    Hello everyone,   Configuration:  ArcMap 10.4.1, ArcGIS Swrver 10.6 and ArcSDE 10.4   Is there a way to show records from a related table in Web Map Popup if I added the Relate relationship in ArcMap ...
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  • How to Increase the Size of Widget Icon In WebApp?

    Hi all,   Seemingly simple task, but I'm unfamiliar with HTML/CSS, so I need some help here. I've built an app with the query custom widget, & uploaded a .png to symbolize its function.  However, when I...
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  • Smart Editor not Loading all Layers

    Hello,   Attempting to configure smart editor. Usually don't have issues, but only one layer is loading in the configuration list and I am unable to hit save.   seeing this error when opening smart editor ...
  • ArcGIS for Developers license coverage

    I am trying to build and deploy a non-revenue-generating web app with ArcGIS API for JavaScript and ArcGIS REST API. When I call the Closest Facility (https://developers.arcgis.com/javascript/lates...
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