• groupByFieldsForStatistics in REST API URL?

    I have an AGOL hosted view of Covid-19 case data that includes a zipcode polygon layer with a one to many join to a patient data table.  This hosted view was created using the AGOL Analysis, Summarize D...
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  • ArcGIS Online - Web map symbol categories using Arcade expression problem

    I have a problem using an Arcade expression to create categories in order to style the features symbols in a web map on ArcGIS Online   I want to style a feature symbol if a field value is greater than of 0. If ...
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  • Named User requirement vs AGOL Proxy Service and Resource Proxy

    The Resource Proxy documentation says that "In general, it is not permitted to embed credentials in a resource proxy for the purpose of bypassing Named User authentication (i.e. the principle that each end-user must h...
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  • Can we make the Topo Layer lines stand out more? bold? darker?

    Is it possible to make topo layer lines more bold and different color through js or any other way. Currently It looks like this
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  • arcgis online organization add user

    Does ArcGIS for Developer Essentials Plan (i.e. Free Plan) allow adding or inviting users to the organization?
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  • Getting ArcGIS Online OAuth2 access token via c#

    I'm trying to get a token for ArcGIS Online using c# (well, more specifically SSIS). I've got a url I can use which works well, and I can hit it and get what I need in Chrome, but it won't work through c# using a WebC...
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  • Editing layers with Web AppBuilder in SDE

    Hello everyone,   When editing GIS layers with Web App Builder and SDE, what do you recommend versioned or un-versioned layers?     Thanks
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  • Multiple App Registration in AGOL:- Taboo?

    Hi there,   I would like to verify whether an assumption recently embraced by a few colleagues of mine is a myth or fact. This is for a organisation with more than one Administrator.   A colleague has ...
  • Edit ArcGIS Online  feature layer in ArcMap

    Hello everyone,   Can I edit an feature layer in ArcMap, or only this can be done with ArcGIs Online.
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  • How are you updating published map services on ArcGIS Server?

    Hi all, I have several published map services that have data that is updated once or twice a year. Many of the map services may contain the same layers that we serve to end-users that have different needs. When a laye...
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  • suggest for the category intersection is not working in ArcGIS REST API: World Geocoding Service

    The following returns the address intersection http://geocode.arcgis.com/arcgis/rest/services/World/GeocodeServer/findAddressCandidates?singleLine=W%20State%20St%20and…    where as the following ret...
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  • Can I add a conditional statement in Arcade to display one of two FeatureSet script values?

    I successfully used Overlapping Features in Pop-Ups Quick Introduction to Using FeatureSets with Arcade in two separate scripts to combine two surveys with the same feature layer points.  I am getting the results...
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  • How do I get the ID of a web map layer?

    For various reasons it's useful to know the ID of a web map layer. So what's the easiest way to find it?   I've learned by debugging that the ID of one of my web map layers is "Development_2055". How would I fin...
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  • How to Zoom Out 500 or 1000 feet

    Hello everyone, This is what I want to do: 1) Query a map service searching for project ID = 12345, the result is a polygon.  https://developers.arcgis.com/rest/services-reference/query-feature-service-layer-.h...
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  • Appending data to ESRI REST or AGOL Hosted Feature Layer

    Does anyone know how I can append data to editable ESRI REST (Feature Service) or AGOL Hosted Feature Layer? I don't want a merge function as I want the Target data layer to be the same as the output data layer.
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  • how do i start even a simple population density map

    I do not see how to even start a simple map.  I want a five minute drive time population density map
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  • How to configure a dynamic dropdown attribute that links to a table in arcgis online?

    Hi,   We're using ArcGIS Online to perform asset collections. As part of the collector form we need the field operative to associate a Type ID based on a dynamically changing list of types. We have the list of c...
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  • ArGIS Server - Can't change FeatureServer maxRecordCountFactor parameter

    Hi,   I would like to increase the number of features per tile in a FeatureServer hosted on ArcGIS Server. I have followed the tutorial described here: Error: Layer did not draw completely because there are too ...
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  • Portal 10.6.1 Bug or Arcade Syntax Error?

    I'm running Portal for ArcGIS 10.6.1 and trying to use an Arcade Attribute Expression to populate a pop-up. Here is my syntax:   "The setback for the " + Proper($feature.FUNCTCLASS) + " road class is " + Decode($...
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  • Map service versus Feature service

    Why should I use a Feature Service  instead of a Map Service  in ArcGIS Online or Portal?
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