• How to draw circle and polygon in map without tool bar and make it interactive

    Hi, Please tell me how to draw circle and polygon in map without tool bar, and adding color to it. if i click on any point inside the polygon or circle it should display popup containing list and by clicking any of ...
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  • Need guidance to making my map app

    Hello! Im gonna help my friend develop his website map application, wich basically consists on putting stuff on the map. I dont have much experience using web-arcgis, only used the windows executables, but have a gene...
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  • Looking for a Web Application Developer

    Hi, We need to port some applications we have developed using ArcPad into a web based system.  At my organization we have limited access to ArcServer.  Ideally, you could provide us with hosting services fo...
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  • WMS performance with large number of layers

    Hi! Our company recently started using DFDD coding for development of topographic maps. Due to the new coding we have a new problem on our hands - we have started a project to update our WMS service accordingly, but ...
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  • Hosted Data field size

    Is there anyway to increase the size of string fields in hosted data services created on the developers portal? I'm using a field as a "description" field and it's cutting off my descriptions.
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  • MSXML 4.0 dll Vulnerability

    We came across with a vulnerability in a server 2008 R2 pointing to this dll. I have learned as a requirement to use this software it requires the installation of MSXML 6.0 and not MSXML 4.0.... Could it be that MSXML...
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  • Find Filter Edit Template - Results

    I'm trying to size the results box after a search to show multiple fields with no luck. I can do search's on more than one field but just not showing results properly. Any ideas?
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  • Add default values to attribute fields

    Hi all Is there a way to customize the attributes from the editorWidget for a new point or line in a way that I can populate the value of a field Municipality searching in the  municipalities polygon layer the m...
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  • Digitze polyline does not show shape

    Hi all I have a Web Map and a Web Mapping Application with 2 layers a point layer and a line layer. I am able to digitize points but when I try to digitize a polyline even if the shape draws correctly , it does not ...
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  • UK Postcodes not returning location on geocode.arcgis.com

    I am using the Geocode dijit to search UK postcodes but it does not actually return any geometries? The auto complete is suggesting postcodes and here is the REST response... {     "suggestions": [{ &#...
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  • Require some help on ArcGIS product

    Hello, I am new to GIS industry and evaluating ArcGIS product for one of my requirements. I am looking for a component which I should be able to integrate right into my ASP.Net web application. The component I am loo...
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  • Use older 8.2 VB 6.0 extension with ArcGIS 10.2

    All, I have an old extension was used with ArcGIS 8.2.  I believe it is a VB 6.0 extension that was written in 2004.  I do not have the original source code for the extension so I cannot recompile. I ran ...
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  • ArcGIS Online to Google Maps

    Hi, I am developing a mapping solution in ArcGIS Online using Javascript API. Can I use the same code and develop the application in Google Maps API? Quick response would be appreciated. Please help me. Thanks, Sr...
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  • Stop webmap from generalizing queries

    Hi There,  Is there a way to configure a webmap so that it doesn't use an maxAllowableOffset parameter as part of it's querytask when a user clicks on the map to enable a feature popup?  I guess I'm looking ...
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  • Use Cases for Application Login

    Hi everybody, I'm a little confused about the possible use-cases for App Login. Technicaly it is clear and the FAQ and the Terms of use are helpfull, but don't answer all questions. In which scenarios it is allowed t...
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  • Persisting webmap id

    Hi, I create webmaps using the REST API with the call to: http://www.arcgis.com/sharing/content/users/<my_user>/addItem In response I get an ID that identifies a newly created web map. Quite often i need to...
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  • Intermittent 504 error on World GeocodeServer

    Is anybody else seeing intermittent 504 errors on the World GeocodeServer? We're using the 'suggest' keyword to pre-populate suggestions before executing the 'find'. For some reason, we recently started seeing "504 Ga...
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  • ChangeVersion under 10.2

    We recently converted from Arc 9.3.1 to 10.2.  Up until now, I had used ChangeVersionUtil (which was part of VB6, not VBA) successfully, but it does not work under 10.2.  Under 10.2, we are still using VBA.&...
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  • Customizing Web Application Hosted via Developer's ArcGis.com

    Hello,     I was attempting to customize a web application I have hosted through a Developer's account with ArcGIS.com.  Is this possible - or do you have to have the application hosted locally in ...
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  • 403 Error on Thumbnails from Basemap Gallery

    I am creating a template for Arcgis.com based on the TimeSlider template download.  I added a basemap gallery from the javascript API sample, and the basemap works, I can switch maps, but I do not get any thumb...
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