• Arcade expression round decimal to zero decimal places

    I have the following Arcade expression. However, it does not round to the nearest whole number. It always produces a number with two decimal places. Not sure if I am doing something wrong? Thanks.   var grid = $...
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  • If You Were a DevSummit Newbie, What Would You Do? 

     It's almost that time of year.  As we get ready for DevSummit in sunny Palm Springs, California, we want to help first-time attendees prepare.   We're looking for former DevSummit attendees to offer ti...
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  • The line endings in the following files - config.json- are not consistent.

    Hello everyone,   When I try to modify the config.json file in Visual studio I get the following error message:   "The line endings in the following files are not consistent. Do you want to normalize the l...
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  • Spatial analysis services and public users

    Sorry if this is a double post. I was having trouble with the forum posting. I am not a developer, but I'm trying understand a little about the spatial analysis services in ArcGIS Online. According to the documentati...
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  • Unable to login using Idp Unable to validate SAML response

    Hi all, We have two options to log in to our ArcGIs online: - Using your com pany account (trusted connections) - Using your ArcGIS Account when I try to log in using  my company account (trusted connectio...
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  • Which Geometry Server should be used for production apps

    Hello, I recently had some trouble creating buffers, and after some troubleshooting on the js api forum it turned out that I was using an outdated Geometry Service.  I was using tasks.arcgisonline.com but it seem...
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  • Picture size hosted feature service

    Hello, I am using the Collector for ArcGIS with a hosted feature service, I am using picture as attachments and the size is getting very large, I was thinking of building a python script in order to resize the pictu...
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  • OAuth2 App Login access to shared items within an organization

    I know that this esri document states that: Successful authentication directly returns a JSON response containing the access token that allows the application to work with resources that are accessible to the applica...
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  • Are you interested in an Esri DevSummit in the Central US?

    If you are interested in an Esri DevSummit in the Central US, you can help make it happen. Vote here: Where would you like to have an Esri DevSummit in the Midwest?
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  • Popup link with URL that includes parameter from attribute value?

    Is it possible to configure a popup in a webmap to include a link that consists of a URL with a "replaceable" parameter that comes from an attribute value for the selected feature?  For example, given point featu...
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  • Unable to add secured on-premise ArcGIS Server Map service to Web Map

    I host ArcGIS Server 10.0 SP5 with token secured map services. When creating a web map, using Add->Add Layer From Web, then entering a URL of my rest endpoint with the "Add ArcGIS Web Service" option. ArcGIS Onlin...
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  • Best Solution To Deploy for Mobile Use for a Beginner

    Hi there, My organization wants to create a few maps that will be interactive and viewable via phones (android, iphones,etc) and ipads. We already have a solution using Geocortex (Silverlight) for browser which cann...
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  • ArcGIS REST Services Director, Add Features

    I have a hosted feature service that I am running through AGOL map for field editing.  The feature service works great when editing through a web browser, collector or arcgis app but when I try to Add Features th...
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  • Election Polling Place App - Customization / Scroll Bar

    Hello all, I had posted this in a separate forum and it had received a few view but no response so I figured a repost in this forum might net better results (or a result). I'm only recently reintroducing myself to C...
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  • Merge tow Polygons using Editor merge in arcGis

    hi , please, i want to create a arcEngine function using .net that allow to do the same thing like (see picture): [ATTACH=CONFIG]27814[/ATTACH] select 2 polygons click merge please there is some one who can help !! ...
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  • Web map stress testing options

    Greetings: I am working on a mission-critical application that will undergo brief periods of terror. Based on "things happening", there may suddenly be a few 10's of thousands making map requests in a brief interval ...
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  • erreur de compilation

    bonjour, j'ai une erreur de compilation qui m'indique que l'instruction suivante (pEnumElement.Reset) [type mismatch]. Dim pMxDoc As IMxDocument Dim pGraphicsContainer As IGraphicsContainer Dim pPageLayout As IPageLa...
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  • bibliotheques de ces types

    bonjour a tous, j'ai besoin de connaitre les bibliotheques de chacun des types suivants: IGraphicsContainer IPageLayout IEnumElement ITextElement IElement par exempe la bibliotheque du type (IMxDocument) ...
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  • variable de type cSIGHelper

    bonjour tous, j'ai un projet développé sous MSAccess 2003 et ArcGis 8.3, et quant j'appel cette variable dans un button dans la fiche, un message d'erreur s'affiche comme suit : '-2147220989 (80040203)'...
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  • ArcGIS Web Developer

    Hi I'm getting this error on my web app.  I haven't been able to isolate the issue as yet: Exception Messages: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> System.E...
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