• Query GDB

    Original User: Toosters Hello Is there a simple way to query a feature layer located in a GDB just like a mapservice layer? Thx
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  • find discription about ESRI.ArcGIS

    Original User: ehsan1980 hi , how can i find description about ESRI.ArcGIS.Client, ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Behaviors, and ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Toolkit ? something like a hierarchical tree that show all the classes and thei...
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  • How to rotate a polyline on a given xy pivot point

    Original User: jbarry Found this question on the EDN facebook page: Michael Melaku Seriously???  Aiight, i'm hanging on a problem. In a Silverlight Application on  ArcGIS Server 10, I'm trying to rotate a ...
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  • Add a reference to the ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.dll

    Original User: ehsan1980 HI, " Add a reference to the ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.dll in a application " is the first step when we want to add a Map control to our Silverlight application. i installed visual basic ultimate 2...
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  • Geoprocessor and GPImageResultSet: No proxy?

    Greetings all. Silverlight: 4.0 ArcGIS API: 2.1 ArcGIS Server: 9.3.1 SP2 Issue#1 (minor) Problem: The Geoprocessor class does not use its assigned ProxyURL when checking status automatically for SubmitJobAsync. Ex...
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  • Starting off for ArcGIS Silverlight

    OK, I am starting into Silverlight for ArcGIS Server 10 and was wondering if there are any good Free resources.
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  • GraphicsLayer Spatial Reference

    Hi, I want to add a graphics layer in Map. But this layer is lack of Spatial Reference. I cannot specify the spatial reference, because it's property is read only(just get is implemented in the API). Here is xaml (...
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  • Adding layers to app

    I downloaded a sample silverlight viewer from here http://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=67f62c5c30cc4b3ca942068e404c442c and I am trying to add my own layers to the map. As I understand it, I haveto add the REST ...
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  • Sublayer legend Symbology question

    Original User: angelg I have SL app with legends. When the app first load the legend with templates loads showing the three main layers (Legend1.png). When I click to expand one of these layers to show the sublayers,...
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  • Bind checkbox to visible layers on map

    Original User: Toosters Hi Can someone please tell me how to bind checkbox is checked to visible layers on map (not defaultvisibility on mapservice, IsChecked="{Binding DefaultVisibility}" ). I'm using sublayer li...
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  • List feature layers from a geodatabase

    Original User: Toosters Hi! I would appreciate help with the following question. Its simple to list layers from a mapservice in a e.g. a combobox, but how would i proceed if I would like to list feature layers from...
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  • FeatureLayer does not projected to spatial reference specified in XAML.

    Original User: huangs3 Hi GIS development experts:     I am developing a Silverlight application to consum a Arcgis Server service (MapServer). The service contains feature layers.     ...
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  • Cancel an executing geoprocessingtask

    Original User: Toosters Hi! Is it possible to cancel a geoprocessortask that runs on a server. /Tony
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  • How to get the field values of a feature from a QueryTask result?

    Hi Everybody:     In a SilverLight 4 application, I used a ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Tasks.QueryTask object to query an ArcGIS Server feature layer.     I want to get the attribute value of a s...
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  • InfoWindow pointer

    The InfoWindow has pointer in the middle (image InfoWindowPointer.jpg), is there a way to move it to the left (InfoWindowPointer_Editted.jpg)?  In general, can I customize the pointer at all? Thanks!
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  • FeatureLayer OnDemand

    I have published a service that serves a large number of polygon features.  In my SL app, I add FeatureLayers to my map in code - four FeatureLayers all pointing to the same service URL but each of which has a se...
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  • How does the template picker determine the sequence of buttons?

    Original User: mannus The buttons in the template picker are based on the featuretemplates from the featurelayers. The first buttons are from the first featurelayer and so on. This works perfectly with only one symb...
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  • How to change a layer property with C# code?

    Original User: huangs3 Hi Experts:     I am using the Silverlight/WPF API to implement a magnifying glass on a map.     Attached pictures are the XAML code and C# code I am using.  ...
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  • Dynamic Map in Silverlight Is Appearing Blank

    Original User: nelsl My map through my simplified Silverlight app is appearing blank.  I have tried in IE 8 and firefox 3.6.15.  I have tried using Fiddler and found: that my clientaccesspolicy.xml is being...
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  • GPRecordSet error

    I am trying to send GPRecordset to my python script and I am not able to, The following code is where I create a GPRecordset parameter in my silverlight app and send it to python script Silverlight Code:  ...
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