• How to convert geojson time field (currently in ISO-8601 date format) to be esri js usable?

    Hi,   I'm using esri's javascript api to make a web map. Below you can see the popup template I'm trying to create for my geojson layer. Unfortunately, the dateFormat: "dayShortMonthYearLongTime" c...
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  • Why Doesn't Your App Work?

    This is just a fun poll. We all get frustrated and our app doesn't work sometimes, so let's have a little fun with that often frustrating scenario. If you can't think of something, I gave you some options. Consider a ...
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  • esriRequest export PNG zoom

    I am using esriRequest to export a map to PNG. How would I set a dynamic zoom level in mapOptions so that the entire selected parcel is zoomed in with some padding, as shown in the bottom image? If I include a scale v...
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  • Why are the FillSymbol and MarkerSymbol results different in a Feature Layer?

    Hello,   I've been working a lot lately with combined renderers on Feature Layers that use both point symbols and polygon outlines, and noticed several scenarios where the point symbol ends up outside of the pol...
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  • How can we add MapImageLayer into webscene Portal item as in two 2d we can add into Map so how we can add on 3D ?

      Thank you in advance 
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  • query expression

    Hi I set a query expression by AND operation, but my query can not do any action an get result !       <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <meta name=...
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  • Sketch Widget - get geometries

    Hi everyone! I've got a code: JS Bin - Collaborative JavaScript Debugging, I can mark something, but how can I save my work so I could use it later? I would be great to have it in JSON format. Could someone help me?
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  • Why CoordinateConversion widget use GeometryService instead of client-side projection ?

    Hy,   According to spatial reference of the map CoordinateConversion widget use a projection function of geometry service : fromGeoCoordinateString toGeoCoordinateString   By default it is geometry ...
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  • Change visibility of layer at a particular map scale.

    Hi,   I am changing the map extent and I want at a particular map scale the layer visibility should be turned off.   if (level > 0) { topic.subscribe("LayerInfos/ExtentChange", lang.hitch(this, functio...
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  • Possible to programmatically create a vertex on SketchViewModel ArcGIS JS API 4.11+?

    I am wondering if it is possible to programmatically call the create/vertex add method on a sketch view model Create Polygon to live update the temp graphics layer that is shown as a feature is being drawn.  I ha...
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  • Bug in the sample "Swap web maps in the same view" with mapservices

    Hi all,    https://developers.arcgis.com/javascript/latest/sample-code/webmap-swap/index.html   I use this sample to display several webmaps. it works well when the layers are featurelayers. When it's...
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  • Problem with search widget in offline app

    Hy,   I'm using search widget 4.12 in app that does not have internet access (offline). I configure sources on services of loccaly ArcGIS Server). Like in this sample.   Problem occurs when search widget i...
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  • Maps text are dithered or blur when Base Map Types are Streets, topo, hybrid, it looks fine when Map type is topo-vector. Please help us to solve text visibility issue with Base Map and screen resolution ?

    Maps text are dithered or blur when Base Map Types are Streets, topo, hybrid, it looks fine when Map type is topo-vector. For different resolution of screen maps text are dithered. Please have look at below screen. &...
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  • Minor defect in Time Slider Widget

    I'm using Time Slider Widget and I've found out there is a minor defect in Time Slider Widget.   When I used Time Slider Widget and "setInterval" method, date label on the widget...
  • Time Slider Widget doesn't work properly when using mouse cursor

    I'm using TimeSlider widget and I've found a minor defect.   TimeSlider | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.12    Time in my widget shows like YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SI. It should go by 10-minute interval li...
  • Converting JS API V3 to V4

    Hello All, I'm having a little hard time converting the code that I have in ArcGIS JS API v3 into v4.  Below is my code in v3 that I'm trying to convert to v4 with the exact functionality that is in v3.  I ...
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  • dojo+arcgisjava script 4.12

    Hi I have some require and function that can not load in arcgisjavascript 4.12:   "dojo/dom", "dojo/on", "dojo/dom-construct", "dojo/_base/Color", "dojo/query", "dojo/dom", "dojo/on", "dojo/dom-construct"...
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  • Disable popup when selecting graphic (4.x)

    Hello,   I've built an application that includes the out-of-the box Sketch Widget. I need to disable the popup for active operational layers when selecting graphics created with the widget (to delete them o...
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  • Customize legend in layerlist widget

    Here is an example code that I use in my work. There are a few issues with this:   The layer title appears one more time in the legend of layerlist. How can I remove it or change to other text?     ...
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  • how do I access all attributes in a MapImageLayer SubLayer from PopupTemplate

    hello,   I have a MapImageLayer (hosted on our portal), with several sublayers. I wish to display some other data in the popup by using a function to return the content (the function is getting called, and I can...
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