• Can scalebar unit display nautical miles?

    How to set the scalebar unit set to nautical miles?
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  • How to use the GLTL models inside arcgis

    Hey all,   I'm now using ArcGIS to build a 3D map, I downloaded the gltl model from the web and injected it inside the project. Then I want to use this model as the symbol, I checked the API that in Mesh h...
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  • ArcGIS js 4.13 Custom Widget not loading in IE11 but works in chrome.

    I am using arcGIS js 4.13. My issue I am having is my custom widget will not load in IE11 but works fine in google chrome. IE11 is throwing an object error but I wasn't able to find any useful information.   Ple...
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  • Print Map with InfoTemplate/Popup

    Hi, in ArcGIS API for JavaScript v3, is it possible to print a map that has Popup or InfoTemplate being displayed?   For example, in here, popups can show when clicked on the map: ArcGIS API for JavaScript Sand...
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  • How can I take a screenshot of a web page that contains an ESRI MapView?

    I am trying to take a screenshot of a specific section of a web page that contains an ESRI MapView.  That MapView contains a FeatureLayer with features built locally on the client side.  I have tried using h...
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  • Add portal item failed

    I saw a portal item https://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=690d7aecc9d643b2825e75587992040e and want to add it to my map (arcgis javascript API 4.11) using the following codes but it failed: Layer.fromPortalItem({&#...
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  • adding the fields from a feature set to a new layer

    this is the sample I am working on https://codepen.io/segev-salman/pen/xxxjpaX?editors=1000    this demo finds a feature by input id creates a new layer with only that feature and zooms in on it.  ...
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  • Custom Text Elements in API 4.13 vs. WAB

    I have Custom Text Elements in my print template that works great when using WAB. The Custom fields show up when you click the print widget and gives you a chance to fill them out and it prints out correctly. When I c...
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  • how to write update query to update data  in arcgis js ?

    Thank you in advance
  • In arcgis 4.13, it is not returning all attributes for a feature layer if we check the graphic.attributes  of the layer. how can we able to load all attributes

    I am using a esri-react package and when I tried to access layer field values from graphic.attributes objects, it shows only two fields in it. objectid and the display field. in 4.10 there was all attributes. how can ...
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  • SketchViewModel Active Graphic Highlight Effect

    When creating or updating a graphic using the SketchViewModel there is a teal highlight on that graphic that remains visible even if the graphic's visible property is set to false. Can the highlight effect be modified...
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  • Get fields from featureLayer created from rest service?

    I am trying to figure out a good way to retrieve the fields from an ArcGIS REST service. I first create a FeatureLayer from the a feature server url. When I console.log the feature layer, I see that it has fields, but...
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  • Get Pixels within Geometry from PixelBlock (JSAPI 4.X)

    Hi, With the PixelBlock class, it is possible to access pixels from an imagery layer from the client side (for example like this ImageryLayer - client side pixel filter | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.13...
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  • The clock in Set realistic env. Settings static?

    Hi using the exact same script, as on https://developers.arcgis.com/javascript/latest/sample-code/scene-environment/index.html the clock is static at 12:00, and you can’t turn it. I get some errors in the conso...
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  • Selecting and removing graphic (by rings array) in ArcGIS JSapi 3.x

    I am using JSAPI 3.x. I have graphic layer in Feature Layer and I want to select and remove graphic (by rings) one by one. How can I achieve that? As of now when I select graphic, it select the whole graphic and .cl...
  • Showing Stack / Bar Charts on Map

    Hi, I need to show some stacked/bar chart on a map based on some criteria, as shown here:     The bar height is the number of overlapping points in the same location. The blue and green colours basically ...
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  • ArcGIS JavaScript: Toggle Labels On and Off?

    Hi community,   I think I need your help :-)   Using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.13 I have created a web map containing a FeatureLayer.   Now I want to be able to toggle the labels for this layer...
  • Delete operation doesn't work for EDIT_VERTICES

    Robert Scheitlin, GISP   Hi all,   when I try to Edit Vertices, I am able to Add and Move vertex but can't Delete.  right clicking vertex on map takes the screen to bottom of the page. ...
  • Expand Widget With Div

    Hello all, the page contains a div element called searchPanel.  When the page opens on a mobile device, the expand widget shows the way I want.  When I click the arrow to show the panel, the panel opens but ...
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  • outStatistics in a query deletes geometry data

    So i have a working query that returns a  featureSet that is made into a layer.    I want to add some stats about the query and add them to a feature.   i added a simple statistic qu...
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