• How can i use "UniqueValueRenderer" for GeoJSONLayer

    i used GeoJSONLayer to render *.geojson file and i want to display unique value of type. However i see ESRI document( UniqueValueRenderer ) not support for GeoJSONLayer. How can i reach it? or any solut...
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  • add items to map, collectively, one at a time, per attribute id

    I have successfully been able to filter, for instance shakemaps, by attribute id - I have successfully achieved this multiple ways - but all ending with the same problem. 1.) with the where filter 2.) ...
  • Change order of polygons within a feature layer?

    I have tried using the below in my initial query, and query right before drawing my polygons with class breaks.         query.orderByFields = ["Shape__Area DESC"...
  • ArcGIS API for Javascript TimeSlider properties - date format

    Hi everyone, would anyone know how to set the TimeSlider widget properties to show only the year on the slider? As you can see in the picture below, it shows the whole date including the day and the month.  ...
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  • Google maps in ESRI web application

    We would like to use google maps in ESRI web application, Can someone please answer below queries 1. Is it possible to use Google Basemaps in ArcGIS Web Maps using esri JavaScript API ? 2. Can we use Google live traf...
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  • MapServer does not load from WKWebView but works in both UIWebView and Safari

    Hi, I have an application that needs to use WKWebView to display a map. This is a requirement from Apple as UIWebView will be deprecated by the end of this year.   In both UIWebView and Safari, the website...
  • FeatureTable widget release?

    Hi,   When is the FeatureTable(ver. 4.15) widget expected to be out of beta and released for use?   Thanks!
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  • PrintTask Error

    Strugging to figure out why my PrintTask is returning an error. Here is a screenshot of both my routine and the error that is being returned. I know that in 10.7 or so the json formatting is picky, but the Export Web ...
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  • Add Text to Top of Query Dropdown

    How do I add "Select One" to the top of the drop-down such as this?   Right now the first choice is the first value in the table when sorted ascending (i.e. Appliance Recycling). Also, something's wrong becaus...
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  • "phantom clusters" in JSAPI 4.15

    Hello All,   I'm using the "cluster" featureReduction in JSAPI 4.15 against a hosted featurelayer with ~750K points.  I have a popup configured on the clustered layer using the cluster_count variable. ...
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  • Map print incorrectly - missing segments

    I am using printTask to print out my map but the end result is very weird.  This is what the map should look like  and this is what it actually looks like. It's like it's missing a layer or something ...
  • How to separate the longitude and latitude and store them in different variables??

    Hi All,   I need help with separation the latitude and longitude. I am drawing a polygon and getting the coordinates of each vertex of the polygon. This is what I have done to separate the coordinates but it is ...
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  • How much control do you want on cluster labels?

    We want to add labels to clusters in the JS API, but we want to do it right. Because the layer's properties are summarized by cluster colors sizes, shapes, and in the popup, would you also like to expose that informat...
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  • ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.16 and 3.33

    Today, we are pleased to release versions 4.16 and 3.33 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Here are some of the 4.16 highlights (please refer to the 3.33 link at the end for 3.x updates).   The stats We fixed 20 b...
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  • How do I call my SOE using the JS API?

    Hi,   I have an SOE deployed and can call it fine using a browser using the following:   https://server/arcgis/rest/services/Testing/TestLayer/MapServer/exts/FeatureCountSOE/findNearbyFeatures?layerId=0&am...
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  • Dynamic WMS Layer Properties

    I can add a wms layer to a custom web map, however is it possible to change the WMS layer properties dynamically? For instance I'd like to pass a value from a text textbox to the the wms layer property so the users c...
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  • Port Closed - Dojo List - Error

    Hey   I randomly run this into error, I might not see it for a day or two and then get it 20 times in one hour:  Has anyone else ran into it or know what causes it?  Is there a way to capture it and h...
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  • Mapview Attribute Store errors going to browser console [infinite loop]

    Using 4.14 API, I find immediately after calling buffer, I see about 20 errors per second reading "[esri.views.layers.2d.features.support.AttributeStore] [mapview-attribute-store]: Encountered an error during client i...
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  • JS API: how to get a feature layer to rotate through which feature is on top?

    So, I'm building an app using the JavaScript API.  I have a feature layer that uses an unique value renderer in order to display custom symbols.  It's very common for a number of features to have the same ex...
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  • Info Summary Widget for Web AppBuilder Developer Edition

    I am using Info Summary widget in one of my application developed using WAB developer edition. I am trying to use "Group features" by field. Is it possible to add another field to group? I would like to have another o...
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