• Refresh map or layer

    I am modifying a widget in ARCGIS Flex Viewer using Flash Builder. As part of a ARCGIS Server Flex application I change a feature attribute of an arcsde layer using an sql (coldfusion) and that feature attribute dete...
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  • Is there an elevation widget that still works with Flex 3.6?

    I am running a viewer on Flex 3.6.  There used to be an elevation widget that worked on Flex 3.2, but I have not found one that works with the later versions.  Is there still one out there that will work?
    created by dbbird
  • map.removeLayer(myLyr) does not work

    Scenario description: Created several checkboxes.  If a checkbox is checked, a layer is added, or else, the layer will be removed (see the code below).  However, I can't remove the added layer(s).  I ru...
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  • proxy page, tokens, error 498, password/username visible

    I'm using the php proxy page from here: resource-proxy/PHP at master · Esri/resource-proxy · GitHub It appears to work perfect however when I run it using firebug in firefox I can see my username and passwo...
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  • What is the matrix

    Frames table schemaArcMap 10.4 | Other versions Example frames table This is a list of recognized and supported fields for the frames table of the frame camera raster type. This table enables specification of para...
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  • Suddenly Identify Tool indentifies features in basemap layers but not live maps layer

    This question is related to the 1.3 Flex Sample viewer and the identify widget. Also Flex 3.5. All of a sudden my live maps layers are not able to be identified using the Identify tools to display attributes. It sti...
    created by albertda
  • Background Image on Infowindow does not Show

    Original User: ereed Hello, I recently upgraded my Flex application to version 2. I have multiple info windows that I use to show a different map tip for each feature, each with a different color and background imag...
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  • Final issues -ADG, Legend and Sat Image

    Dear all coders; I have just finished rewriting my App code from scratch with Flex 4 and the 2.3 API. The new API is amazing. There are three small issues left, and certainly any input will be highly appreciated....
    created by raffialexanian
  • Showing an Image based on a condition on an InfowindowRender

    Original User: sravabonagiri Hi Folks, Please help me with my situation. I am using an InfoWindowRenderer to show a window on a mouse click. I did this on a Feature layer. I was able to do the basic data binding fro...
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  • Could not resolve <s:controlBarContent> to a component implementation ...Urgent Help

    Original User: sravabonagiri Hi Flex Gurus, I need a small favor. I am working on a dropdown control and zoom to feature (point) for a beach application. I was able to implement the attached code alright for a stand...
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  • WMS: Blank image returned, Feature Count: 0

    Original User: yohanb I'm trying out the ArcGIS API for Flex sample called WMS Layers on/off I already have a MapService with the WMS capability running in my ArcGIS Server 10 SP2 and tried replacing the URL in the ...
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  • Use Parameter of Choice List for GP Service

    Hey everybody, i'm trying to implement a flex web application, which uses a geoprocessing service. This GP Service needs a FeatureLayer/FeatureDataSet as input, before it can run. I tried different ways to deliver t...
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  • Zoom previous widget?

    Original User: RedmondGIS Any one have one? Looking for a zoom to previous or back arrow that will display the last view scene by the user
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  • Displaying Operational Layers in Overview map

    Original User: RedmondGIS Is it possible, and does anyone have the code to display an operational layer within the overview map?
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  • Buffer multipoint and polyline in flex

    Original User: jtrappet2010 I have a widget that, as part of a reporting process, uses the Geometry Service to get a buffer of some user selected features.  It works fine if the user selects polygons, but if the...
    created by geonetadmin
  • FeatureLayer Load is Slow

    Original User: ereed Hello, I am adding polygon and line map tips to my application, using FeatureLayer. It works, but the two feature layers are taking a long time (30 seconds each) to load. The tiled and dynamic l...
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  • Query Problems when using query.geometry (Stumped).

    Original User: cschafer5 Hi, I am wanting to run a Query that only displays the results within a specified polygon. I am doing this using query.geometry. I am getting the results I am looking for from most of my URL...
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  • Workflow for importing a flexviewer website into Flashbuilder 4

    Original User: RedmondGIS I have websites built using the flexviewer, but would like to import them into Flashbuilder 4 in order to enhance them.  Is there a way to do this by importing the .xml or config.xml fr...
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  • API 2.3 InfoWindowRenderer,

    Original User: odoe So, API 2.3 growing pains with my InfoWindows. InfoWindow seems to have gotten an overhaul and been sparked with 2.3, which is awesome. http://help.arcgis.com/en/webapi/flex/apiref/index.html?com/...
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  • Flex API 2.2 EditTool Queries

    Original User: loanburger Hi Team, I am building a Web Editor based on the FlexViewer 2.2.  I am using the EditTool with full toolbar enabled. I have a few problems I'm trying to overcome: The EditTool's Un...
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