• Max Domain Code Count

    I noticed that in my Server Manager Console, I see an error, 'Total number of coded domain values in this service exceeds the MaxDomainCodeCount, hence operation can not be performed.'  I found documentation on t...
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  • Pixel based distances

    I need to draw a 50 KM diameter circle on various map scales/zoom levels without having to use any services. I'm unable to decide what pixel diameter represents 40 KM!!! So the question is, how do I draw a 40KM diam...
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  • Retrieve Coded Domain Values from Query

    I am running a query on a dataset and the data that is being returned has coded domain values in the database.  How do I get the name returned instead of the value?  In other words I am getting the value of ...
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  • Please help Grouping analysis

    http://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/tool-reference/spatial-statistics/grouping-analysis.htm Grouping Analysis—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop pro.arcgis.com Legacy: The algorithm behind the Grouping Analysis tool ha...
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  • Measure Polygons vertices Length??

    Hi All, How do we get length of each vertex of a selected Polygon? I have Parcle.shp with AREA & LEN in the .gdb . Now need to show length of each Side of the Selected Parcel. how do I implement it? Can we have a...
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  • How do I get the ESRI Flex library version?

    Is there a way in actionscript to get the Esri flex library version number?  ie 3.5, 3.6? that was used to compile the swf file? thanks, steve
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  • How to do bulk insert into Feature class from SQL - ObjectID's!!

    Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but i wasnt sure where to put it. I am trying to populate a featureclass from within a sqlserver stored procedure, that i am calling via a webservice from within flex. The ...
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  • token based security and 10.1 printing gp service

    Has anyone successfully produced a print when using a secured service? I am getting the following error.. Error executing tool.: Layer "ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer405": Unable to connect to map server at ...
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  • edit point selected by search widget

    I am attempting to make an editor that limits the point that can be moved (OR ADDED if it doesn't already exist - but that's another problem)to one specific point from  the feature service. I select that point ...
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  • WMS PopUp identify

    Whether currently existing managed to identify wms????  
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  • Archive Data doesn't show up in Time Slider

    I have a couple of feature classes with archive enabled. I would like to use the archive data for showing the progressive changes in the web application. Seems simple. However when I tried to use the service with th...
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  • TOC checkbox: automatically check parent when clicking sublayer

    Hi, Imagine all layers being off when opening the viewer. There are several parent layers containing sublayers. When someone selects a sublayer in TOC the parent layer does not get selected automatically. The user is...
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  • Return error messages from python script to geprocessing task

    I have a script tool in a toolbox that I use in a geoprocessing service. The script tool takes in a couple of parameters, runs a python script and returns some parameters back to the flex application that called the t...
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  • Error when using UPPER together with statistical functions.

    REST returns an error when using the statistical functions in conjunction with the UPPER function in where clausure in a published service from a filegeodatabase. When used with a published service from an enterprise ...
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  • fieldAliases when using the identify task.

    Hi, Can someone recommend the best way to do this? (Do I have to make multiple trips to the server?)
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  • Customizing gridcolumns/grids using alivePDF

    I have successfully generated a PDF containing my datagrid contents using alivePDF.  However, I have a few columns with large numbers (total populations of a county).  In the FLEX grid, I was able to use a l...
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  • metadata service does not display all feature classes with style sheets

    I have succesfully implemented Robert Sheitlin's metadata service on my server running arcgis 9.3.1 with Oracle sde. Some feature classes display as they should with the selected style sheet. Other display without any...
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  • Setting transparency on sublayers of an ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer?

    I am working on a Flex component to allow users to change a layer's transparency. This component gets what layer to use from another component that is a TOC. I want to be able to change the transparency of a sublayer ...
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  • query

    hi I want to make the union of queries...i.e from 2 diffferent map layers. Plz suggest sumthing... Thanks in advance
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  • Flex API 2.4 KML support added - need sample of how to add kml

    I see kml support added and in the documentation it says the <layer> tag now supports type = "kml". I have been trying to add that as a layer in my config.xml file as such: <Layer> label="Mesowest Observa...
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