• Support for 3D Visualization

    I have read through some of the threads in the forum including "The history and future of the ArcGIS SDKs for .NET" regarding information for 3D visualization in Arcgis Runtime SDK for WPF. There was a thread last ye...
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  • Canceling queryTask

    Hi, Is there a document on how to cancel an excuting QueryTask properly? I know that there is method CancelAsync(), but I want to know more if additional steps need to be done to have this done properly. Thanks!
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  • Version 1.0 of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF is now available

    Create custom Windows applications with power mapping and GIS capabilities. It includes an interactive samples application, sample data, developer help, and other resources to help you build and deploy your own custom...
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  • The ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.1.1 for WPF is now available!

    We're very pleased to announce that the ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.1.1 for WPF is now available for download from the Customer Care Portal: http://customers.esri.com/. Make sure you take a look at the Release Notes for a ...
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  • Can I use a local GML to load to the map as a new layer?

    I have a GML file and I would like to load it to my map. I am using ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF in C#. Which layer can I use to do this? Will it give me the same functionality as to what I can do with GML files in ArcG...
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  • Arrow in LineSymbol WPF API

    Help please. I'm using ArcGis WPF API for paint schemes on the map. I need to draw lines with arrows. Is this possible and how to do it? For drawing I use ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Draw.
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  • SpatialReference null after moving polygon using the EditGeometry class

    Hi, I followed the "Edit Tools - Geometry" to implement editing of my shapes on the map. Everything is working nicely, until I realised that after the GeometryMoved action of a polygon the GeometryEditEventArgs prop...
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  • [Bug] Scale not updated when zooming to an object outside of the visible extent

    Hi, I have discovered a minor bug where the Scale property does not update (PropertyChanged) when using the ZoomTo(Geometry) method. The object I am zooming to must be outside the visible extent for this to occur. I ...
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  • Deauthorization of Runtime SDK?

    Hi everybody, I just got a replacement for my old development machine (on which I have Visual Studio + ArcGIS Runtime SDK WPF). In the process of moving the dev environment I noticed that I do not see an option to de...
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  • Displaying a shapefile without a base map

    DEAR PEOPLE FROM THE FUTURE: Here's what we've figured out so far??? I had setup a small application that load a Map control, but I did not define a base map, therefore when the application runs, it only shows a blan...
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  • GraphicsLayer Redraw Issue

    Has anyone seen problems with GraphicsLayers not redrawing after longer periods of time (~15 minutes)? We have an application that puts route graphics on the map for navigation purposes.  When a long route is tr...
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  • World Base Map rendering problems on 1 machine

    See the attached image.  ESRI runtime is unable to properly render the World Street Map.  We have only ever seen this happen on 2 machines - but once it happens - you can't fix it - is there a cache we can c...
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  • Map Tip Binding

    Hi All, I know there are a couple of other threads on this but I've been through them and while my example seems to be similar to the suggested solutions in those, it still hasn't resolved my issue. The problem I ha...
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  • Get the Text of a selected Graphic

    Hi all, I have Labels drawn as graphics in my map. [ATTACH=CONFIG]32093[/ATTACH] I am able to select it. However I am not able to get the text out of it. Could anyone please help on this? Thanks, Saran
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  • custom symbol to the local map service

    Below is the Symbol Selector dialog achieved when using ???SelectSymbol??? method of ???ESRI.ArcGIS.DisplayUI.SymbolSelectorClass??? class. [ATTACH=CONFIG]32078[/ATTACH] The symbols of this dialog is of type ???ESR...
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  • Export Feature Class takes longer to complete

    Hi, The ExportFeatureClass() method takes longer (about 1 minute to 3 minutes).  Approximate number of records range from 1000+. Here is the code snippet          &...
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  • arcgis wpf: QueryTask Crashes on query completed net 4.0 big solution

    Product: ArcGis 10.2 WPF Runtime Hi, I'm using Featurelayer. On computers with NET 4.5 everything works fine. But computers NET 4.0 is an error. Catching Unhandled exception System.AggregateException: A Task's excep...
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  • Layer Drawing Options do not appear in MapPrinting control

    Hi all, I've been trying successfully to use the Map Printing sample into my application. However, for some reason, even though the LayerDrawingOptions pass to the Map Printing control, it doesn't appear. I added a...
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  • No imaging component error for tile package

    Hello, ArcGIS Runtime (WPF) is throwing errors for me when I try to load certain .TPK files as a basemap. I created a few TPK files a few months ago containing just a few shape-files and these work fine with ArcGIS ...
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  • ArcGIS Online - Tile Requests

    Hello - Has anyone seen an issue with tile requests when using ArcGIS Online as an ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer within the Map control?  We are seeing tiles get requested, and many are obtained in 1/4 of a second....
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