• Trying to use SOAP with GeometryServer for function not available in REST Interface

    I am a newbie in programming but a keen amateur.  When trying to project between different datums the REST interface in GeometryServer is next to useless and at worst misleading.  If one wishes to apply a ge...
  • ServiceError with Code 400 but no error message.

    Original User: Mathias Westin When running the sample code in the PDF-File in the zip I get a ServiceError with error code 400 stacktrace:    at ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Layer.OnInitializationFailed(EventArgs e)...
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  • UWP version of Android UserCredential

    I am moving code from Android to UWP and I am looking for assistance on what to use in place of the Android call: UserCredential( "user", "password" );   This is currently being used to se...
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  • marker is shown far from pressed point

    In windows, the marker is shown at different point than tapped location.
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  • Windows Phone 8.1 Application terminating while suspended

    I have an issue with a very simple mapping application basically just has a mapview with an offline basemap and a few feature layers that have minimal features.  The application starts and runs fine but when I sw...
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  • Project my screen app windows phone 8.1

    Trying to demonstrate my app via a projector when connected to my pc, but when viewing a mapview, the image is fuzzy and only is clear when you pan the map.  Any suggestions?
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  • arcgis labeling language

    I used run time geodatabase file layer with Arabic labels and add it to map view, in both android and C# (windows phone) SDK's. but the labels of the layer appeared as trash "???" and passive symbols. I searched in...
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  • Windows 10 SDK arcgis runtime OpenAsync

    I am using Windows 10 phone SDK. I am trying to open geodatabase file in my code and add it to map view, this is my code:   var localData = Windows.ApplicationModel.Package.Current.InstalledLocation; var gdbP...
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  • Window Phone 8 add *.database files marked garbled

    I installed ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2.6 for .NET, I used Window Phone 8 API。I use the ArcGIS10.3, add 3 layers, which has a layer of the. Share for a Rutime ArcGIS package, the file is.Database. When I added to the WP8 ...
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  • ESRI's focus for Mobile Development

    Hi Everyone,   I have started developing a mobile application using js api (using phone gap and adobe build service to make plateform specify app for android, ios and windows phone), but client asks me about oth...
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  • error in ArcGIS Runtime for Windows Mobile

    hi, I use sample in this link : http://resources.arcgis.com/en/help/windows-mobile-sdk/concepts/index.html#//01sp00000032000000 , I opened it with visual studio 2008 but I have this error in runtime: :Syetem.TypeI...
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  • KML file issues with Runtime for .NET app version 10.2.6: 3D scene view does not work 2D view works fine

    Hi All,   I have  simple runtime for .net application using a scene view. I try to load a kml file in that scene view and it does not work but as soon as I change the scene view to map view i.e. 2D it works...
  • Are you interested in an Esri DevSummit in the Central US?

    If you are interested in an Esri DevSummit in the Central US, you can help make it happen. Vote here: Where would you like to have an Esri DevSummit in the Midwest?
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  • write description in a point

    good afternoon to all...   I am creating an application for windows phone which lets you create points on the map, and for each point created a description. But I have a difficulty, I can score points on the map...
  • Marcar ponto no mapa e retornar a Latitude e Longitude do ponto marcado

    Boa Tarde a todos; É a primeira vez que posto uma pergunta, e tenho a seguinte duvida: Estou desenvolvendo uma aplicação para windows phone, usando a API do arcGis, ao iniciar a aplicaçã...
  • Deployment of an ArcGIS Runtime Windows Store app

    Hi all,   I'm trying to side-load an app using the ArcGIS map and cached tile layers. The app deploys okay, but the map is blank (black). The deployment files are relatively small, considering the tiled layer is...
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  • API Reference Doc - How do you want to use it?

    When using an ArcGIS Runtime SDK, or any API for that matter, you often have a choice of how to access the API reference documentation. Which of these options do you use most often? Why is one better than the other? P...
    created by tdunn-esristaff
  • offline map routing in windows store app c#

    For offline routing I have a question and an issue :   Where can i find network name in the attached db file and how to get it?   Error happened while try using  LocalRouteTask in c# (it need db path ...
    created by ahmad_hassan1511
  • With Attribute Value How to get Graphic of Feature Layer & Make Slection Highlight

    I have collection of Attribute value like Routeid. This Routeid attribute exist in Graphics Attributes of Feature layer. Now I have make a selection of it. How to do Any help. My project is in Silverlight 3.2
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  • Bug: InfoWindow Draws Incorrectly When in Center of Screen

    Steps to reproduce: 1. In the Concepts section of the resources center, follow instructions in the topic: "Using the InfoWindow to create map tips", stopping just before the "Adding a details page" section. 2. In th...
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