• Can't set location of Callout

    I've followed a couple Callout samples when creating my own but I can't get the location of the callout to display where I clicked or the xy coordinate of the feature I am selecting.  Every time the callout displ...
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  • Persistent Tile Cache

    Hi, I'm wanting to persist map tiles locally for access while internet access is poor. This will work such that closing the application and reopening it without internet displays locations previously viewed.   Q...
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  • SetViewPointGeometry for SceneView

    Hi,   I'm using Qt C++ SDK. I need to change the viewPoint (center and scale) to center around a specific point, and include another point. I found the SetViewPointGeometry, which seemed to fit, but it's ...
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  • How can I use a Basemap offline ?

    Hi,   Is it possible to use an OfflineMapTask to download a part of the BasemapTopographic to use it offline ? I've tried with this example but it uses a PortalItem instead of a BaseMap.   Thank...
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  • Select and Drag a 3D Object

    Hi There. I am looking for an option to select a 3D object and have the ability to drag the object when it is selected. Is this functionality possible via tools provided by the C++ QT SDK?   Link to SDK Document...
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  • Can Qt Resource System be used for 3D models?

    Hi there,   In our application we need to render a 3D graphic and we are using the ModelSceneSymbol QML type for that. My question is whether there is a way to use the Qt Resource System to load the require...
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  • Constant 3D graphic pixel size

    Hi there,   Is there a way to render 3D graphics (e.g. ModelSceneSymbol, SimpleMarkerSceneSymbol), with a constant size? For our use case, we need some 3D graphics to maintain a constant size in terms of pixels ...
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  • No map display in QWidget

    Hi I build a very simple example from Qt Creator, without using Qml. I test my license it seems to be OK, return 3 (Valid) and Initialize rturn true.   But nothing can be display on map (I try Raster, Openstre...
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  • Creation of a personalized graphic with image, texts and sensor ranges

    Hello, I am adapting in C ++ with Qt and ArcGis my Harpoon application for Android (link on google play for the example: Harpoon pour Android – Applications sur Google Play ) that I realized in Java wi...
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  • Scale Bar

    I've notice that the last question about it was 3 years ago, and the answer was that maybe it would be created. I wasnt able to find a example, is there any?   Thanks.
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  • Callout example in ArcGIS Qt

    1. How to use this example : arcgis-runtime-samples-qt/ArcGISRuntimeSDKQt_CppSamples/DisplayInformation/ShowCallout at master · Esri/arcgis-runtime-s…  without any qml code? 2. I am trying to impleme...
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  • Best Practices upgrading to ArcGIS Runtime Qt 100.5

    Are there any best practices for upgrading to the new ArcGIS runtime especially on Linux? I Just uninstalled the 100.4 version using ./Setup like we did with the first 100.1 upgrade. Afterwards I just executed the ./S...
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  • Show labels for graphics

    Hello, I want to show individual labels for each object on my map. For example, I have map with many moving planes (use PictureMarkerSymbol), and I want to show their flight numbers. I've tried to use same...
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  • Link Error Migrating App from 100.1.0 to 100.5.0

    I have an existing application that was developed and run on the following: (1) RHEL 7.2 WS (2) Qt 5.9.1 (3) devtoolset-4 (4) ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt 100.1.0   I've upgraded to use the following: (1) RHEL...
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  • Animate3DSymbols and OpenMobileScenePackage Not Working

    Hello.   I have been trying to build and run Animate3DSymbols and OpenMobileScenePackage using QT on a Windows 10 machine. All other tutorials I worked with run fine. These two have external imports (s...
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  • Offline 3D Scenes and Layers

    I am referring to example code given at https://developers.arcgis.com/qt/latest/cpp/guide/build-a-new-scene.htm link. Here in the code segment, two classes are called – Scene and ArcGISTiledElevationSource. My...
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  • Generate Geodatabase

    Generate geodatabase task only downloads the first feature class using this example: https://github.com/Esri/arcgis-runtime-samples-qt/blob/master/ArcGISRuntimeSDKQt_QMLSamples/Features/GenerateGeodatabase/GenerateGe...
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  • 100.5 release date

    Hi all,   when will the ArcGIS runtime for Qt 100.5 be released?   Best regards Patrick
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  • Good news: was able to keep Qt map app up for several days.  Bad news: memory leaks

    So another developer was able to keep our map app up for several days of operation without restarting it or it dying for other reasons.  They observed a lot of swap being used and eventually this seemed like it u...
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  • Display device location offline mode..

    Hello Team,   Can you please suggest correct way to display and track device location in offline map...   Thanks,
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