• Version 100.7 - Exception thrown getting results from FeatureTable.QueryFeaturesAsync

    Hello,   We've upgraded to version 100.7 and now were seeing some problems with code that was working in version 100.6 The code is using FeatureTable.QueryFeaturesAsync to get all the features within an envelope...
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  • Cannot create SpatialReference with 100.7 in .NET Core 3.1

    Title. Works fine in .NET Framework 4.8. Created a new project to double-check. Confirmed 100.6 does work. Sub Main()    Dim loSRS As SpatialReference    loSRS = SpatialReference.Create(26915)...
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  • Local MBTiles ( C# Universal Windows Platform Application)

    Hi,   May I know if it is possible to load a Local MBTiles file into the Dotnet Universal Windows Platform? So far, the only example I have managed to find is for Android API.   Any help and preferably wi...
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  • I need to extract all Polygons from ShapeFile

    Hi, I need to extract all Polygons from ShapeFile, i read the shapefile and load into map, but i cant extract polygons from them.   Any Idea in SDK NET the last version para WPF? Thank You  I noob in this api.
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  • Exception in Runtime 100.3 when the map is activated after a long time.

    Just for information to the developers if this can help then, I don't know where to post:   Esri.ArcGISRuntime.ArcGISRuntimeException   HResult=0x80131500   Message=DirectX failure CreateQuery code = 0...
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  • Bezier curve geometry editing in Runtime SDK for .Net 100.6

      We are developing an application using Runtime SDK for .Net 100.6.   One of the core requirement is to draw and edit Bezier curve. While exploring on this functionality, we found that there is no su...
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  • WPF and MVVM: GeoViewTapped Event

    Hello,    I am trying to create binding for the GeoViewTappedAsync event so that I can place the code in my MapViewModel to follow an MVVM pattern for my WPF application, however I'm not sure how to wire th...
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  • Custom LocationDataSource map refresh

    I have a Xamarin Forms app with using a custom LocationDataSource receiving data from an external gps unit.  Things seem to work in terms of getting data and updates being seen in the appropriate event handlers.&...
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  • PopupExpression and PopupManager relationship?

    Can anyone explain how to use the PopupExpressions of a PopupDefinition/Popup in relation to the PopupManager?   Let's say I have a simple PopupDefinition defined as below: {    "allowDelete":fa...
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  • Feature Layer Drawn in incomplete state

    Hi,   I am using the latest version of xamarin sdk for esri i.e. 100.5.0, I have a Feature Layer that has MinScale and MaxScale set to 0. Visibility set to “true” and is of type esriGeometryPolygon. ...
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  • VectorTile as FeatureLayer

    Is it possible to add a vector tile in a .vtpk file with the Esri runtime in .NET as a feature layer where you could query your data. Also, is their a website where I could download .vtpk file. I use to make some in ...
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  • Executing a Spatial Query on a Feature Layer

    Hello,   I was wondering if there were any good examples that would show me how to execute a QueryFeaturesAsync call on a FeatureTable using a SpatialRelationship of Within. I've got some code wired up but it do...
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  • SketchEditor double-click to finish behaves differently on Android

    Hello,   I am using version 100.4 of the runtime.   It seems that the SketchEditor's default double-click to finish behavior is different between Android and the other platforms. When sketching a line...
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  • Create empty Scene View

    Is it possible to make an empty scene without a planet? I need to implement a 3D object viewer.
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  • Query Performance

    Hello,   I'm working on some offline development and I'm hitting some pretty abysmal performance issues using the .net runtime API.  I have put together the following sample code to demonstrate the issue.&#...
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  • subtype != subType

    Another one of those who is responsible issues so I'll dual post.    Was just looking at the changes made to support subtypes in AGOL.  While it seems there was a valid attempt made in this regard...
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  • Maptips for GraphicsOverlay

    What is the best way to create maptips for graphics in a GraphicsOverlay? It was easy to do in the Silverlight API by setting the MapTip property of a graphic. I am using Runtime 100. Thanks!
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  • FontAwesome with .Net SDK

    It appears using a TextSymbol with FontAwesome is doable in the JS SDK: https://community.esri.com/thread/222045-extend-esri-icon-fonts-with-fonts-awesome. I'm not sure how to do the equivalent in a .Net SDK app,...
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  • Access Violation in SceneView when enabling Labels on GraphicsOverlay

    Hi there, My team have discovered an AccessViolation within ESRI.Runtime.dll. This seems to stem from adding a GraphicsOverlay to a Scene and setting the LabelsEnabled property to true. When closing the program an Ac...
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  • How do you add LocalServer folder into installer project

    We have a wpf application that has an installer project that creates the msi used to install our application.  My question is how do we include the LocalServer folder that is generated in the bin into that instal...
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