• Error performing submit job operation for Export Cache - Android SDK- EstimateTileCacheSizeJob

    Hi,   I am using following code snippet to download basemap. But I am getting "Error performing submit job operation for Export Cache" error in vEstimateTileCacheSizeJob.addJobDoneListener(new Runnable() po...
  • No MapView.removeOnTouchListener? Causes memory leak.

    How are we supposed to remove the onTouchListener when our Activity gets destroyed?   There is a setOnTouchlistener but no remove.   Setting it to null won't work - you will throw an exception.   Thi...
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  • com.esri.arcgisruntime.ArcGISRuntimeException: Cannot call this method in this context when calling ExportTiles from Android

    Hi,   This is a follow-up to my previous thread ArcGISRuntimeException: Cannot call this method in this context when doing exportTile from Android and I feel that it's better to create a new thread tha...
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  • Unable to use Token and Referer to query features table in android ArcGIS SDK

    Below is the code I'm using for setting user credentials on ServiceFeatureTable.   credential = UserCredential.createFromToken(gisToken, referer); ServiceFeatureTable featureTablePolygons = new ServiceFeatureTa...
    created by manoj.y@epic
  • Rotate the map view in the direction of driving

    Hello,   how do i rotate the mapview so that the driving path always become straight to the user(like in google maps)   in esri android and ios 
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  • Prevent MapView rotation during SketchEdit?

    Using ArcGIS 100.4.0 Android SDK.   BACKGROUND I'm developing an app that does not allow map rotation. (BTW, my map is offline - loaded from a locally stored mmpk.) I'm able to achieve this by setting my M...
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  • 503 Error using ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer

    So, I am trying to show an ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer in my Android app (I am using 10.2.9). I am doing it this way:   dynamicLayer = new ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer(url, null, creds); dynamicLayer.setOpacit...
    created by Grontag
  • When is it not safe to call MapView.getScale() and MapView.GetVisibleArea()?

    We get some crash reports sometimes that we don't quite understand. I understand that there are times when the MapView is not ready to return information like Scale and VisibleArea.   But how do I tell when it ...
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  • Error on Update at SYNCHRONIZE REPLICA

    Hello guys, i'm having a trouble on sending a update of a feature that i have created (the feature does not exist in SDE.DEFAULT).   I can create but can not update.   Here's my request edit  to add. ...
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  • Mix layers with Mobile Map Package layers

    I've been looking for an answer to this.    Suppose I load a Mobile Map Package.  It has layers in it.    If I do either of these things: Open the ArcgisMap and add more layers to it Take...
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  • Is Runtime SDK for Android (v100) API compatible with x86 or x64 architecture? Any Help, Manual or guideline available related to question?

    I want to convert Esri Arcgis Android runtime application to Android x86 or x64 architecture so that i can install same app on x86 or x64 architecture phones or laptop etc.
    created by SumeerRiaz2020
  • Upgrading to 100.4.0 breaks build due to malformed values.xml in aar

    Upgrading to the android runtime 100.4.0 in our project we got an error stating the following: [INFO] ...\target\unpacked-libs\cea_arcgis-android_100.4.0\res\values-ar\values-ar.xml:40: error: Multiple substitutions s...
    created by johncarl81
  • How can I set the coordinate system EPSG:4236 instead of EPSG:102100

    I am trying to develop an Android map app and I have two layers: a TPK layer and a WMS layer. WMS layer‘s coordinate system is “EPSG:4326”.I first add TPK layer and then request WMS service.  I ...
    created by MeteorChenBo
  • Why is WebTiledLayer performance horrible?

    Why is WebTiledLayer being super slow on purpose?   Both I and a colleague see this problem.   Using WebTiledLayer with some custom urls.   For control group, we used World Topographic Map. Yes, I k...
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  • How to use Where clauses in labeldefinition

    I was trying out some label definitions in Android on a GraphicsOverlay static final String labelPolygon = "{" +         "\"labelExpressionInfo\": {" + // Define a labeling expressi...
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  • createContext failed: EGL_SUCCESS

    SDK Version 100.3 Android 8.1.0,level 27   This problem has been bothering us.
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  • Does ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android support 3D effect - face culling ?

    I have a obj model, which can not display translucency effect by default in CityEngine or ArcGIS Pro. But, if I set the face culling to back in ArcGIS Pro (as shown in the following picture), I can get the transl...
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  • How to display the transparency of PNG mapping of 3D models

    I have a OBJ 3D model, which can display the transparency of PNG mapping. Then I export the OBJ model as a slpk file. However I can't see the transparency of the model when I load the slpk in android. If I load the sl...
    created by jiaoxn
  • Crash in native libraries 10.2.29

    I get a crash on Asus devices running Android 7.0 if I move the map at all. This happens 100% of the time. The crash only reports to Google Play:   signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR)   #00 pc 0000000...
    created by 9erNumber16
  • 100.3 WebTiledLayer can't load map

    I can't load the China tianditu using the Android Runtime SDK 100.3 version of WebTileLayer. The 100.1 version can be loaded and displayed correctly. Has the new version been modified?   Service address: http://...
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