• location services display incorrectly in the current location arcgis android sdk 100.5

    location services deviate about 300m from the current location; my custom Spatial Reference (wkString) Spatial Reference: PROJCS["VN-2000",GEOGCS["GCS_VN_2000",DATUM["D_VN_2000",SPHEROID["WGS_1984",6378137...
    created by sinharcgis
  • create new point geometry offline

    I have app that loads features on my map, and it can generate and store geo-database to my local device.I does edit ans sync the existing features but what I want to achieve next is to create a new point on the map of...
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  • SketchEdit not work with Magnifier in draw new Graphic?

    Cannot add new vertex when draw new graphic with Magnifier. Without Magnifier everything is fine. We test on 100.5. Please help.
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  • ArcGISRuntimeException from CoreMapView.nativeSetViewpointScaleAsync

    Hello, The following stack trace is form Google Play Console. Can someone please look into this?  Thanks, Luke ------------------------------------------------------------ Android Version: Android 9 Devic...
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  • Not able to export tiles for basemaps

    Requirement: I need to provide basemaps in offline mode, I should be able to download basemap's tiles in mobile device and use it when no connectivity.   My scenarios: 1. I create the feature with ES...
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  • how to fix error “Cannot call this method in this context when use query.setMaxFeatures(20);

    if i use "query.setMaxFeatures(20);" my code show error Cannot call this method in this context if i not use "query.setMaxFeatures(20);" working. how to select top record by use setMaxFeatures me...
    created by sinharcgis
  • How to achieve auto - authentication for secured services

    I need to load my secured feature layer, generate geodatabase without showing user the login dialog.   I generate access token using client id and secret, append to my feature layer for geodatabse job, but it fa...
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  • Updating MMPKs in Android Runtime SDK

    Hello, Currently, I'm working by taking one mmpk from a server per project using the android runtime sdk. The problem is, each mmpk is about 2gb+, which makes updating them on the server an expensive and time cons...
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  • What causes MapView to scroll indefinitely?

    A user encounters it often when he is just trying to drag in the Navigation drawer.   The mapview begins to pan forever in an unpredictable direction.   The map continues to move without any user interven...
    created by Crittermap
  • Grey Tiles Appear Upon Zoom

    Hello,   I have been working on an Android application that renders a map and allows users to pinch and press a button to zoom into their location on the map. However, when going past a certain scale (zoom)...
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  • Map callout does not display when Esri is started first time in android

    I have to restart my Esri map or restart app to show map callout but the map callout is actually present in the desired location but never displays in the first launch of the app. Here is my code. mMapView = find...
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  • Problem with the identification of objects

    Hello! There was a problem with the identification of objects. mGeoElements equal to zero. what is the reason? how can I fix it? I can't get attributes because of this. ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android 100.4.1 ...
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  • Draw multiple geometries

    I want to draw multiple geometries [ point, poly-line, polygon ] on my feature layer and sync back , options to update and delete as well. Is it even possible to draw multiple geometries on feature layer and update al...
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  • Why can't I load a vtpk in the runtime?

    There are ZERO examples for loading a ArcGISVectorTiledLayer from a local vtpk. When do you plan to support that as mentioned in the documentation? I assumed that's because it is so simple you can do it just by look...
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  • Exclude a specific layer in identifyLayersAsync (

    How to exclude a specific layer from the operational layers in a mMapView.identifyLayersAsync ( ? I'm going to change the visibility but I do not think it's correct. Thank you very much and sorry for my English.
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  • LocationDisplay shows initial location, doesn't move

    I'm trying to migrate from the old SDK to 100.5 and am having trouble with the simplest of things: drawing a map and showing the device location. I can get the "Display Device Location" example to run, but as soon as ...
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  • How do I efficiently represent boundary maps offline?

    What should be a simple problem has bogged me down for months.   I would like to show some BLM maps. Very simply, I'd like to show which side of the border belongs to which federal agency.    Here is ...
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  • Is it possible to have several map areas in offline map (combine several tpk with tiles)

      Hi guys, I spent 2 days searching an answer if I could combine several map areas in an offline Map. I want to have an offline map of Europe with max scale to regions and detailed map of several cities, whic...
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  • Data attribute editor in android sdk 100.5

    I want to edit Attribute Editor in android app like this sample but with Android SDK v 100.5, can't find any sample in ArcGIS SDK 100.5 referense, I want like ArcGIS Online map viewr users can edit feature...
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  • Help with downloading a map for offline use within an app?

    Hello, here is what my code in my onCreate method looks like now (I am following the code found on the Create an offline map guide page). I am using a button to begin the downloading process...I am confused because I ...
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