• Input Spatial Reference is null when attempting to route

    I'm working with React Native and ArcGIS 100.4 for Android. While I was able to get routing working on the iOS side, it looks like Android is having issues. Here is the relevant code: public RNAGSRouter(Context contex...
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  • JNI ERROR (app bug): weak global reference table overflow (max=51200)

    A few times a day, an ArcGIS Runtime app spontaneously dies while not doing much of anything. This error is in logcat.   JNI ERROR (app bug): weak global reference table overflow (max=51200)   According ...
    created by Crittermap
  • Convert Queried Feature to ArcGIS Feature - ArcGIS Android SDK

    Hello Everyone, Given below are my scenario Query the service Url with object id then if it contains any attachment then display it and facilitate the user to add attachments. I have referred the samples and f...
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  • Changing units from meters to degree decimals in ArcGIS?

    Hi Expert, We were trying to integrate ESRI to SAP Work Manager application. We refer "SAP® EAM and service mobile app SDK Installation Guide" for Building a GIS Client for Android. We successfully build the...
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  • Is the SDK ready for 64 bit support?

    I got this message from Google Play about this:   Android Developers Blog: Get your apps ready for the 64-bit requirement    I was unable to tell if the ArcGIS Android Runtime 100.4 is ready for 64 bi...
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  • Accessing metadata when referencing a Portal Item?

    I am trying to display a web map I created online and am using a PortalItem to do this. It is working in the sense that I am able to view the map and the dots and lines however when I tap on a point or double-tap I ca...
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  • When passing a MapView to a PopupContainer I am getting an error

    The error says that PopupContainer ('com.esri.arcgisruntime.mapping.MapView') in PopupContainer cannot be applied to ('com.esri.android.map.MapView'). Here is an image of the problem line and error message w...
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  • help with displaying popups on map features in app?

    Below is my current implementation of this method for displaying popups from the latest ArcGIS Runtime for Android SDK, however I have come to a stopping point where you see below: showPopup(identifiedPopup, screenPo...
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  • Android: Draw polygon by detecting paths in farms on base map satellite view in given extent

    In Android: I want to draw polygon automatically by detecting paths in farms on base map satellite view in given extent. Is it possible ?. For example I have Farm having multiple acres. When I mark Farm with a po...
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  • Portal logout Method

    I am facing this issue in ArcGIS runtime latest Android SDK . Given below the issue details. While user enters into the mapping part we load the map with portal content asynchronously then calling addoneloading liste...
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  • SceneView setAtmosphereEffect method bug

    as follows: mSceneView.setAtmosphereEffect( AtmosphereEffect.REALISTIC );   When the map is initialized like this, only the labels are displayed. ArcGISScene arcGISScene = new ArcGISScene(); //Elevation Ar...
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  • Need to create sync enabled feature service

    I need to deal with offline map, I have loaded the MapArea in my Android device. I have problem in generating geodatabase, also I don't see my feature drawn on the map area in the device. Following line is giving me ...
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  • Clustering on Andoird

    Hi Mates,   I know this question has been asked earlier as well but no body seemed to have replied on that. Is there any Marker Clustering support in Android Arcgis SDK ? Is there any third party solutions ava...
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  • Error performing submit job operation for Export Cache - Android SDK- EstimateTileCacheSizeJob

    Hi,   I am using following code snippet to download basemap. But I am getting "Error performing submit job operation for Export Cache" error in vEstimateTileCacheSizeJob.addJobDoneListener(new Runnable() po...
  • No MapView.removeOnTouchListener? Causes memory leak.

    How are we supposed to remove the onTouchListener when our Activity gets destroyed?   There is a setOnTouchlistener but no remove.   Setting it to null won't work - you will throw an exception.   Thi...
    created by Crittermap
  • com.esri.arcgisruntime.ArcGISRuntimeException: Cannot call this method in this context when calling ExportTiles from Android

    Hi,   This is a follow-up to my previous thread ArcGISRuntimeException: Cannot call this method in this context when doing exportTile from Android and I feel that it's better to create a new thread tha...
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  • Unable to use Token and Referer to query features table in android ArcGIS SDK

    Below is the code I'm using for setting user credentials on ServiceFeatureTable.   credential = UserCredential.createFromToken(gisToken, referer); ServiceFeatureTable featureTablePolygons = new ServiceFeatureTa...
    created by manoj.y@epic
  • Rotate the map view in the direction of driving

    Hello,   how do i rotate the mapview so that the driving path always become straight to the user(like in google maps)   in esri android and ios 
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  • Prevent MapView rotation during SketchEdit?

    Using ArcGIS 100.4.0 Android SDK.   BACKGROUND I'm developing an app that does not allow map rotation. (BTW, my map is offline - loaded from a locally stored mmpk.) I'm able to achieve this by setting my M...
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  • 503 Error using ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer

    So, I am trying to show an ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer in my Android app (I am using 10.2.9). I am doing it this way:   dynamicLayer = new ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer(url, null, creds); dynamicLayer.setOpacit...
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