• GeoView's dispose method crashes after migrating to 100.8

    We are seeing a below crash after upgrading to 100.8 ArcGIS:   07-08 17:21:55.821 2741 2797 I TextureView: RenderingThread - Disposing started 07-08 17:21:55.824 2741 2797 E AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPT...
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  • Fatal Exception: com.esri.arcgisruntime.ArcGISRuntimeException

    I am using ESRI map in my Android app withesriMapVersion = '100.8.0' The app is crashing due to this error, I don't know why it is happening. May I know the reason for this?Fatal Exception: com.esri.arcgisruntime.ArcG...
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  • Unable to cast LocationDataSource.Location to NmeaDataSource.Location

    When I try to cast LocationDataSource.Location to NmeaDataSource.Location I get the following error...   java.lang.ClassCastException: com.esri.arcgisruntime.location.LocationDataSource$Location cannot be c...
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  • ARCGIS Map Crashes Randomly

    App crashing with below stack trace randomly . can't reproduce as well , its happening randomly .  we are using  ARCGIS Runtime SDK for android 100.4   com.esri.arcgisruntime.ArcGISRuntimeException: ...
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  • "Untrusted Host" error when loading basemap from arcgisonline service

    We are using ArcGIS runtime SDK for Android and sometimes, we run into " Untrusted Host" error as seen in the screenshot below. It is not consistent and occurs when trying to display a public basemap form ArcGIS ...
  • Removing callout's extra white space on Android

      Hello esri community, I'm trying to show a callout that needs to be in the same callout window except without the extra white space that I've marked with red. My implementation is the following   <?x...
    created by crazylegend
  • Migrated from 10.2.9 to 100.7.0. Watermarker not removed.

    Hello!  i  have migrated from arcgis runtime sdk for android 10.2.9 to 100.7.0. I am using the same license key in  100.7.0 which i was using in 10.2.9 version(BASIC).It is still showing the watermarker...
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  • Storymap app audio latency

    Hi,   I used AppStudio for ArcGIS to create an app based on a MapTour template. The tour consist of a Story Map with a Gallery that includes, for each place, an audio controller markup linking to an mp3 file hos...
    created by geomatique_vrn
  • Can't add layers from WMS Request in ArcGIS map

    Hi, can somebody show me how to create Xamarin mobile app with map and to add on it two layers from this "http://anta.nat.bg:8080/cgi-bin/mapserv.exe?map=/ms4w/maps/map.map&SERVICE=WMS&VERSION=1.1.1&...
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  • Why doesn't LocationDisplay update often?

    The following is how I am initializing the LocationDisplay   Criteria criteria = new Criteria(); criteria.setAccuracy(Criteria.ACCURACY_FINE); AndroidLocationDataSource androidLocationDataSource = new AndroidLoc...
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  • SpaceEffect.TRANSPARENT

    SpaceEffect.TRANSPARENT makes the background instead of transparent. Is there anything I can do to make it transparent instead of black in scenview?
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  • "ArcGISRuntimeException: Cannot call this method in this context":when calling createDefaultParametersAsync() for online RouteTask

    We are using ARCGIS Android SDK 100.5 We try to fetch the token using rest api               https://www.arcgis.com/sharing/rest/oauth2/token and create UserCredentials ...
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  • ArcGIS map crashes under android ViewPager2

    Dear Esri Community!   My question might be a rookie one, I feel like I'm missing something very basic. I tried to make an ArcGIS map work under an android ViewPager2 structure. The map diplays nicely but when I...
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  • Restrict map scales to those that are cached on the server

    I'm recreating Android app that was written in JavaScript to native Android app. It shows online or offline ArcGIS map so I'm using ArcGIS Android SDK 100.7.0. In old app I was initializing a map with predefined array...
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  • Cluster rendering

    Hi,   I was wondering if the cluster rendering feature was still on your roadmap, and if there had been any development ?   Bests,   Jean
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  • [Android] setCredentials for WMSLayer doesnt work in 100.7.0

    Hi, I am trying to load the Layer which is secured by a token. I have credentials to generate them and the URL. I am using UserCredential userCredential = new UserCredential(user, pass, tokenUrl) ArcGISMapImageLayer d...
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  • App crash in 100.7.0

    Hello,   Play store is not allowing me to upload an app with 100.6.0 because of 32- Bit problem. Now, When I change to 100.7.0, I am getting issues in setting marker   2020-01-04 14:21:21.663 30267-30355/...
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  • SketchEditor fails on emulator

    Hello, when trying to run the Sketch Editor sample from Android Studio 3.6.3, Windows 10, Runtime SDK 100.7, with an emulated device (e.g. Pixel C or Nexus 5X, API 29), I can successfully create points and multipoint...
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  • GenerateGeodatabaseJob no network always hits addJobDoneListener at 41% download

    I am wondering why  GenerateGeodatabaseJob (when network is lost in the middle of a GenerateGeodatabaseJob) always continues to count up (addProgressChangedListener continues to provide values erroneous...
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  • Issue in visualizing Time-Aware layers with a slider

    Hello everyone, I've been searching for a way to visualize time-aware layers in ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android but the only relevant information I got was from this documentation page: https://developers.arcgis....
    created by mcmiguel_95