• ArcGis map crashes randomly

    Hello,   I'm using version 100.4.0 of arcgis and I get sometimes random crashes with the following stacktrace :   E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: Thread-31 Process: xxx, PID: 32132 com.esri.arcgisrunt...
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  • Can i show the Raster file(fetching from device) without map and will i read spatial data of that file without map?

    Currently i m showing the raster file with map but i do not want to show the map i just want to show the raster file which is .tif file fetching from my device. Here is my code   val rasterPath = Environment.get...
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  • Esri is crashing when returning to Esri activity in android

    2019-04-02 15:01:49.768 569-770/ E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: GLThread 10588 Process: PID: 569 com.esri.arcgisruntime.ArcGISRuntimeException: Invalid argument at com.esri.arcgisruntime.internal.jni.CoreGeoVie...
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  • Tiled Map Service Get Current Level of Detail

    In Runtime 10.2.9 it was possible to get the current level of detail from a ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer, with ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer.getCurrentLevel().  This value would change as the you zoomed in and ou...
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  • Migrating from 10.2.8-1 to 100.4.0 in android

    I am facing problems in migration from older to newer version of Esri maps. This problem didn't arise when I tried to run it on a test project where I never included the older sdk of Esri. The problem is that when I a...
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  • Selecting an object in SceneView

    Hi! How to select an object from a ready-made scene loaded from the portal,  as in this example ! ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android 100.4.1
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  • Map View in Fragment with Tab Action Bar

    I have an application that uses ActionBarSherlock and Tab navigation with the Android compatibility library. I have 4 fragments that are attached or detached with FragmentTransaction depending on the selected tab. On...
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  • LocationDisplay not compatible with Android Location

    Am noticing that with the 100.4 LocationDisplay there is no longer a way to retrieve the number of satellites without setting up a separate Android location listener.   10.2.9 returns an Android Location L...
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  • How to decrease the app size

    I noticed that when I add the ArcGIS SDK to my app it almost tripled in size.  I mean even the simple HelloWorld app is like 40+mb in size.  So is there a way to cut some of the fat off the SDK that may just...
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  • Should we be moving off the 10.2.9 API and into the new 100.4.0?

    Hello   I wrote an application using the 10.2.9 API. However, I see that there is a 100.4.0 Runtime SDK for Android. Should we be using that instead now? Can I choose between one or the other? Thanks
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  • ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer in 100.4.0?

    I used to use the ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer public class before when i used to use the 10.2.9 API. However, I want to start using 100.4.0. Does anyone know if the ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer public class exist in ...
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  • Select PictureMarkerSymbol display information

    Hi guys, I'm currently on an android project where I have to mark certain locations by PictureMarkerSymbol. Whenever the user clicks the particular marker I want to display some information regarding the location...is...
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  • Override ImageTiledLayer shows that Mbtiles file is very slow

    Reading Mbtiles by overriding getURL, notice that the tile data is requested by callback onRequestRequired, but the callback is very slow and no longer requests data at high levels, why?   SDK Version:100.3 Dem...
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  • Programmatically zoom in/out

    Using ArcGIS Android 100+... In additional to pin/pull to zoom in/out I need to provide zoom in/out buttons.   Unfortunately I'm not seeing a straight forward way to accomplish this. I'm not even sure how to de...
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  • Native android ArcGIS(100.3.0) token authentication

    I'm using arcGIS version 100.3.0 I'm trying to load points on arcGIS map from arcGIS server. I'm successfully able to do that but I'm not sure how to pass token to the arcGIS server with the URL_POINTS. Following is t...
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  • Loading SLPK (SceneView / ArcGISScene)

    Hi,    I am having trouble on loading some slpk files, my loading lines looks like this:   ==================================================================== // filename is a parameter File fLyrPkg =...
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  • Cluster support for Android

    Hi,   It has been stated, in this thread, that cluster support was to be released for Android SDK in late 2017. How are things going regarding this feature ?   Regards,   Jean.
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  • get group layer

    Hi,   Is it possible to get the group layer from mmpk package with api 100.2.1   Thanks a lot
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  • SketchEditor for Add/edit feature

    I am working on Add / Edit feature , i have issue using SketchEditor class in Andriod   , I did same functionality in iOS ,its working good , But in android it runs like  uneven behaviour , li...
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  • Selecting features on a map in an app

    Using the "Feature layer selection" sample code, how does the zoom-in work where when I select a feature, it zooms to it a certain odd way? Is this part of the Envelope?
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