• AppLogin for secure data (Android Runtime SDK)

    Hello! I need your help. I want to access protected arcgis data online (such as layers and squares) using an applogin and Android Runtime SDK approach (not showing an authorization window for the user), because the us...
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  • featuretable query error

    Hi, I have a layer point and I try to get the features in a polygon.   final FeatureTable gdbFeatureTable = ((FeatureLayer) layer).getFeatureTable(); QueryParameters query = new QueryParameters(); query.setGeom...
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  • Asynchronous code

    If you are new to asynchronous programming patterns using the DoneLoadingListener events then you might find this blog post a useful read.  https://www.esri.com/arcgis-blog/products/developers/field-mobility...
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  • Can't unit test with Esri's Android Runtime SDK

    I'm writing some unit tests in my android application and every call to Esri's Android Runtime SDK throws a null pointer exeption. The method   @Test public void addition_isCorrect() {     Spatial...
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  • Customize appearance (SceneView) like in JavaScript

    Hey,   I tried to rebuilt a globe tutorial (An interactive 3D globe of extremes – a DIY mapping guide) that was created with the Web API (HTML, CSS, JS). I succeeded in creating the 'SceneView' with a...
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  • MapView.SelectionProperties stroke width

    Hello! I'm working with selection properties for mapView. Found, how to change the color of this selection, but is it possible to change the width of this stroke? Because for my polygon it looks too big
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  • ArcGISRuntimeException

    Hello, I actually use ArcGIS Android SDK 100.6, and I've a problem with SceneView during resizing. I use a SceneView in a split view, and when I resized it to 0 or max width, the app crash with this error :  h...
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  • Zoom in and out with SceneView

    Hello! I am developing an app with ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android 100.6.0 I am using Android Studio. how to make zoom in and out with SceneView
    created by ankur.pandey
  • problem in query not able to perform distinct value and outfield in query

    Hello! I am developing an app with ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android 100.6.0 I am using Android Studio.    i will perform query but not able to perform Return Distinct Values: and Out Fields: both...
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  • Cluster support for Android

    Hi,   It has been stated, in this thread, that cluster support was to be released for Android SDK in late 2017. How are things going regarding this feature ?   Regards,   Jean.
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  • Downgrading ArcGIS Runtime License without restarting application

    It appears that it is not possible to downgrade a runtime license from advanced (runtimeadvanced) to lite (runtimelite) within an Android application session.  The only way appears to be to programmatically resta...
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  • Feature Layer Filtering

    Is there any way to filter (and show only) specific features from feature layer? I couldn't find the answer to that.
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  • Show call out on Scene view.

    I want to show call out on scene view but i did get any method to do this. Is anyone help me out from this or if there is any alternate for call out on scene view. Please let me know i am really stuck on this point....
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  • Toggle Button to turn layer on/off

    Does anyone have any code they can post showing how they used a toggle button in a alertdialog to turn a featurelayer on and off in the map view? I've tried doing this and I can get images, like the esri logo, to tur...
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  • Using personal Pointcloud/3D Mapping data overlay

    Hi Everyone,   I am developing a UGV project which interfaces with an android control application. The android control application has been using ArcGIS for viewing and displaying geolocation information. The pr...
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  • problem display current location with custom SpatialReference

    i use sdk runtime arcgis for android to show current location on the map but location incorrect; below is my custom SpatialReference   Spatial Reference: PROJCS["VN-2000",GEOGCS["GCS_VN_2000",DATUM["D_...
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  • Listener add Featurelayer Map complete

    1.How to registry event or listener add feature Layer to map complete  2. How to listener Basemap change 
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  • Map Scale Issue

    Hi,   I am attempting to re-scale the view element that holds my ArcGIS map in my android app.  However, when I set the scale of the map you element to half-size, the map within the view element does not sc...
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  • ArcGis map crashes randomly

    Hello,   I'm using version 100.4.0 of arcgis and I get sometimes random crashes with the following stacktrace :   E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: Thread-31 Process: xxx, PID: 32132 com.esri.arcgisrunt...
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  • Image of MapView

    How do I get an image of the MapView? I have a MapView object, with a few graphics layers on it, and I would like to export a .png or some other image format. Is there some way to accomplish this?
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