• Map Scale Issue

    Hi,   I am attempting to re-scale the view element that holds my ArcGIS map in my android app.  However, when I set the scale of the map you element to half-size, the map within the view element does not sc...
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  • ArcGis map crashes randomly

    Hello,   I'm using version 100.4.0 of arcgis and I get sometimes random crashes with the following stacktrace :   E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: Thread-31 Process: xxx, PID: 32132 com.esri.arcgisrunt...
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  • Feature Layer Filtering

    Is there any way to filter (and show only) specific features from feature layer? I couldn't find the answer to that.
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  • Image of MapView

    How do I get an image of the MapView? I have a MapView object, with a few graphics layers on it, and I would like to export a .png or some other image format. Is there some way to accomplish this?
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  • Portal Token

    I am new to Android development, and recently started working with ArcGIS Android SDK's, along with my fellow android developer. I do have some experience working with iOS SDK. I am working on an test application for ...
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  • Set Date for Feature

    How do we set the date value for feature attribute, when creating new feature. Here is what I am trying by setting as String   String dateTime = imgData.getAttribute(ExifInterface.TAG_DATETIME); Date photoDate; i...
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  • ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android WebTiledLayer refreshInterval

    I am working with the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android and I am using a WebTiledLayer that refreshes the data in NRT. The data consists of five consecutive layers that make an animation.  Layer 0 is the current lay...
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  • AuthenticationManager for secured services internal ArcGIS Server

    I have a question regarding AuthenticationManager when pointed at internal secured services (on internal ArcGIS Token Authentication Service).  Can I use AuthenticationManager against such services in Android?...
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  • Adjacent Tile Rendering Issue in ArcGIS Java Library

    Hello! I am a member of a company that is a large client to ArcGIS. I am currently experiencing what seems to be a bug. When zooming into a rendered map to a high degree, the center tile in view remains rendered. Howe...
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  • Listener add Featurelayer Map complete

    1.How to registry event or listener add feature Layer to map complete  2. How to listener Basemap change 
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  • Show call out on Scene view.

    I want to show call out on scene view but i did get any method to do this. Is anyone help me out from this or if there is any alternate for call out on scene view. Please let me know i am really stuck on this point....
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  • SketchEditor for Add/edit feature

    I am working on Add / Edit feature , i have issue using SketchEditor class in Andriod   , I did same functionality in iOS ,its working good , But in android it runs like  uneven behaviour , li...
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  • Cluster support for Android

    Hi,   It has been stated, in this thread, that cluster support was to be released for Android SDK in late 2017. How are things going regarding this feature ?   Regards,   Jean.
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  • Regarding offline capability with Android Runtime

    I have an app that supports offline capability. what I am doing is, generate the geo-database and store in my local device. Edit features offline and sync when online. I am creating features from ArcGIS developer and ...
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  • getFullExtent in 100.5 returns NaN for one corner

    When using getFullExtent on an ArcGISTiledLayer I always get what appears to be an incomplete extent envelope.  This is after the layer status has changed to loaded.  The TPK being used here is projected in ...
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  • OAuthLoginManager

    I am trying to update our application to 100.5 from 10.2.9.  I am trying to authenticate the application and have an application setup for the application in our AGOL Organization with a client id and redirect ur...
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  • How to implement App Login?

    Hi,   I am trying to build android app as part of implementation I am trying to implement access to different resources on my behalf for example access to  geocode service with isForStorage = true...
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  • Can i show the Raster file(fetching from device) without map and will i read spatial data of that file without map?

    Currently i m showing the raster file with map but i do not want to show the map i just want to show the raster file which is .tif file fetching from my device. Here is my code   val rasterPath = Environment.get...
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  • Esri is crashing when returning to Esri activity in android

    2019-04-02 15:01:49.768 569-770/ E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: GLThread 10588 Process: PID: 569 com.esri.arcgisruntime.ArcGISRuntimeException: Invalid argument at com.esri.arcgisruntime.internal.jni.CoreGeoVie...
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  • Tiled Map Service Get Current Level of Detail

    In Runtime 10.2.9 it was possible to get the current level of detail from a ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer, with ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer.getCurrentLevel().  This value would change as the you zoomed in and ou...
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