• Multi-Step Field Calculate

    I am trying to use python to calculate a field first to put sequential numbers, then pad with leading zeros, then finally to concatenate with a code for each data layer. I set the parameters as the layer, the field, a...
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  • Conda... the dependency trail

    C onda   Packages. Stuff depends on other stuff.  A brief summary of packages and package management. Clone. Supposedly keeps stuff from getting muddled when you import the wrong version of a package which...
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  • using mutiprocessing module - can't find python.exe anymore?

    I finally had a good reason to start writing an arcpy script that uses the multiprocessing module (new in v2.6). Great! I start coding following this example: http://pythongisandstuff.wordpress.com/2011/07/11/using-ar...
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  • Programatically check if Portal items are being used.

    I am trying to figure out a way to check if items in the Portal are being used. I want to be able to flag items for removal if they are not being used. There is the usage method in the GIS module that does what I...
  • Arcpy Overlay Layers "Unable to get geoanalytics URL." Error

    I am currently building a simulation using arcpy in ArcGIS Pro to analyze randomly generated points that intersect with preset line transects. The arcpy.CreateRandomPoints_management() function works as expected, but ...
  • Batch Nearest Neighbour statistic results in table

    I am running the batch average nearest neighbor tool on my dataset in python; I have 50 years of data, each of which I am running its own nearest neighbor analysis.    Is there anyway that for all of the re...
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  • Directly retrieve the stored value for an attribute that uses a domain?

    In Pro (using 2.4.3) when an attribute uses a domain, the Attributes pane provides the ability to display either its stored value or its description (by checking or unchecking 'Show domain and Subtype descriptions').&...
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  • Updating connection info via python from SDE to File geodb - with a feature dataset

    Hi, I'm clipping data and moving to a file geodb from SDE and fixing up datasources  for a symbolised Pro project before publishing. This works for the main part unless the feature class is in a feature dataset...
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  • arcpy.DisconnectUser() is not disconnecting

    Hello,   I used the arcpy.ListUsers() tool to list current schema locks.  I then tried to use the arcpy.DisconnectUser() tool with the lock ID value and the SDE schema connection.   When I run the...
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  • How to prompt for parameters within a loop?

    I am trying to get multiple parameters (status, target_gdb,...) for each feature class within the Map. The number of feature classes is variable, so I can't set a specific number of parameters. I thought to call anoth...
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  • Use Excel File as File input parameter in ArcGIS Pro Toolbox

    I am in the process of transferring a ArcMap python 2.7 based toolbox over to ArcGIS Pro 3.x toolbox.  One of my inputs is an excel file that contains several sheets that define the schema of the feature classes ...
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  • check license availability using python

    Hello All, We have a license server serving three concurrent (basic) licenses. During daytime these are in use by my collegues and myself, during nighttime I've some python scripts managing and updating our AGOL envi...
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  • Why does WebApp Builder return with "AttributeError: DescribeData: Method FIDSet does not exist?"

    Hello,   When publishing a web tool from Pro, my tool uploads successfully. When testing the tool within WAB, I receive the following error:   fidSet = desc.FIDSet AttributeError: DescribeData: Method FIDS...
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  • 'NoneType' Object has no Attribute 'modules' AttributeError the Second Time Script Tool is Run

    I am developing a script tool that will be part of a suite of tools in an ArcToolbox. This script tool is intended to plot FAO food security indicators. When I run this tool the first time from ArcToolbox (ie, I run ...
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  • clone python env is not the same if I do it with ArcGIS Pro 2.6 or on the commandline

    What is the best way to cloen python? I like to add new modules and in a old post I read that I sholud not install them (pip install ....) to the default env (arcgispro-py3). So I cloned Python wih ArcGIS Pro but with...
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  • arcpy property layer.isGroupLayer not working as expected

    Working with arcpy for ArcGIS Pro and trying to manipulate a map in APRX project before converting to PDF. Just stumbled across my own post from earlier in the year... How to reorder/add/remove layers APRX map pr...
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  • ArcGIS Pro - Modifying Layer Definition query via ArcPY

    Let's say I need to add a new statement to an existing Def query to all layers in a group which would like like something like this: aprx = arcpy.mp.ArcGISProject("CURRENT") m = aprx.listMaps("Map")[0] for lyr in m.li...
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  • sql_clause in  arcpy.da.SearchCursor is NOT honoring "ORDER BY"

    I am working on a script that is attempting to use ORDER BY. The results I'm seeing are unordered. I've dug quite a bit in GeoNet and elsewhere to no avail. My data is in a FGBD, my understanding is ORDER BY should wo...
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  • Create an IDLE shortcut for the ArcGIS Python you want

    IDLE is easy and fast and is always there with Python distributions. It isn't fancy, but it does get the job done. Old Unix hands will nod in agreement when it is praised as "the vi of Python IDEs".   The&#...
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  • Using a user-specific Python startup script

    The following script gives you the ability to fully customize your python environment.   The example below is set up for ArcGIS 10.2 with ArcGIS background GP and  anaconda 32 and anaconda 64 installed. ...
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