• How often do you use python with ArcMap?

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  • Learning Python for beginner ?

    What do you advise for a Beginner Python who want to learn how to write Python ?
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  • What is the IDE of your choice for developing in Python?

    Please indicate below what IDE you are using for your Python development project. If the IDE of your choice is not listed below, please choose "Other" and share in a comment what IDE you are using. If you are using mu...
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  • What Python IDE are you using for ArcGIS Pro

    Before ….   2014 was a long time ago What is the IDE of your choice for developing in Python?    So what are you using the most now for pure python stuff?    To clarify... I know m...
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  • Should ESRI bring Python Addins to Pro?

    The Python Addin Wizard in ArcMap was pretty great.. why not bring it over to Pro? 
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  • character encoding in the attribute table

    PEOPLE OF GIS!   I have my attribute table with many imperceptible characters. I think this problem comes from text encoding. What is the best solution to make my table with text readable.   why utf-8 enco...
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  • How does your organization foster custom Python/arcpy development?

    I am always curious to see how different organizations encourage and implement #Python custom tools in their #ArcGIS environment (or don't). I've seen all five of these choices in action. I've certainly got my own pre...
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  • Import modules inside or outside of functions?

    Option 1: import arcpy import os def main():     # awesome code here  Option 2: def main():     import arcpy     import os     # awesome code here...
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  • How do you write Python path strings?

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  • Where would you like to have an Esri DevSummit in the Midwest?

    While at the User Conference I was able to ask Jack Dangermond during the closing session about the possibility of having a 2 day DevSummit in the Central US to target GIS Developers that may not be able to attend the...
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