• Using the Field Mapping data type as a parameter for a script tool?

    Hello,   I am trying to create a script tool, and I'd like to use the Field Mappings data type for my 2nd parameter (1st parameter is a Feature Class, Table, etc.).   It seems like this type of paramet...
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  • Set order of raster overlap on Mosaic Dataset

    Hello and thanks for looking at my question.   I am taking historical aerials and creating a map layer.  The aerials are 100 foot, 200 foot and 400 foot scale.  As none of the scales cover the total ar...
    created by dalejs
  • Calculate custom statistics on a column in GDB

    I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.3 and Python 3.6 My goal is to extract a column of numeric data from my geodatabase and analyze it using numpy.   However I am not sure how to open a specific column in a geodatabase and ...
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  • Arcade Text Constant for TextFormatting.NewLine is adding space instead of new line

    I am trying to use TextFormatting.NewLine to add a new line to a Label Expression.   In the Playground, I am entering: $feature.name1 + TextFormatting.NewLine + $feature.name2   But the Result is...
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  • Convert Lat/Longs to Blob/Shape-thing

    I'm trying to POST lat/longs to a database that feeds Portal. My GIS guy says I need to convert the lat/longs to a "Blob/Shape" as shown below.    1. What is this Blob/Shape-thing? 2. How do I pr...
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  • Map scale in Arcade labels

    I'd like to be able to include the current map scale in the labels for a feature in Portal 10.5.1. The documentation on this page suggests that only the feature to be labelled is available as a global variable in...
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  • Add table via python code

    Does anyone know of code to add a table via python coding. I am creating a script to run within ArcMap that will create then add a table to the document?
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  • ArcMap 10.4.1 Find Element

    Hello, all. I have an .mxd file with a couple of map layers, and few text elements on it. Most of the text elements are visible in Layout View. However, there are two that I cannot find in the ArcMap environment (thi...
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  • ArcMap - Adding a popup warning on save edits

    From times to times our technicians that are editing the data in a geodatabase enterprise are deleting unwillingly some features because they did not noticed they were selected when they press delete.   I wonder...
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  • Remove text from a string using python or arcade

    I need some help with a field calculator expression, using python or arcade, in ArcGIS Pro I have an address field that has full address, with street number and name, I want to remove the number and retain o...
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  • Activate Edit Tool

    Hi ,   how can we activate the edit tool or any other tool in the Edit toolbar using Arcpy pro grammatically .   It is possible in arcobjects with UID and some other stuff but trying with Arcpy module unab...
    created by gopi_mac
  • Disable/hide a url on a web map popup if nothing is found on the host web server (404 error)?

    We need a way to hide a pop up hyperlink if no file is found in the IIS virtual directory to be served out by the web server. I don't want the user to click on hundreds of features that open a 404 error page until th...
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  • Lat/Long unit conversion with Arcade

    I am adding geometry fields using Arcade Geometry($feature).x and Geometry($feature).y.  Since my target feature layer is in Web Mercator projection, my custom lat & long fields are displaying the v...
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  • arcpy.Exists() with Enterprise sometimes works sometimes dont

    Hello,   I would like to understand why sometimes arcpy.Exists() return True sometime False depending how I write the path of the featureClass.   I have two databases with both a copy of the same featureCl...
    created by DemersM
  • Converting VB Script for Labelling to Arcade

    I have the following VB Script expression for labeling hatches. It worked just fine in ArcMap. As I am now using ArcGIS Pro, I would like some help converting it to Arcade.     Function ...
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  • How to deselect a selected feature by mouse click in arcpy

    Hi every one, I am developing a arcpy tool by which, the user can select polygons one by one by checking scanned sheet values. In this case if the user select the wrong polygon then immediately he need to deselect th...
    created by msurya
  • Why do dimensions disapear when close and open map.

    I create dimension feature class I change the style, add dimensions to my map but when I reopen the map the dimensions are gone? Is there documentation I can read about this behavior. I am also interested in creating ...
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  • Scripting replication and synchronization workflow with ArcGIS Server and Geodata Services

    Our organization is currently using one instance of ArcGIS Server, where we have published a Geodata service that references an SDE connection file.  Via a python script we are able to create a check-out rep...
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  • Adding a uniquevaluerenderer removes Categories option from properties.

      I'm adding a new layer to the TOC based on a line feature class in the currently connected database. I included a new UniqueValueRenderer with two fields defined with values added with symbology. This wor...
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  • ArcMap: how to change the bacground color in a layer label

    Hello everyone,   I am looking for ways to customize the display of a layer label in ArcMap. For example changing the background color, or other properties .   Thanks
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