• Arcade FeatureSetByName limitations?

    Hi   Is it correct when using FeatureSetByName the layer must be in a featureservice (not a map service) and must be the only layer in the service?   Thank you
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  • Python script to a script tool in ArcGIS

    Hi everyone, I am new to Python and my question may be very basic   I would like to convert my python code to a script tool in ArcGIS. The code used is written below and it worked fine and got the output r...
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  • FeatureSetById not working as expected

    Hi I got a FeatureServer with 1 layer and 1 table.   Im trying to create a popup on a webmap, the popup should display some data from the table, but the result is not as i expected. To figure out the issue, im ...
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  • Storing Page Setup, Print Setup

    Hello, All of our maps are sized to print on 11"x17" (Ledger) paper, but when we go to print, ArcMap wants to print them letter size and tiled. I set it up on my computer and it seems to remember the settings, but op...
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  • Xamarin (C#) Certificate issue handling

    Is Certificate issue can be handled in the code, we are using the Xamarin platform (C#) to access one of the layers in our application. Can anyone suggest if we can handle this in code or we need to review it with our...
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  • How can I get x,y in dec degrees from a poly feat serv using arcade?

    Greetings Dev Community- I need help with an arcade expression. I am trying to generate x,y pairs from a tax lot polygon feature service. In my "custom" field I have used the following expression:   var pnt= Ce...
  • Lost ArcMap Add-In Toolbar Associated with AssemblyCache Folder and ArcGIS Cache Manager

    Our organization manages an ArcMap 10.6.1 add-in written using the ArcObjects SDK for .NET Framework 4.7.2. We publish the add-in file to a server folder. We edited the registry to make ArcMap look for the add-in in t...
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  • Output from ArcGIS Pro Script Tool to Content Pane

    Hello, I am new to ArcGIS Pro and developing with Python, so please bear with me if this is a beginner question.   I am creating a script tool, which is performing a series of image processing tasks. What I am s...
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  • geopandas with arcpy 10.7.1

    I recently upgraded my ArcGIS Desktop from 10.6.1 to 10.7.1 and I am having trouble finding a virtual environment that supports both 10.7.1 and open source GIS python libraries. I have a conda environment that works f...
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  • Update function running for 18 hours

    Is there a way to tell if the Update function will be completed, it says it is processing tiles and has run to 100% multiple times. I am not sure whether to let it run or just stop it   Thanks in advance
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  • Do calculation attribute rules apply when published to ArcGIS Online?

    I have a file geodatabase with layers containing an attribute rule that will calculate a field based on an intersection with another layer. The rule works on the file geodatabase layer in ArcGIS Pro, bu...
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  • Arcpy - what sddraft property control the "build your cache manually" option when publishing a map service

    I am using arcpy to automatize the publishing of map services. I want to toggle on the "build your cache manually" option but I can't find the part in the sddraft that controls that option.   Someone knows what&...
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  • 10.7.1 Python tool filters not displaying ArcMap layers

    I have a python toolbox with a parameter set up like:         lyrInput = arcpy.Parameter(name = "lyrInput",             &#...
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  • How can I load field values into an array using arcade expression?

    I am exploring Add Attribute Rule in ArcGIS Pro 2.1-beta.1.  I want to look at all values in an ID field, take the max value, and add 1. This way I can set up a rule that will always add the sequential number on ...
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  • Save attribute expression as field when export

    arcade arcgisonline for export modify attributes   In ArcGIS Online I have several attribute expressions (Arcade) that I would like to be able to export to excel, shape or anything, but these fields seems to be ...
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  • Arcade If Statement for Multiple Unique Values

    Using this help page: How To: Group unique values from multiple attribute fields in ArcGIS Pro    This little Arcade script groups unique values from multiple attribute fields. I created two variables, one ...
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  • Arcgis Pro publishing broken geoprocessing services

    Hi all! Recently I started moving my workflow from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro but I am having some trouble publishing geoprocessing services with constant values as parameters.   I executed my tool normally, using feat...
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  • Script returns value on test, but not in popup

    Hi   I created a script to convert UTM32N coordinates to WGS84 Coordinates and put them in a Google Street View parameter to get a dynamic link to Google Street View for every property.   The script runs j...
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  • Musculoskeletal projection/coordinate system for GIS?  Interested in using ArcGIS for orthopedics. 

    Wondering if anyone has come across anything like this and if yes, the location of publically available images/shapefile.   Thank you.
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  • Accessing M-N and 1-M related table records in Portal Pop-ups

    Hello, I'm an Arcade newbie trying to modify the pop up for the parcels in a web map that serves as the basis for a Portal web application. The parcels feature layer in question has a pairing of relationship classes s...
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