• Line feature split results in "hidden" extra feature at split

    I am wondering if anyone has experienced this issue when splitting line features.  In my file I have a line (in red below) that is split by another vertical line (in black).  The split results in two ex...
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  • Definition query with subquery using a date returns wrong result

    In ArcMap 10.6, I am using the following definition query on a featureClass to get the features that are underway but the results is not what I expected. Data are stored in Geodatabase Entreprise on PostgreSQL.  ...
    created by DemersM
  • Distance from lat/lng to coast?

    Hello, I have found the following: https://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=edc6d54479014a49941122acf1104cbe which suggests it could be used to get the distance to coast from a point. I would like to be able to ...
  • ARCMAP 10.5 Python Script Error

    I have successfully created the following code which is running fine on my system (Arcmap 10.5) https://onlinegdb.com/SkvkqiWeU   This code is running fine on my system but giving following error on some other sy...
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  • Cluster Layer support in ESRI 4

    We have a requirement to implement a ClusterLayer. We were not able to find support in ESRI 4 libraries. The application we develop is on Angular 8 and we are using ESRI Loader package. On doing google search we found...
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  • GeocodeServer - Get suggestions scores

    Is there a way to get the suggestions scores for a Geocode Service on ArcGIS Server 10.6?   I have try to set the locator reportScorePerComponent properties to true, but the scrore is just returned for the findA...
    created by DemersM
  • ArcGIS Javascript application - Auto signin to ArcGIS Portal

    Hello All,   I have a custom ArcGIS javascript application. requirement is: need to connect to enterprise portal and display portal items. Login is with Windows user account. I need a sample code that makes the ...
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  • Raster Calculator in Arcmap Desktop Python Script

    Dear All   I have a model builder in ARCMap desktop 10.5 which is executing fine. I have converted it to python script to make a batch script. But at the last step, where I am using raster calculator in model bu...
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  • Arcgis server is truncating the where clause when sending query to SQL server.

    When i make a query request to a map layer with some where clause to filter the response, the arcgis server truncates the where condition while executing the query on SQL server.  I am dealing with very large da...
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  • IpixelBlock3 Error in ArcObject for C# code

    Hi everyone in ESRI community!   I have an code below utilized IPixelBlock3. however it was an older ESRI 9.3 version i believe. I do not know why the pixel block in the final array does not take set value any o...
    created by rainrain3
  • If Exists in Model Builder

    Using Model Builder because tracing a geometric network in python is a pain.  I have three feature classes (Switch, Fuse, Breaker) that all contain the field name [FacilityID].  None of the rows contain dupl...
    created by eddybaboy
  • Arcade Text Constant for TextFormatting.NewLine is adding space instead of new line

    I am trying to use TextFormatting.NewLine to add a new line to a Label Expression.   In the Playground, I am entering: $feature.name1 + TextFormatting.NewLine + $feature.name2   But the Result is...
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  • Line of Sight with Javascript API

    I am trying to implement a 'Line of Sight' function with ArcGIS javascript API 4.  What I want to achieve is, letting user click 2 points on the 3D map, then show him the result like below screensh...
    created by delwp_jm7t
  • Portal 10.7.1 throws error with AddToDefinition endpoint in REST API

    Greetings,   I have a Portal for ArcGIS that I am trying to add a feature service to using the REST API.  So far I've had success creating the service itself.  When I try to add layers to it, I get a pe...
    created by xilducex
  • Arcade expression for formatting a number into Station+ (Plus) format in WebMap Popup

    Arcade expression for formatting a number into Station+ (Plus) format in WebMap Popup   I am trying to the equivalent Arcade expression for the following VBScript:  Function FindLabel ( [Station] ) if (LEN...
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  • How can I get the rest service query result  in C# or Vb.Net

    Hello everyone,   When I call the method Query in a rest service, how do I get the results in my program (C#, Vb.Net, Python)   https://myServer/arcgis/rest/services/MyService/MapServer/10/query  ...
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  • ArcGIS REST API Export Map

    Hello everyone,   I am running a .Net console application where I read a feature class,  get the ID (project number) and create a report to be sent by email. I would like to add an image showing the project...
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  • Geocode Server suggest returns only 50 results event if MaxSuggestCandidates is set to 100

    Hi!   When creating my address locator, I modify the MaxSuggestCandidates from default 6 to 100, then I publish it as a Geocode Service on ArcGIS Server Enterprise.   When I use the REST suggest service, I...
    created by DemersM
  • I am new to ArcGIS and looking to integrate map feature in my asp.net web application.

    I am new to ArcGIS and looking for a way to integrate to my asp.net web application. Requirement: I have sql server as back end. I have a public search feature on my web application. I want to integrate map feature d...
    created by ABHISRIVASTAVA
  • Get length of roads in a polygon using Arcade

    Dear All,   Is it possible, to get the Length of Roads in a polygon layer using Arcade. I tried something below: var fs = FeatureSetByName($map, 'Roads') //Clip(geometry, envelope) var roadsLength = Cl...
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