• IIS Configuration with Web Adaptor

    Hello Community,   I do have a problem setting up ArGIS Portal using the ArcGIS Enterpise 10.7.1 image on Microsoft Azure.   After setting up the VM I start the installation of ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Por...
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  • geopandas with arcpy 10.7.1

    I recently upgraded my ArcGIS Desktop from 10.6.1 to 10.7.1 and I am having trouble finding a virtual environment that supports both 10.7.1 and open source GIS python libraries. I have a conda environment that works f...
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  • GUI disappears on New Document iff we have interacted wth a particular third party library - ArcMap 10.6.1

    We have an extension to ArcMap 10.6.1 that retrieves image files from Micro Focus' Content Manager via its .NET SDK. If and only if we establish a connection to the Content Manager (CM) Workgroup Server, New Document ...
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  • How to create a line break when concatenating text in ArcGIS online Arcade?

    When concatenating strings and attributes in ArcGIS online Arcade I would like to have the output in tow line.   In python it would be something like:   "Unit " + $feature.Unit + \n +$feature.Zone_   ...
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  • How do I create multiline labels using Arcade functions?

    I'm trying to label polygons using two separate fields. I would like this to show on two separate lines. In desktop I use the vbnewline command. Is there an equivalent in Arcade?
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  • Arcade Text Constant for TextFormatting.NewLine is adding space instead of new line

    I am trying to use TextFormatting.NewLine to add a new line to a Label Expression.   In the Playground, I am entering: $feature.name1 + TextFormatting.NewLine + $feature.name2   But the Result is...
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  • How to modify a feature class displayField on ArcGIS Server Enterprise

    I wonder if it is possible to change the displayField of a feature class that is returned from a Feature Service in ArcGIS Server Enterprise   I am using ArcMap v10.6.1   Thank you.
    created by DemersM
  • ArcMap Dynamic ILineSymbol.Width in C#

    Good morning. We have a function that sets the thickness of the outline for the parcels on our map. They are merely outlines of the surveyed property boundaries. We want to make the "subject" property outlined a litt...
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  • Portal 10.7.1 throws error with AddToDefinition endpoint in REST API

    Greetings,   I have a Portal for ArcGIS that I am trying to add a feature service to using the REST API.  So far I've had success creating the service itself.  When I try to add layers to it, I get a pe...
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  • Can't return Null when using Attribute Rule (edit/Update) and arcade

    While Null now works in arcade field calculations on Pro 2.5, it still does not work in Attribute Rules while using the edit keyword and update.   Attribute rule dictionary keywords—Geodatabases | Document...
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  • Custom font not updated when mxd is published to ArcGIS Server Enterprise

    I have a mxd that use a custom font for point symbols. I have updated the font to add new symbols and everything is working within ArcMap. The new symbols are displayed correctly.   However, when I publish the m...
    created by DemersM
  • formatting URL in Arcade

    I have  two values, $feature.Address , $feature["URL_1"]); I would like the popup window to show the address and when the user clicks on address it goes to the url   $feature.Address    Is t...
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  • Arcade Label Expression causing ArcPro to be unresponsive after update..new to arcade expression

    Is my code unsuitable as a label expression? My ArcPro project is unresponsive after applying the arcade script. I have a feeling I messed up and created an infinity loop? I am not too sure as I normally use FME for p...
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  • Turn on Editing- VB.Net

    I am new to coding and trying to learn from the code snippets but I am struggling with this. I simply want to be able to mimic turning layers on and off for editing in VB.net. If a certain layer is turned off for edit...
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  • How to auto populate Group Id  field in Batch Attribute editor with unique id ?

    In Batch Attribute Editor if the user makes a selection in AGOL, the user will be prompted with boxes that allow the user to fill out values for GROUP ID fields which need to be auto-populated and it should be unique ...
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  • Arcpy - Publish MapServer when sde connections user and password are not saved inside the sde connection file

    Hello,   I am trying to automatize the publication of MapServer to ArcGIS Server Enterprise using arcpy. I have a problem with a particular case when in a mxd there a multiple SDE sources used for multiple featu...
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  • GeocodeServer - ArcSOC using a lot of memory on each search

    I have discovered that our GeocodeServer ArcSOC are using up to 17Go of memory per search. This is quite a lot in my opinion. Our server machine has 44Go of RAM in total and from time to times we can see some insuffic...
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  • Proper way to test if ArcGIS Server Enterprise is down

    Hi,   I would like to automatize an health check on our ArcGIS Server Enterprise in order to alert the administrators by email if ArcGIS Server is not responding for any reason.   What is the proper way to...
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  • Origin of cell statistics output

    After calculating a per-cell statistic such as "Maximum" or "Minimum" from multiple rasters (Using cell-statistics tool). How could you check which raster band comes the data from for each cell? How would the impleme...
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  • How can you translate ArcGIS Pro plugins when there is no language pack available for the target language?

    I would like to test localization (L10N), but there is no dutch language pack for example. How can I test L10N on a language where there is no language pack available for (yet).