• Order of records returned by VersionDataChanges extract

    Hi,   I am working on getting the version differences using below code. This is just part of the actual code. Problem here is I am not able to understand the order in which the IDifferenceCursor will fetch ...
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  • Attachments() function "Not available"

    I have a point feature layer with photos as attachments. This layer was created by uploading the zip file to ArcGIS online per the newest update. The attachments are links to my OneDrive folder. However, in both the s...
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  • Raster Calculator in Arcmap Desktop Python Script

    Dear All   I have a model builder in ARCMap desktop 10.5 which is executing fine. I have converted it to python script to make a batch script. But at the last step, where I am using raster calculator in model bu...
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  • Origin of cell statistics output

    After calculating a per-cell statistic such as "Maximum" or "Minimum" from multiple rasters (Using cell-statistics tool). How could you check which raster band comes the data from for each cell? How would the impleme...
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  • How to turn certain layers off in ArcGIS

    I am trying to create an python script that will allow me to create a map in ArcGIS with the capability to turn certain layers off. For example for electrical feeders i would like to give it 2 criteria (feeder and sca...
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  • Please restore ArcScripts

    Anyone trying to visit http://arcscripts.esri.com is redirected to ArcGIS Code Sharing - but the old content from ArcScripts has not been ported across.   I get that ArcScripts is no longer active...
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  • Test automation for web applications using ESRI maps.

    My team is looking for tools/scripts which can be used for test automation (functional testing) of web applications using ESRI maps. We are looking for a solution to automate map functions like zoo...
  • Obfuscation of dlls in esriAddinX.

    Are there any rules regarding the replacing of dll’s in an esriAddinX? Are there conditions where updating an esriAddinX after its initial build will invalidate it? I had a small project where I replaced the ori...
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  • Display 'DISTINCT' Count in Infographic

    I have an app where I have several infographic widgets displaying various counts. The infographics work off of Extra Data Sources that are built off of a map layer. This is done so that the map and all counters adjust...
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  • Fade symbols using TimeStamp, in relation to Map Time

    I have a point dataset with a single datetime field; I have enabled Time using this field; I have a time window of 1 day; The temporal extent of the dataset is one month I want to come up with a renderer, that sh...
  • How Arcade can access Z coordinates when calculating field values

    Hi,   I try to calculate de mean of Z coordinates of my polylines using Arcade expression. I use the expression below on a feature layer of Polylines (with not null Z coordinates) but th...
  • Improved Documentation and integration with Arcpy and the Python API

    As my company moves from desktop power users to AGOL web GIS I am finding myself transitioning to the ArcGIS API for Python from Arcpy. However, there doesn't seem to be a clear bridge between the arcpy tools that hav...
  • Honor arcade expressions in layer time settings

    Hi all,   I'm looking to use the time slider over some data which has UTC dates stored on the AGOL hosted feature layer.   All our application data is handled in local time (NZ), but we're forced to store ...
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  • Timer for layers

    I have about 16,000 sites of various types in the database. Different terms of the expiration of use. How do I make a countdown timer? For example: In order for 5 months the polygon changed color to red. Whether it i...
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  • select_multiple arcade coded values

    HI,   I have a survey 123 app with select_multiple field types. When viewing the data in the pop up window in arcgis online I get the comma delimited coded values.  I would like it to return the domain valu...
    created by vt_accd_gis
  • If You Were a DevSummit Newbie, What Would You Do? 

     It's almost that time of year.  As we get ready for DevSummit in sunny Palm Springs, California, we want to help first-time attendees prepare.   We're looking for former DevSummit attendees to offer ti...
    created by CLoya-esristaff
  • [RESOLVED] GDB in Oracle: Error calling SDE.St_GeomFromWKB from OCI

    -- The anonymous sql-block with St_GeomFromWKB is working good DECLARE     :GEOM BLOB; BEGIN  :GEOM := HEXTORAW('010200000004000000b6f3fdd497961341c74b37097b2042418941606596961341819543bb82204241...
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  • ArcObjects: How to enable associating levels to masked layers?

    In the advanced drawing options for Layers there is a checkbox 'Enable to associate levels to masked layers'. I'm trying to figure out how to enable this via ArcObjects. I can cast an IMap or IGroupLayer to ILevelMask...
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  • Running a query against a webmap returning multiple features with a common identifier

    Good Day All,   What am I trying ? I am trying to run a url query against a webmap and return all the parcels with the same group id. We want to add this to a report to insert a map showing only selected pa...
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  • Coming Soon: A New Developer Experience

    Be among the first to know! Exciting changes are coming for ArcGIS developers! We’ve been hard at work redesigning the ArcGIS developer experience that you are already familiar with. We will be rolling out addi...
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