• Clearing rasters from in_memory doesn't work

    ArcMap/ArcObjects 10.8 with VB2019 compiled against .NET Framework 4.6   I have the need to process a very large amount of polylines against a raster using the ExtarctByMask gp. Saving the result sub-raster...
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  • How to enable .Net strong name verification with AddIn

    Hi,   We have an AddIn that using some our DLL .Net libraries. The libraries are updated from time to time. To make sure AddIn uses the updated DLL's assembly version, both (AddIn and DLL) are using .Net strong ...
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  • Why is my custom button grayed out?

    I've created many custom tools in ArcMap, with most of them using the fuctionality where they are grayed out until the user starts an edit session.  The code I have always used is like this:   public class T...
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  • LargerThanToleranceCluster topology rule

    I am trying to run this code, but the last line triggers an exception... Anyone has an idea why ?   Dim itfToplgRule As Geodatabase.ITopologyRule itfToplgRule = New Geodatabase.TopologyRule itfToplgRule.Name =...
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  • Creating Raster Catalog using Geoprocessor(CreateRasterCatalog, ...)

    Hello guys,  I am trying to create Raster Catalog in File GeoDataBase using C# ArcEngine 10.3.1 Geoprocessor(CreateRasterCatalog, null) and its working for a while and so when I want to add new one its saying th...
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  • ArcServer SOI - ArcObjects SDK 10.4.1-10.5

    I have ArcServer SOI extensions written in ArcObjects .NET SKD 's 10.3/10.4 . trying to build it in 10.5 SDK version. getting errors like: IQueryFilter q = new QueryFilterClass(); Error 1 Interop type 'ESRI.ArcGIS...
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  • Hide statusbar messages when geoprocessing

    Using ArcObjects and VB.NET I have a routine that does several geoprocessing functions. These processes are built by ESRI to send messages to the ArcMap statusbar. That seems to over-ride my custom messages and progre...
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  • Deleting FGDB

    G'Day Everyone,   I am facing issues on deleting fgdb, scenario is like this :   " i have created fgdb programatically and loaded to TOC of ArcMap, after completion of work i want TOC to be clear and fgdb ...
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  • Is there a simple way to count number of features returned by IMapServer3 object

    Using the arcobjects SDK (10.7.1) I am simply trying to count the number of features returned by a feature service query, here is some sample code:       IMapServer3 ms = (IMapServer3) this.mapServerDa...
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  • Arc Objects COM dll ---> Add-in? Suggestions.

    dear Readers,   good afternoon.  thank you for taking the time to read through my queries.   A brief history: We developed a COM arcobjects toolbar with commands, tools, and menu in 2008 to INTE...
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  • How can I execute the custom Toolbox model that contains a script file?

    Hi,  I want to execute  the Toolbox ("Toolbox.tbx") model ("ModelScript") that contains a script ("TableToExcel.py") file but gives exception. I want to copy table values to excel from model .I run correct&...
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  • Open a table from a file geodatabase

    Hello, I (Jerome, first post on this forum I believe) am currently building an ArcObjects SDK tool with visual studio for ArcGIS desktop 10.5.1, and I am struggling with a simple (at least it sounds simple) task: ope...
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  • IGxDialog Unable to Open Shapefiles

    I have tried to use IGxDialog to open shapefiles by the codes below:   public static string getInputFile() {     string filename;     IEnumGxObject enumGxObj;     IGx...
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  • Develop Desktop apps using ArcGIS for Personal Use

    Can we Develop Desktop apps and plugins with ArcObjects SDK and ArcGIS Pro .Net SDK using ArcGIS for Personal Use License?   I am planning to buy one if Personal Use License have this capablitiy.
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  • ConstructUnion - shift

    The data is in 'GCS_WGS_1984' and creating union polygon using IToplogicalOperator2.ConstructUnion successfully in different type of codes but in both cases found union polygon shift.   //Case-1 while ((...
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  • ERROR 000800: The value is not a member of INVERT | NOT_INVERT executing SelectLayerByLocation

    When executing SelectLayerByLocation with arcobjects (c#) in 10.6.1, I am getting the errors:   ERROR 000622: Failed to execute (Select Layer By Location). Parameters are not valid. ERROR 000800: The value...
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  • Arcobjects SDK 10.2.1-Stand alone application - Not communicating with ArcGIS 10.6.1 server

    We have a small utility which would extract feature class from SDE feature class and create FGDB . This was developed on VS2010 and Microsoft.net Arcobjects SDK for 10.2.1. This was stand alone support tool ...
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  • ArcMap ArcObjects .NET add-in buttons become grayed out

    I have developed an add-in for ArcMap using the ArcObjects SDK for .NET and C#. My development machine is on 10.6.1 but I need to install the addin on machines with 10.5. I have done this in the past.   My add-i...
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  • Programatically transfer attributes from line to selected points: : Attribute transfer tool

    Spatial Adjustment>Attribute Transfer Tool in ArcMap transfers attributes between mapped source and target layers by mouse clicks. The disadvantage is you can do one point/line at a time. My problem is to transfer ...
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  • Switching From ArcGIS Desktop ArcObjects to Server

    I am relatively new to ArcGIS and currently trying to figure out the best way top move my project away from ArcGIS Desktop ArcObjects to ArcServer.   I know there are some ArcObjects available on Server but...
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