• ESRIRegAsm returns -1

    I have a VS-project that contains some code for some ArcMap-Extensions (no AddIn). Thus when compiling I also register them using ESRIRegAsm as follows:   <Target Name="BeforeClean">     <...
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  • Error installing ArcObjects SDK for .Net v10.5

    Hi,   We have a .Net Add-in for ArcMap that is currently targeting SDK 10.2. There's a bug happening only on ArcGIS Desktop 10.5 (can't reproduce it in 10.3) so in order to debug it I set up a Win 10 VM where I'...
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  • How to use subtype property of the esriaddinx for a AddIn button

    I am trying to utilize the subtype property of an AddIn toolbar button in C#. In older versions of ArcObjects this could be accomplished using ICommandSubtype and extending the BaseCommand. However, I cannot see how t...
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  • Remove duplicate symbols from UniqueValueRenderer

    I have a feature layer with 500 unique values in the UniqueValueRenderer. It's supposed to only have 2 because 499 of them are identical. How do I programmatically remove duplicate symbols from the renderer?   M...
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  • 10.0 Engine for .NET TOCControl Group Layer Not Updating

    I have a MapControl with an associated TOCControl as a buddy. Working with the underlying map, I can add a group layer programmatically.  The group layer shows up properly in the TOC. Later I programmatically a...
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  • Error instancing a FileGDBWorkkspaceFactotyClass

    Hi, With ArcGIS Desktop 10, Sometimes this line of code: IWorkspaceFactory factory = new FileGDBWorkspaceFactoryClass(); throws this exception: Unable to cast object of type System.__ComObject to type ESRI.ArcGIS.Da...
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  • Assuming we have a ILayer object, I'm looking for how to get the layer description.  I mean the description text of the layer properties:

    Assuming we have a ILayer object, I'm looking for how to get the layer description.  I mean the description text of the layer properties:
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  • using arcobjects in a webservice instead of api rest with js

    Hello,   I need to update few tables which are linked to each other in one time with rollback.  I do not know if using javascript with featureservice is the best (and easiest way) to deal with this problem...
  • Unable to find a matching ArcGIS installation on this machine

    I am getting the warning when i am trying to add addin in arcmap 10.6. I have written  the code for  ArcGIS 10.6.1 and trying to run in  10.7.1.  I just change the target version in the config.esri...
  • Assuming we have a ILayer object, I'm looking for how to get the fields of layer.

     I want to disable the tab of fields in layer properties that user can not see or change it:
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  • Out of Memory Errors during Merge

    I've built a console app using ArcObjects 10.8 to manipulate shapefiles in various ways. One of the tasks is to combine groups of shapefiles into a single shapefile, so I'm using the Merge operation.    Wha...
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  • Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Controls dll is missing in VS 2017

    I am unable to find Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Controls dll in my project. I had already installed the reference ESRI.ArcGISRuntime in VS 2017 but when i am trying to add the .dll it showing an error "Reference is missing". ...
  • Layers is not getting loaded in 10.7.1

    I am getting the error "A Subscription cannot be stored unless its event class already exists." while I am trying to load charts on the Base map in ArcGIS 10.7.1 .  Layer is getting loaded in 10.6.1 but same code...
  • Is there anyway to get ArcGIS Desktop 10.8 to support OAuth when trying to log into a GIS Server?

    We are trying to add support in ArcGIS Desktop v10.8 for a WMS that has OAuth implemented on it.  Anyone know how to do this? I can only find support for OAuth in ArcGIS Pro but upgrade the system to that is not...
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  • Who still uses VBA?

    I recently answered a question over on GIS stack exchange and I naturally thought up the solution in VBA. It made me think that VBA is still as good as it has always been and in my opinion beats python for quick and d...
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  • Can I find or count neighbouring network elements using ArcObjects SDK and the Geometric Network model?

    I am trying to identify junctions that represent branching in a large geometric network. Using ArcObjects SDK (10.4.1, .NET) and the Geometric Network model there does not seem to be a way to access an adjacency matri...
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  • How to draw a rectangle on base map in ArcGIS Pro

    How to draw rectangle on the base map with the React Bounds?    
  • Upgrading Add-In solution files from Visual Studio 2013 to Visual Studio 2017

    Hi All,   I just upgraded my ArcGIS Desktop from 10.3.1 to 10.6 and my Visual Studio from 2013 to 2017. I have many Add-In projects that were created with Visual Studio 2013 and targeting ArcMap 10.3. For s...
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  • How to delete a FGDB withvb.net or c#

    Hello   How can I delete a FGDB using vb.net, C# and ArcObjects?   something than i Python takes 2 lines:   # Delete Existing FGDB if arcpy.Exists(fgdb ):       arcpy....
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  • Is ArcObjects SDK 10.8 for .NET supported on Windows 10 home edition?

    Dear All   I want to buy ArcGIS Destop 10.8 and further download ArcObjects SDK 10.8 for .NET so that I can develop an Addin using vb.net. I have Windows 10 home edition installed in my computer. ESRI ...
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