• How can I force an app to do the query request via proxy using POST instead GET

    Hello,   I am trying to do a query to a secure service using a proxy from an app created with WAB Dev edition 2.1. The url I am getting from the query is too long. 2072 Characters. For some reason, the request f...
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  • Ground to Grid and COGO legal descriptions in ArcGIS Pro?

    I have been working in ArcGIS Pro to test the migration to ArcGIS Pro from ArcMap. One of the job duties I have is to verify easements, annexations, and other legal descriptions. One of the concerns I have is with the...
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  • ArcGIS Server (non-GUI Linux) Licence Authorization Fails?

    I have a Ubuntu 14.x server on Cloud and I installed ArcGIS for Server Enterprise (Linux) 10.3.1. Since it is non-gui environment I did it on Terminal. The product I downloaded: ArcGIS for Server Enterprise (Linux) 10...
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  • Match table for attachments - too many matches

    I'm generating a match table in order to add attachments to features in ArcGIS for Desktop. The feature has an ID such as '1_2', '1_23', '4_5', '4_50', '4_56'. The files are named '1_2_1.jpg' and '1_2_2.jpg' (for feat...
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  • Developer Communities

    Home > Product Communities > Industry Communities > Service and Program Communities   Developer space offer information, collaboration, and answers to questions you have about Esri platforms.&#...
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  • Making request synchronous

    Is there a way to make the esri/request synchronous?   esriRequest(url, { responseType: "json", callbackParamName: "callback" }).then(function(response){ console.log(resp); });
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  • Web app builder crashes on load

    Sorry in advance if this is the wrong place to put this, but I'm experiencing problems with the web app builder and I'm not sure where else to post. I've been following the instructions: node js is already on my compu...
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  • Feature service requires a registered database

    I have recently upgraded to ArcServer 10.3 (from 10.2.2), and have since been unable to publish a web service with any new enterprise geodatabases that I've created.  I create the new database using the "Create E...
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  • How to change the expiration time of the token generated in application developed using Web App Builder

    Hi, I have developed an app using Web App Builder developer Edition and I am trying to change the expiration time of the token in tokenUtils.js file as below               var ...
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  • PostGIS integration with ArcGIS - is it possible to load and edit data from a PostgreSQL database into ArcGIS without an enterprise license?

    Linking arcgis and postgresql without and enterprise license
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  • Why does arcpy.mp.ArcGISProject() give an OSError?

    I read the "Guidelines for arcpy.mp" doc, but when I call the sample code myself in the ArcGIS Pro Python window or from a Python script, I get this error: import arcpy aprx = arcpy.mp.ArcGISProject(r'C:\Path\To\Proje...
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  • Importing Web App Builder Into MVC 4

    Hey Everyone,   I have imported the web app builder into an MVC project,   and I have referenced everything, but it is stuck at the loading screen, the error is caused in the env.js script particularly th...
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  • 2 fields symbology ArcGIS Online Map/Appli

    Is it possible to do a symbology with 2 text-fields in a ArcGis online Map? to use it in an appli. I fount how to use one text-field or one text field and a numeric one, but i didn't find an option for multi-text-fie...
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  • ArcPy in Pro more limited than in Desktop?

    ArcPy for ArcGIS Pro seems more limited than the Desktop ArcPy in crucial ways.   The older ArcPy had the ``arcpy.mapping.UpdateLayer`` function, which could (with the last parameter set to true) update symbolog...
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  • How to find Max value among Fields

    Good Day GeoNet Community,   Would like to inquire how to search among rows of a table and find the maximum value only using a selected set of fields.  For example, If the table consists of five columns ID,...
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  • popup position

    Hello, I add to my map a popup   var popup = new Popup({   fillSymbol: new SimpleFillSymbol(SimpleFillSymbol.STYLE_SOLID,    new SimpleLineSymbol(SimpleLineSymbol.STYLE_SOLID,    new Col...
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  • Edit Form PHP PDO

    I have a table in SQL Server database. I created an "edit.php" where we can update the database. The database connection is established using PDO. The issue is: I have a lot of Null values in the table. When I click "...
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  • TIN to Raster tool crash in ArcMap

    Hello,   I have some trouble with the TIN to Raster tool. Each time I try to create a raster from a TIN file, ArcMap crashes and has to close. I'm doing a formation on ArcGIS 10 and I cheked the input file wit...
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  • ArcExplorer on Android crash on attribute search

    One layer FGDB or Registered Oracle via ArcGIS 10.3 service with Query turned on get “Unfortunately, Explorer has stopped” when trying to query attribute fields (varchar2) multipoint data records when...
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  • Why does the length field not show up in a service created when used in an online map?

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out why the Length data does not show up in the Online map. It is on when the service is created. Thanks for any help.
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