• plot a polygon from a row with 4 coordinates

    I have a excel file with multiple sheets.  one sheet called polygons contains rows with the fields:  name, description, startlatN, startlonW, startlatS, startlonW, endlatN, endlonE, endlatS, endlonE the sta...
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  • Is the ESRI basemap imagery orthorectified?

    Wondering if basemap imagery available through ESRI is orthorectified and can be depended on for accuracy.
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  • ArcGIS Pro for Intelligence - How to create an Alert?

    I am using ArcGIS Pro for Intelligence 2.5. I've added a feature layer and feature class to my project.   When trying to create a new condition, i click on "new" but receive a small blank menu. Am i missing som...
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  • why isn't the magnetic declination working?

    Using ArcGis Pro, and the Magnetic North arrow in layout is no-longer working, it's the same as the grid north....and the dynamic text for the magnetic declination is also the same as grid north.
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  • How do you build a network dataset in ArcPRO 3.2.1?

    Woops meant ArcPRO 2.2.1 I Have a simple road layer, feature class, I'm trying to make a network dataset in ArcPRO and i have the network analyst extension on.  In arcMAP 10.5.1 you click on file geodb then righ...
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  • Grids and Graticules xml templates

    I am using a tool from the Cartography toolbox called Make Grids and Graticules layer, which uses template xml files to create grids. The tool help says:   "Template files are located in the GridTemplates folder...
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  • Military Symbol Editor as Widget for WebApp Builder

    When is the military symbol editor going to be available as a widget for the WebApp Builder (Standard and/or Developer Edition) for ArcGIS Enterprise in order to complete the military tools for arcgis and mi...
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  • When will ArcGIS Enterprise receive the ability to edit and use MIL STD symbols without the use of ArcPro?

    Currently there is no ability to create and use MIL-STD symbols in ArcGIS Enterprise without publishing from a desktop client using ArcPRO or ArcMap. When will Enterprise have the ability to create MIL-STD symbols in ...
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  • "failed to perform histogram color balancing"

    Hello, I am currently using Arcmap version 10.4.1 and am having a problem with color correction.  Under the color correction tab, when I select histogram balancing I receive the following error:  "failed to ...
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  • AGOL symbolgy by date

    If points have a start date and end date in the attribute table, is it possible to symbolize them as active or inactive in AGOL based on the current date?
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  • How do I access the videos or ppt for the UC2019 defence and intelligence presentations

     How do I access the videos or ppt for the UC2019 defence and intelligence presentations
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  • Hi, Im also interested in the SOM workflow, e.g. Ontology > Data Model > Exploitation Template can you share it?

    Hi, Im also interested in the SOM workflow, e.g. Ontology > Data Model > Exploitation Template can you share it?
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  • Annotations gets cut off when exporting TIFF file

    Hi! I have encountered a problem with my Arcmap. When I am exporting a project to a TIFF file the annotations gets cut off randomly on the TIFF itself. It happens when I have lots of layers on a project or have even o...
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  • Is there a template HLZ story map or app ?  I thought i saw one before in operations section?

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  • Predictive Analysis

    I've been using the predictice analysis toolbar for the last 5 years with good success in modelling various military scenarios. It has been a part of tools that I use in multiple workflows, namely site selection, mobi...
  • Geoint - LAS - Port Solutions

    Hi everyone, I am new here but happy to be a part of this community.   I am in the process of commencing key projects with govt clients on; Land Administration Solution, GEOINT (to combat internal & border s...
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  • Map does not populate on published Survey123

    I have no issue attaching a map to the survey when I am in the designer. When I publish, however, the map only shows white and when hovering over it says "Loading". It does this for an extended period of time too. Is ...
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  • Using Geonames Locator for Revsese Geocoding

    Hi all,   I would like to do reverse geocoding on my ArcGIS Pro and would like to check if it is possible to use geonames locator for the purpose.   My aim is to look for the address for any point in my co...
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  • ICAP for ArcGIS Pro 2.3 | HLZ analysis task

    There was an analysis task for HLZ included within an earlier version of ICAP as the HLZ solution template is deprecated since 2016. I was looking for this task within the most current version of ICAP for ArcGIS Pro 2...
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  • NVIDIA Quatro P1000 optimization settings for ArcGIS 10.3 Desktop. 

    Not sure if this is right spot to post, but I'm USAF Pentagon... Running ArcGIS 10.3 on gov't desktop.  NVIDIA Quatro P1000 video card (driver 412.16), but I don't see it being used (GPU) @ ArcMap/Catalog/etc.&#...
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