Intelligence Configuration for ArcGIS Pro (ICAP) Released

Blog Post created by kterrey-esristaff Employee on Aug 16, 2018

Back in June we wrote about the development of the Intelligence Configuration for ArcGIS Pro (ICAP), and now it is time to announce the release of ICAP 1.0.


ICAP is a managed configuration of ArcGIS, which includes add-ins, geoprocessing tools, and project templates. This ArcGIS Pro configuration is built specifically for intelligence analysts. These combined components provide a streamlined user experience and specialized tools to aid intelligence analysts in their workflows. ICAP is available to Esri customers at no additional cost.  Some of the new capabilities  included in ICAP:


  • Link charts—Intelligence Configuration for ArcGIS Pro provides the ability to visualize entities and their relationships. This capability allows analysts to easily see, edit, and manipulate link diagrams of people, groups, and events that would otherwise be viewed in a table or on a map. In one single interface, analysts can see the complex relationships between different assets, with minimal data and little or no learning curve. The link chart is created dynamically based on the source data, which can be manipulated via the chart, map, or attribute table.
  • Conditions and alerts—To ease the burden of filtering and querying data to discover its value, ICAP provides a way for analysts to designate conditions based on a set of queries and then be alerted when these conditions are met. For instance, when a mortar activity is within 7 kilometers of a reported location, an alert notifies the analyst, and the activity is logged for further analysis.
  • Data management—ArcGIS Pro already has many robust data management tools and workflows. To better support intelligence analysts, ICAP will bring the most commonly used data management tools to the forefront, placing widely used tools in a custom data management ribbon. In addition, ICAP introduces a tool that grabs files commonly used by the intelligence analyst (such as .shp, .kml, .kmz, .xls(x), and .csv) and adds them to the map with the right symbology, including standard 2525 military symbology.


For more information, and to download ICAP, visit: http://go.esri.com/icap

You may also want to view a webinar we did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68uh3h3YJsE&feature=youtu.be