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If your organization uses ArcGIS to support field operations, be sure to join our free live training seminar next week. ArcGIS QuickCapture is the newest app for rapid field data collection and dissemination. QuickCapture has a simple interface that makes it fast and easy to capture data from a moving vehicle (on the ground or in the air)… (Show more)
When is the military symbol editor going to be available as a widget for the WebApp Builder (Standard and/or Developer Edition) for ArcGIS Enterprise in order to complete the military tools for arcgis and military symbology  for Portal-Users?
in Defense and Intelligence
October 25 Update: The seminar was recorded and is available for viewing here.    Interested in AI, machine learning, or deep learning? If so, be sure to join our next free live training seminar on October 24. ArcGIS Deep Learning Tools for Imagery is a one-hour seminar that will take you through the latest capabilities and workflows to create an… (Show more)
Currently there is no ability to create and use MIL-STD symbols in ArcGIS Enterprise without publishing from a desktop client using ArcPRO or ArcMap. When will Enterprise have the ability to create MIL-STD symbols in either Web AppBuilder or somewhere else within the enterprise offering? 
in Defense and Intelligence
Hi, Im also interested in the SOM workflow, e.g. Ontology > Data Model > Exploitation Template can you share it?
in Defense and Intelligence
Hi! I have encountered a problem with my Arcmap. When I am exporting a project to a TIFF file the annotations gets cut off randomly on the TIFF itself. It happens when I have lots of layers on a project or have even only one layer with some transparency and the problem will occur. When I had Arcmap 9.3 this problem never occurred to me but when I… (Show more)
in Defense and Intelligence
Woops meant ArcPRO 2.2.1 I Have a simple road layer, feature class, I'm trying to make a network dataset in ArcPRO and i have the network analyst extension on.  In arcMAP 10.5.1 you click on file geodb then right click select NEW>Network dataset  then load a transpo layer and select build Network....I don't see the tools or ability to do that in… (Show more)
in Defense and Intelligence