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I'm looking for a point dataset that has commercial POIs for the United States. Grocery stores, pharmacies, things like that.
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This is what I want to resolve. There are set of outlets along in a territory served by a distributor. This distributor has number of sales representatives. I need to define the optimum routes based on the following parameters. 1. Visit frequency for an outlet - Ex: What is the revisit frequency once a week on Monday or every other week… (Show more)
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Hello All,   I have a hydro feature class which I want to reshape. My question is is there a way to compare the number of miles edited or changed from the old hydro feature class using ArcGIS?   The main purpose of doing this is to understand how many miles have been edited from the existing hydro feature class so that i can work on some… (Show more)
Click to view contentFYI,   Just wanted to share some nice example business and commercial themed Dashboards, built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. These are real, live customer apps!   Allianz Life Insurance Policies Dashboard     Zürcher Kantonalbank - Family Home Prices in Canton of Aurich Dashboard     ReNew Canada - Top 100 Infrastructure Projects… (Show more)
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We have created several maps that are embeded in our WordPress website.  The maps allow for searching by address.  We would like to receive a weekly email that list the addresses that were searched for on the map to see what areas of the state have the most interest.  Is this possible?
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We are looking to generate a map that shows within a geographic region, in our case California, available job saturation's by skill. In other words, we are wanting to show for a given county, or distance within a given lat/lon how many electrician or carpenter jobs there are out there. We were thinking of having one layer for each skill on our… (Show more)
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I am sort of stuck on an analysis I am doing for school. The problem is quite open-ended and it states: Recommend a growth strategy for a large sporting goods retailer. New sites may be in either existing penetrated markets, or new territories.   I am working in desktop and currently have both the business analyst and spatial analyst extensions.… (Show more)
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