Welcome to the Cave and Karst GIS Space

Blog Post created by bszukalski-esristaff Employee on Apr 27, 2018

After a period of hibernation, the sun has risen, and warmed and awakened us from our caves. 


We're excited to invite you to join the newly updated ArcGIS Cave and Karst space in the GeoNet Community.


This will be a place to connect and share ideas, best practices, and examples of using and applying GIS, with the unique needs and requirements of this community in mind.  


In this online group you’ll also have the opportunity to:


  • Connect, share, and collaborate.
  • Get updates on news and products.
  • Join discussions and ask questions.
  • Share your examples and work with others.
  • Contribute to a knowledge base of tips, best practices, and workflows.



Click “Follow” in the top right corner and select “inbox” in the drop down menu. This will insure you get new updates in your GeoNet inbox and Outlook email.



GeoNet Community Quick tips:


If you do have a GeoNet account and are not logged in yet, you’ll need to click "login" first to join the group and contribute to conversations. 


If you don’t have a GeoNet account, click “login” and then follow the steps to create your GeoNet account. Once your account is created, follow Steps 1-3 above.


For any additional questions, general tips and guidelines, please visit the GeoNet Help group, or contact the Cave and Karst group owners:


Bern Szukalski:

Bob Booth:


Thanks for joining and we look forward to seeing you here. Feel free to add a comment to say hello.


If you have additional questions about software, grant opportunities, or anything else, let one of us know. And please let others you think might be interested know about this space.