• ArcGIS Desktop changing underscore to slash in source path

    We have a network share with the name of GIS_Imagery which has some tiff files in a sub folder on the drive.  When we add these tiff images to our map it changes the drive name to GIS\Imagery upon saving the map....
    created by hckygirloh
  • Difference between red and green vertexes on a polygon

    I'm editing some shapefiles (not originally made by me) , specifically changing the vertexes of some polygons and I realize when some of the vertexes look red while the majority look green, any reason as to why some a...
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  • Fill symbols Distorted Arcmap

    I'm having trouble with fill symbols being distorted in ArcMap.  If I use a picture fill, such as this: I get these lines where the pattern starts over (I'm guessing):   But if I use a fill symbol fro...
    created by amynewsam
  • How to see a Max Value in a joined view with a sub-query?

    Attribute table for natural gas meters is joined to a view in my billing system so when a user clicks on the map they can see the customers usage. So far all works.   Modified the view to change the usage to a s...
  • Features disappear when zoomed in past 1:425 and AutoCAD 3D 2021 installed

    Anyone have issues with features (points, lines, polygons) disappearing when zooming in past 1:425 and having ArcMap basemap imagery layer in the map?  Noticed the issue after installing AutoCAD 3D 2021 on the ma...
    created by CSSTIWINTER
  • Creating layer files for OS MasterMap data in a File Geodatabase

    Don't know whether to ask this hear or in the ArcGIS Pro forum.   I have some MasterMap data which I wish to style up using the default styles.   ESRI layer files are available here: GitHub - OrdnanceSurv...
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  • Can I import a .stylx style to ArcMap? or only ArcPro?

    I saw a great new style featured in the Spring 2020 issue of ArcUser magazine (p 58).  I downloaded it. I'm using ArcMap, not ArcPro, and I can't see any way to import this .stylx file into my styles folder. ...
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  • Including non-spatial tables while exporting from PostgreSQL to a geodatabase

    Hey there,   One of my clients wants a geodatabase from a PostgreSQL/PostGIS project I have been doing. I can right click the Database Connection in the Catalog and Export - Geodatabase, but the result is only t...
    created by uib_arkeologi
  • Dynamic text in map layout

    In my map layout, I am using dynamic text from Data-Driven Pages attribute. In the column that I am using from the attribute, there are some empty fields. When I display the dynamic text the empty fields are displayed...
    created by kaxanth
  • ArcMap export function returns an error with data driven pages

    We have been trying to export maps from an MXD for almost a month now. It had been working fine and then suddenly stopped working a month ago. It seems that whenever the data driven pages is enabled, exporting the map...
    created by Chris.Young1
  • Export Map failed error message "An unexpected error occured while trying to export the map"

    I have been using this map for two years now and and exporting maps. It was working fine last week. Today, it started giving me this message. The map is data driven and uses online content. Any thoughts on how to fix ...
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  • custom polyconic projection

    I'm helping an artist with a project that requires a modified polyconic projection of the world, centered on N America.   The artist wants to render globe gores, like the image attached below, but with the cente...
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  • Feature services not drawing in ArcMap 10.7.1

    Hi All,    Wondering if anyone has experienced similar issues as to the one outlined below and/or may be able to advise how to troubleshoot? Many thanks in advance.    Cheers,  Gino   ...
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  • come posso aggiungere la vista profilo nel layout di stampa??

    da un file las ho la necessità di stampare sia la visuale dall'alto che il profilo. con il layout di stampa è possibile stampare più viste. ma è possibile stampare anche la vista profilo?
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  • Current Version of Basemap in Arcmap

    When will an updated version of the imagery basemap be available in Arcmap? The current one if from 2017. Thanks.
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  • List By Source and Layer Properties show different source

    I have a perplexing issue where List By Source shows the correct UNC path, but Data Source in layer properties shows the named letter drive. Running findAndReplaceWorkspacePaths did not fix the issue. Here is a scree...
    last modified by sfox_cpud
  • What are some good resources for getting started with ArcMap other than Esri Training, Udemy, Lynda, etc?

    I am looking to learn ArcMap so I can learn more about Geographic Information Systems. So far, I have been doing the Esri Training, Udemy, and Lynda. What are some other good resources out there that I can use to lear...
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  • Relating table data between layers

    Hello! So, I am very new to this and haven't had any formal training yet and so have just been piecing this together as I go. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!   Anyway, here is the situation: I have a ...
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  • Windows 10 performance issues

    Anyone have issues with Windows 10 installs and ArcMap performance. We have new Windows 10 Desktop. ArcMap becomes progressively slower and eventually locks up over two hours. Performance on Remote Desktop server, WIn...
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  • Need help with ArcGIS desktop

    Hello from Luzela, I'm facing a problem as trying to do some spatial analysis. I get this message:   ERROR updateParameters Syntax Error: Runtime error Traceback (most recent call last): File "c:\program ...
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