• Stop selecting multiple vertices

    I'm trying to edit vertices in a polyline in ArcGIS DesktopArcMap 10.8.1, and am finding it maddeningly difficult to select only one vertex at a time. I pretty much never want to select multiple vertices but some...
    created by BILT_Stewardship
  • Could not add the specified file(s) to the map. The document type is not supported for drag and drop.

    I was recently provided with raw data by a colleague to add to an exiting map I have. The data he sent me are in various formats from .dat, .nit, .dir, .adf. I am unable to download them onto my esri account and ArcMa...
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  • I have uploaded a layer onto my city map that contains several points of houses that have been sold. I then drew in the neighborhood outlines onto that map. What I want to somehow get is the data where it separates the houses sold into those neighborhoods

    This is what I have, the dots being houses sold between 2014-2018 and the green outlines are the neighborhoods I'm focusing on. Please let me know if you have any other questions. This is for my final college project....
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    Hello People of GIS   How can i delete more quickly the selected line(vertical line before the last) without one by one? 1º img   Or   Delete with one step the last vertical line(selected) 2...
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  • Is there a rule that can concatenate fields into one in Attribute Assistant, ?

    I am trying to create a rule in my Dynamic Value table for one layer "Valves" that uses the values of two different fields in another layer "Addresses". Is there a way to concatenate the two different fields to use in...
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  • What is the best way to create an editable map of parking spaces that can be modified year to year?

    Hi All, I work at a high school and I am trying to help out my administration manage our parking lot in a better way and I was hoping you could give me some advice. My goal is to create a map that shows all 500 or so...
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  • https://simplemaps.com/data/us-zips

  • Error in Attribute Table?

    Hello,   I got stuck in using the attribute table for the feature class. It is common sense that one object ID is assigned to one feature.   Most of my data were in that sense, and I had no problem o...
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  • Active X not safe pop up

    Active X not safe pop up when opening any tools in arctoolbox. Tried to configure my security level in internet options, but does not work. Do I need to close my windows defender?   Like this one:
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  • Feature layer not displayed in Android application

    Hello ...   1) I imported an existing offline basemap .. .tpk file into Arcmap 10.2.1 using Arccatalogue 2) I created a featureclass( with ploygon features) in Arcmap 10.2.1 over the basemap and created one fea...
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  • Can't open ArcMap - only via cmd

    We have ArcMap installed on a VPN machine and while my colleagues are not experiencing the same problem, this suddenly happened while opening a .mxd document:   Opening ArcMap as a program does not work either...
    created by klassizistisch
  • Spatial Join and Dissolve

    Hi Guys,    I'm stuck with a bit of a challenge. I have a grid and multiple polygons (buffered points). Each polygon has attributes and may cross multiple grid squares. I need to know for each grid what the...
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  • Je cherche une solution (raccourci clavier, procédure, programmation …) me permettant de « naviguer » dans la table attributaire d’une couche (arcmap)

    c’est-à-dire de passer d’un enregistrement à un autre tout en zoomant sur l’entité concerné. En résumé l’idée serait de combiner les raccourcis ...
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  • ArcMap Python console arcpy runtime error

    I know everyone is excited by that title.  In other news, I did have a respectable early stage Geonet profile going, but had to switch over to a different account within my company.  New protocol - keeping t...
  • How do I join one feature attributes to another feature's attribute based on the relationship class using arcpy?

    I have a relationship class between two features because there is a one to many cardinality. How can I make the join between the two attribute tables using arcpy?
    created by TheJHuey
  • Data Update for CAD (Computer-Aided Dispatch)

    I've inherited the responsibilities of updating the CAD for EMS with new a dataset every quarter with new data. The problem is that some of the changes are very minor (new street and address) that the entire dataset d...
    created by Tumbra
  • Is there a way to use a caret symbol in field calculator? ^?

    Here is the field calculator formula I'm trying to use. It's an Excel formula I've copied over and replaced referenced cells with columns in my table.   100-(15*(((0.445*((0.8*[SUM_t2])^1.15))+ (0.13 * ((0.8*[SU...
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  • how to open item.pitem

    When I try to open a downloaded data layer file (item.pitem) using ArcGIS file handler, I get an error "Could not connect to an ArcGIS license manager running on host "Not_set".  How to I fix this?
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  • GeoCoding 3000 Points by 100+ Subjects and Ability to Select Specified Subject

    Hi,   I have an Excel file with over 3000 addresses and 100 different subjects (Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine). I would like to have the capability to be able to view the list of address by sele...
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  • Irregular/Custom Time Steps in ArcMap

    I want irregular “Time Steps” in ArcMap. As a result, I am wondering if there is a way to edit existing tools in ArcMap. I am essentially trying to make custom “Time Steps” for the “Time ...
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