• Data Update for CAD (Computer-Aided Dispatch)

    I've inherited the responsibilities of updating the CAD for EMS with new a dataset every quarter with new data. The problem is that some of the changes are very minor (new street and address) that the entire dataset d...
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  • 000210: Cannot create output <value>.

    Problem:   000210: Cannot create output <value>. Description The output cannot be created. Potential reasons include data locking, an incorrect path, and limited access rights. Solution Confirm that the...
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  • Resolved: ArcMap remote desktop connection error

    For some reason I have been getting the following error when trying to start an instance during a remote desktop session (most probably related to the graphics card).  ArcGIS: LoadLibrary failed with error 87:Th...
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  • Mass partial address matching

    Hello all, I've got a question.   I am attempting to find a way to mass match customer points and county parcel address' to each other. the issue is that the customer point address fields are usually in a " 123 ...
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  • How to choose transformation method for vertical spatial reference

    We are using ArcGIS Pro 2.4. And we are projecting some raster data from Hong Kong 1980 (horizontal) + Hong Kong Principal Datum (vertical) to WGS84 + EGM96 using Project Raster tool. We know we should take "Vertical"...
  • Group and label legend by field

    I'm trying to group classes in my legend and use that group name as titles. Image 1 shows the zones without the grouping. Image2 shows the attribute table with the RefName (Zone) and District fields. I want to group o...
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  • ESRI Online Documentation Arcmap ArcPro -- What a mess.

    Does anyone else find this as hard to work with as I?   It is slow. It redraws the entire screen so that one loses context from the sidebar. There is no back button (using back on the browser does not have req...
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  • Bug Report - Add Data widget

    Hello,   I am just here to report a bug with the Add Data Widget (we are on Portal 10.6.1). We can't add data on our webapp because the add data widget calls the property "displayField" as a function. Or, the e...
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  • ArcMap Performance. Round2

    I have been a strident critic of ESRI's software for some time, as examination of my posts will show.    In the past, I have used a MacBook Pro, running Windows10 under Parallels, and assigned 8G amd two co...
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  • ArcMap Freezes

    So according to  ArcGIS support, my computer is good enough to run ArcMap, but I'm running into issues. It works okay for a bit, then everything gets delayed. The zoom won't happen until I click on the hand tool....
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  • ArcMap 10.7.1 meta-error

    I guess I should have instead pushed "Don't Send"..    (j/k, lol, , etc)  
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  • ArcCatalog 10.6 crashing

    Why is it that ArcCatalog crashes any time I create or delete attachments?
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  • arcGIS error: 999999; error executing function.

    I have tried running the flow direction / fill / flow accumulation tool several times for layer nav_dem_10m , but it always shows the following error. In fact, no tool is succeeding under hydrology tools (spatial...
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  • Layers missing in ArcMap

    For a GIS course we've provided the students with some prepared mxd files along with the linked data to work on. One of our students has a problem with an mxd. When she opens it (in ArcMap 10.7), the layers ...
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  • Tips for improving speed during remote work over VPN?

    I, like many of you, have been working remotely for many months, and it looks like that will continue for some time.  I was surprised not to see a single "catch all" topic that helped share tips for improving the...
  • JPEG export bug from ArcMap 10.7.1

    Hi I did required window update and restart yesterday, I'm now having an issue export JPEGS from ArcMap 10.7.1. It's weird, the other image formats, like PDF export fine. But since the windows update a large white bor...
  • Archived Feature Class Updated?

    We were baffled that some of the recent edits (via ArcMap 5.1 eith Roads and Highways extension) to an archive-enabled LRS feature class had not shown up in the FME-based ETL processes.  It turned out that the ed...
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  • Broken datasource every time the mxd reopened

    I have authored a Map MDX from shapefiles, every time I reopen few of the shapefile data source is broken, I use the Repair data source option to fix it, but then again when I open the mxd the data source of the same ...
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  • Attribute Table incorrectly displayed and overlaying Table of Contents

    I am using Desktop 10.5.  The attribute tables for every layer are displaying incorrectly under the toolbars and overlaying the table of contents.  I cannot move the table, sort, add/delete columns, etc, as ...
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  • Warning 000916 in hot spot and Moran I analysis in arcmap

    Hi everyone.   I use spatial join tool in arcgis pro to connect a shapefile (a map) and a xlsx file (the time series data have XY coordinate). The spatial_join file can use hot spot analysis in arcgis pro but i...
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