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ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor

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I used the new Vector Tile Style Editor to modify a basemap and saved that newly modified basemap. Upon saving, I now see the modified basemap in My Content of my ArcGIS Online account, however, I cannot figure out how to pull the modified basemap into my Company's Portal for use in webmaps. How do I go about adding a custom basemap to a Portal?
I created my own styled version of the OSM vector, but unfortunately it runs extremely slowly after making the changes. is this common? any tip to avoid this? could it be related to recolouring the existing provided icons? Any advice will be extremely helpful. thanks!
StreetMap premium comes with a MXD.  I can import that MXD into ArcGIS Pro, but it has the "old" method of grouping/ duplicating layers to handle scale thresholds and scale ranges, symbol sizes, etc.   Is it possible to use the style from one of the vector maps for this data, and if so how would I apply it?   Or if someone has already gone to… (Show more)
Selecting a style for preview only works for vector tile services in Web Mercator projection. When previewing a style based on any other projections, the map is white. The content is there "somewhere", but completely wrong extent. This can easily be reproduced by trying eg. this style in "British National… (Show more)
I would like to use the vector style editor to change the look of an online basemap and then share part of it as a raster tile layer in my portal(server).  One of my applications is using  arcgis server 10.5 map services and can't read vector tile caches.  And requires a cached mapService retuning png8 files.   I have tried to do in Pro, but it… (Show more)
They know how a Google Web TiledLayer is generated or how the WebTiledLayer is obtained. My question arises from how the following link was obtained.,h&hl=en&gl=en&x=${col}&y=${row}&z=${level}&s=png{col}&y={row}&z={level}&s=Galile    … (Show more)
I am editing an existing basemap style and so far this tool is pretty great. However, I can't seem to change the fill color of the highway shields. Any suggestions?
Click to view contentThe basemap seems to work well in the online environment, however when I add it to the offline environment of ArcGIS Pro (2.0.0) via the portal it does not render correctly when the zoom level increases (as seen in the attachments). Some sort of tile boundaries show up and they can be seen in both map view and layout view. I have already changed… (Show more)
Hi,   Can I change the labels language of the basemap using the ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor? If yes, how can I perform that.   Many Thanks
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