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ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor

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Hello!   I would like to know how often do you update the data on the map? I mean roads and street labels? Secondly when i see a big mistake in Road label layers, can you make changes. For example, in Estonia, City of Tartu there are almost in every basemap small street named Tartu. Actually in our city there can't be street with the same name… (Show more)
Hi,   Can I change the labels language of the basemap using the ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor? If yes, how can I perform that.   Many Thanks
Hey yall,   I'm trying to make a simple shaded relief basemap of an area in California without any water showing specifically on the land (want to add my own water). Tried using ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor and I almost got something, but it came down to turning all the "water" off and I was left with oceans, which curious enough run… (Show more)
I created a new basemap in ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor that is exactly what I need but I cannot find/open/use in ArcMap desktop. I tried to convert the .json file to a feature class but get an error message. I tried to add data form ArcGIS online but the file does not show up. Is it possible to use the basemap that I created in ArcGIS… (Show more)
Click to view contentTrying to edit the Dark Gray Canvas for a custom basemap that does not have buildings... I successfully saved the new tile layer, but upon inspection there is a sliver cut out of the [land] layer at zoom level 10: Look just SW of the Pocomoke City label   Here is level 9:   And level 11:   The same gap in the basemap shows up on other… (Show more)
Click to view contentHi All,   I was wondering whether it is possible to change the definition of the different classes in the Basemap Style Editor. For example when I go to Populated Places -> Smallest -> City small scale/town small non capital. Am I able to define how large the population is that those points represent.    I noticed in the mapbox documentation… (Show more)
Hello, The OpenStreetMap (Esri Street with Relief style) map style seems to have a different texture/color response when printing (I attach pdf). I also tried to make the background layer invisible in the editor and then save, but the result does not change. Does it happen to someone else? Thanks
I'm actively working on updating our raster basemaps like I do every year. It's a time consuming task but it seems like it's still the only way to get authoritative data out there. I know esri is putting it's raster basemaps out to pasture. Is there a path forward to move to vector basemaps of our own short of creating vector tiles for every layer… (Show more)
I've tried to set the placement of some labels at the center of a line within the vector tile style file, but it doesn't appear that the vector tiles honor the "symbol-placement": "line-center" property.  After setting the property to line-center, all of the labels appear to default back to the "point" symbol placement.   Do vector tile layers… (Show more)
Hi    I am creating a vector tiles for a  polygon dataset and I am having trouble figuring how to the get the labels to show when you zoom in or pan.  The labels are static and don't seem to redraw with the polygons.    Thanks   Vicki Magnis