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Hi,   When I try to create a network dataset from a SHAPEFILE I get the error: "could not create network dataset". I am following all the steps although most of what I found refer to using a GEODATABASE instead of a shapefile, so perhaps this is the problem. Can anyone help??   Thanks   David
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I have a recurring problem where ArcGIS Pro stays on the "Initialising .. …. …. " screen when I try to start it up. I have to close the program using the Task Manager and only occasionally do I get it to start properly!   Has anyone please noticed something similar and found a solution?   Thanks, Paul
in ArcGIS User Seminars
As i can see that we can import a zip package of multiple shape files in developers arcgis. I am able to import individual csv files that gives me different urls for difference layers.   I want to import multiple csv files as part of a single project and i can have one service url.   Thanks in Advance!!
Hi, geonet people!     I'm attempting to create water table map for self-training purpose. I wish to add what I circled in the attachment. Would anyone willing to provide a little help?     thank you
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