• story map full screen

    I am using a story map for my dissertation defense and I need to be able to make it full screen on my macbook pro. Can anyone help me with this? I still see the web pages bar across the top. 
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  • content cannot be shown in frame

    I am working in an enterprise environment and have a pdf file showing a chart.  I want to add this as a tab within a story map.  I have added this content separately within portal and then have sharing prope...
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  • How can I combine the side accordion and tabbed map series story map?

    I am trying to create a tabbed story map that will be sub-categorized.  It would be ideal to have my content in the tabs and subcategories in the accordion format. There are only templates for either tabbed or si...
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  • change font to company policy

    In the new storymap design I can choose the predefined fonts, but company policies require me to select the prescribed font (i.c. Arial). Perhaps more changes would be necesary to be made, so i would like to add the C...
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  • Can you add Tableau Charts into a StoryMap?

    Has anyone successfully added Tableau Charts into a StoryMap using Embed? We tried it using the chart URL in an iFrame in Embed and it worked, but we only got the Card. We'd really like to just see the chart and not h...
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  • Disable image download from ArcGIS StoryMaps

    I have images in a StoryMap that my client wants to show but not make it easily downloadable. Currently it's possible in all options (sidecar, slideshow, etc.) to simply right click on a photo and "Save image as...". ...
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  • Maps Not Showing in Print Mode

    When I click to print my story map, none of the maps display. Is this a bug or an expected behavior?   Thanks, Michael
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  • Show StoryMaps Map Attribute Fields

    Does anyone know of a way to get StoryMaps to show a maps Attribute Fields?   I have a map with about 50 Rec Centers.  I would like to create a storymap that steps through each of the of them and dynamicall...
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  • Within a StoryMaps Guided Tour, how do I make the map feature fill the entire screen?

    When building a Guided Tour within StoryMaps, the map within the map feature is always smaller than it's allocated space, with grey area around the map. I can manually zoom in, but that has to be done by the viewer, w...
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  • duplicating story maps results in express maps not publishing

    Hello - I have a user who is having an issue with duplicating a story map.  In the duplicated story map the express maps do not publish correctly.  There is just a blank area where the express map should be....
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  • Why do images that display the correct orientation in Online (as attachments to a feature service), then show up rotated incorrectly when uploaded into Storymaps?

    I created a point feature in desktop using the geolocation of photos and published to online as a hosted feature service and went on to create a webmap and storymap.  The pictures appear to be correctly oriented ...
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  • Side car headings in New Story Map

    Working in the new story map template.   Is there a way for headings placed in the side car to show show up in navigation? My navigation acts as if they do not exist unless they are placed outside the side car.
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  • Embedding Option for New Storymaps

    I love the new storymaps interface. Will it be possible to embed the results? I'd love to use them within my Drupal website, adding the organization's branding and navigation.
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  • Story Action for Sidecars

    I'm glad you guys added map actions to the Sidecar for the new StoryMap. That being said, I wish that was extended out to include full story action capabilities. I'm trying to allow the user to toggle betwee...
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  • Map Action Beta: Potential Labeling Bug

    First, I really like the Map action feature in the StoryMaps, as it provides a great end-user option if they want more information.   In a current story map build, I have been encountering what I think is a bug,...
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  • guide tour slide duplication

    I am using the new version of story maps, and am building a guided tour website. I would like to duplicate a slide, but there is no option to do so? Although blog posts say it should be available under the three ... o...
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  • Expand images on side panel

    Is there a way to expand the images on the side panel next to the sidecar?  This was available in the classic map journal.
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  • How do I turn my story map into a PDF -  I'd like to send unpublished story map to outside consultant to proof

    I'd like to send an unpublished story map to some experts outside our organization so they can proofread it before we publish it. I know that we could print it. How do I make it into a PDF so I can enclose it in an ...
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  • can you customize the size of the media/sidecar on ArcGIS StoryMaps?

    I'm trying to update a StoryMaps Classic Journal to the new version, and I'd like to be able to make the sidecar larger so that the user doesn't have to scroll as much. Is there a way to do this in the new ArcGIS...
  • UPDATE! Known Issue: The story builder cannot be loaded

    Hello everyone,           -------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW UPDATE ---------------------------------------------------------------------   ...
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