• StoryMaps Design Navigation Unresponsive

    I'm working with a StoryMap Collection and attempting to change the Design settings. Am attempting to change the Navigation setting from Compact to either Tabbed or Bulleted, but the style appears to not be applied an...
    created by kwikstrom
  • Popup settings on original map are not applying to the storymap.

    I have a map I have created with multiple layers, one of them being a roads layer. I only need the labels, so I set the lines to transparent, as I usually do in Pro. I disable popups for the roads layer, which applies...
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  • Story Maps Swipe Legend

    I am using the swipe tool for two of my story map web maps. I selected the option to display BOTH web map legends in the widget settings. It will display both legends while in edit mode. However, once I publ...
    last modified by NBraun@mmsd.com_mmsdgis
  • Is there a way to embed google street view into an arcgis story map?

    I'm working on a project involving the gentrification of Nashville, and I would like the take Google's Streetview's feature for showing locations in different years. I was wondering if there is any way to embed Google...
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  • My storymap post cannot be loaded

    Hi, I created a storymap using ESRI's web storymap builder about a year ago. I went back to the page for research purpose, but got this message once I tried to open it:   Has anyone encountered a similar issue...
    last modified by jwongi
  • What's happened to HTML in Story Map Builder?

    Shortly after Story Map Builder was introduced, I used it to create a few items.   The one I use the most is a show case for maps and apps I'd created in ArcGIS Online. I regularly share these via Twitter a...
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  • Is there a way to host the new Story Maps on our server?

    Our team likes the look and feel of the new story map we made (with the new story maps website) but we also want to host it on our server.  Their is no source code or git fork like there is with the classic templ...
    last modified by mst90194_USG
  • ShortList app - export points option available???

    Curious if there's a way to export existing points from the Shortlist template to .csv files or similar? Have an app configured (hosted within organizational AGO account) and have done extensive management/maint...
    created by NWT_Geo
  • PDF's on story maps, how to stop download as default?

    Hi,    We used to be able to add in PDF's by uploading them and then adding a link to them on story maps, they used to load in and allow the user to read them and view them and could be downloaded if wanted...
  • Link to content sections

    The new ability in story maps to link to sections of content whereby it is limited to just 10 sections and maximum 30 character length is not very good.  The Map Journal template has functionality so you can jump...
    last modified by cmcdonald@aberdeen
  • how do I create an attribute table?

    I want to learn how to create an attribute table on ArcGIS pro in order to create a time series map. I hope to eventually display and present this time series through a story map. 
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  • Shared Story Maps/Publishing

    How does one avoid the entire organization's content showing up in the Shared With Me section in StoryMaps?  When students publish an individual StoryMap, it shows up in the account of every student & teacher...
    last modified by kcarroll_SJES
  • ArcGIS StoryMaps update | Jun 17 2020

    Hello storytellers!   Yesterday, we released a minor update for ArcGIS StoryMaps with a handful of enhancements and fixes: Several fixes to improve the background audio experience for re...
    last modified by OEvans-esristaff
  • Side car headings in New Story Map

    Working in the new story map template.   Is there a way for headings placed in the side car to show show up in navigation? My navigation acts as if they do not exist unless they are placed outside the side car.
    last modified by NBraun@mmsd.com_mmsdgis
  • Story Map App - Adding a Map

    My son and I are working on a story map documenting his hockey season. I am having an issue with a certain aspect though.  I created a web map with directions from one point to another. The route layer created ...
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  • Is the new ArcGIS StoryMap self-hostable?

    I'm thinking the answer to this question is no, but I wanted a solid answer.  I just want to know if you can self-host the new ArcGIS StoryMap (with the Classics, you downloaded the source code and inserted your ...
    last modified by FranklinCountyPaGIS
  • Unenabled Pop-Ups in ArcGIS StoryMaps are still Popping Up

    I don't want any pop-ups on my maps in the ArcGIS StoryMaps Sidecar, so I've un-enabled them on all my layers on my Webmap (right picture below). However, when I click on the layer in the Sidecar, a pop-up still opens...
    last modified by KBerg_RambollEnv
  • Can other people in my group contribute to my collection that I shared with the group? We are using a collection started by one member that has more rights. But we want all the Earth Science Students to be able to add their story on their thesis or intern

    Can other people in my group contribute to my collection that I shared with the group? We are using a collection started by one member that has more rights. But we want all the (only 30 a year) Earth Science master st...
    last modified by rosa_uvagis
  • Raster layer not appearing in story

    From Liubomyr Oliinyk via ArcGIS blog: Thank you for the new features. I have some trouble with displaying historical maps in storymaps. Here is the example of the layer with the historical map from 1925 (ht...
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  • Maps Not Showing in Print Mode

    When I click to print my story map, none of the maps display. Is this a bug or an expected behavior?   Thanks, Michael
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