• Does the storymap supports Arabic/Hebrew languages? If not, how can I overcome writing from left to right?

    Does the storymap supports Arabic/Hebrew languages? If not, how can I overcome writing from left to right? Paragraph text direction from let to right? Does storymap supports Arabic language? If not, how can I keep th...
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  • what font does the story map Summit Theme use

    I'm looking to embed a journal story map into the new story map design template. What font styles are used in the Summit Theme? I'd like to mimic those in the Journal Map   Thanks!   Sarah
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  • CartoMOOC mega map - how do I make a similar map?

    I would like to create a map where a community of Black Female Triathletes can add a pin at their location on a web app map with a few details. There was a classic story map that allowed this function.  Like the ...
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  • Sometimes able to change color of text in credit section...sometimes not?

    There are two things going on here, Some story maps I am able to change the color of text in the credit section when editing and sometimes I am not. Once it is published the coloring is no longer applied.   He...
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  • Replace map within duplicated StoryMap

    Hello StoryMappers,   We duplicated a Story Map using the new platform (ArcGIS StoryMaps) and want to replace the original map. There's a warning about the copy referencing the previous map...I get th...
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  • How long should it take to duplicate a story map?

    Trying to dupe a story map and going on one hour,   The icon is still moving but still waiting. I don't think it is a very large story map compared to others. I do have two videos (7mb and 10mb) uploaded. I th...
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  • Add A feature to StoryMaps Collections that allows you to separate/group StoyMaps into categories or subjects.

    It would be nice to be able to group StoryMaps into Categories or Subjects in Collections. From an organizational view point this would allow our audience to navigate to different categories/subjects and view all our ...
    created by Stalin.H2O
  • Embedded iframe will not display video in popup

    I created a web map using a hosted feature service that includes an <iframe> link to a video as a field in the attribute table. It displays the linked video in a pop-up just fine when viewing the web map. W...
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  • Link to Bookmark

    In the old Story Maps, you could do create a link for a specific tab or index (see this blog post), but is it possible to do something similar with the bookmarks in the new version of the Story Maps?   Thanks, ...
    created by mtvetter15
  • I am using the current Story Maps (could not find a group for this?) and I can no longer add subheadings to side cars. Anyone know why this may be happening?  I just completed a story map 2 days ago in which I was able to add subheadings. However when I e

    When clicking on "continue your story..." the menu no longer shows add a heading or add subheading plus other options
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  • Why the audio of an uploaded video in Sidecar StoryMaps does not work?

    Hello,  I uploaded a video in Sidecar but the audio does not start with the images. So, I tried to embed a video link and in this way it is possible to hear the audio but it does not work as if it is uploaded. ...
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  • Story Maps Swipe Legend

    I am using the swipe tool for two of my story map web maps. I selected the option to display BOTH web map legends in the widget settings. It will display both legends while in edit mode. However, once I publ...
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  • Can't embed dashboard

    I keep getting an error when trying to embed a dashboard into my StoryMap.   I've attached a video to show what happens. Not sure if this is a new bug but this dashboard has worked in both classical story maps...
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  • Story Map App - Adding a Map

    My son and I are working on a story map documenting his hockey season. I am having an issue with a certain aspect though.  I created a web map with directions from one point to another. The route layer created ...
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  • Repeated use of images

    In StoryMaps is there a way to re-use image assets or do I need to browse and upload a new copy each time?  Example - I want to include a photo of John Smith in StoryMap1 and again in StoryMap2.  Right now I...
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  • Shared Story Maps/Publishing

    How does one avoid the entire organization's content showing up in the Shared With Me section in StoryMaps?  When students publish an individual StoryMap, it shows up in the account of every student & teacher...
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  • My storymap post cannot be loaded

    Hi, I created a storymap using ESRI's web storymap builder about a year ago. I went back to the page for research purpose, but got this message once I tried to open it:   Has anyone encountered a similar issue...
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  • Trying to place map in a story and it is completely gray. Will not let me place at all?

    I checked errors in the dev tools while trying to place the map and have attached a screenshot. I cleared all of my cookies and cache. It still isn't working. 
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  • Map not showing

    Created  a story map - I am administrator, all maps are shared publicly. I was allowed to publish but upon viewing no maps would download - only see grayish screen. I already tried Edge, Google Chrome, and Apple ...
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  • Adding a web map to Story Maps

    I am trying to add a web map that I created in ArcGIS Online to an existing Story Map draft that I am creating. However, when I choose to add map in my section of the story, even though I can see the map from my conte...
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