• Block QC Data Collection unless the QC tool is launched from Collector

    Is there a way to block QC data collection unless the QC tool is launched from Collector?   Use Case: We want a parcel ID to be the user input in the target feature class.  This parcel ID field would would...
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  • Quick Capture R2 iOS

    Does Quick Capture on iOS support the R2 with real-time corrections? I know it does not say so on the website, but maybe a future version. It does come up as an option. However, it does not want to connect to the R2 (...
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  • ArcGIS Tracker in ArcGIS Quick Capture?

    Hi - are there any plans to include ArcGIS Tracker functionality (start/stop tracking) in Quick Capture? The usecase is snow plowing - where the driver uses Quick Capture to document their work and use ArcGIS Tracker ...
  • Quick capture offline - keeping things synced

    I'm aware that it's possible to use an offline map/basemap with Quickcapture by creating a MMPK file and selecting this as the map in QuickCapture Designer.   My use case is that I have a polygon feature layer a...
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  • Quick Capture Field Use Issues

    Hey everybody,   Still relatively new to quick capture.  Just had a field crew take it out on a trial run to collect point features and they ran into some issues.  I have run some tests using both my m...
  • How do i delete quick capture data?

    We use quick capture for windshield damage assessments. It is used to determine the location of damage so assessment teams know where to go. Once those are completed how do I clear that data from the map in preparatio...
  • URL to launch Quick Capture from Collector not working

    I have configured a link in a popup in Collector to open Quick Capture.  When I tap the link nothing happens. I scaled back the link to just include arcgis-quickcapture:// and still get the same re...
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  • Is it possible to customize quickcapture app?

    Hi guys, I am thinking of customizing quickcapture in a way that when it was launched it start taking pictures every 10 minutes in a moving car and show the pictures on the map. Every picture is available on the map f...
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  • QuickCapture: Failed to send records; how do I get them added to my data?

    When QuickCapture tells me it failed to send records, and I chose the option to email or save them, it only sends/ saves a .qcr file, which is not an ArcGIS online supported file type. I can't figure out how to get th...
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  • Quickcapture all records to same point

    Having issues with field crews using QuickCapture. It is not with all crews, but certain crew members' tracks all zip back to the same semi-arbitrary point. I say semi arbitrary because my first thought was it was a c...
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  • Post data regularly

    When mapping longer lines - is there some way to specify that data should be sent regularly along the way and not just when the entire stretch has been mapped. Eg that you set a maximum line length (or time-based)? Th...
  • Two enhancement requests for project user input

    Hi there,   I have two enhancement requests for project user input: 1. Please respect domains in the same way you do for button user input 2. Please allow multiple project user input fields.   Thanks, Marc
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  • Photos taken by QuickCapture not geotagged

    How can I ensure that all pictures taken by QuickCapture have proper geotagging information? I downloaded the picture attachments, and they did not have lat-long. I had location services on the phones turned ON.  ...
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  • Can I collect multiple attributes on the same line?

    I am working on a method for collecting information about a rail trail. I have identified 3 or 4 trail attributes to be collected via a line feature: roughness, rutting, drainage, surface material (pictured in the att...
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  • User Input empty/default value bug?

    Hi there,   We have a QC project built with user input applied to a button to capture notes.      If the user skips the notes then a default value of ${userInput:001} is captured to the at...
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  • Quickcapture button to open Survey123 project

    Hello, I am developing a work order tracking system, and some job types are easily recorded by Quickcapture (Debris pickup), and other job types require multiple fields to be filled out (Concrete work). Instead of hav...
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  • quick capture wrap text

    Is there a way to format the quickcapture button layouts to wrap text/look better? My button text is cutoff midline making it hard to read/unprofessional looking. See attached image.
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  • Quickcapture IMEI or DeviceID or any ID for each device

    Hi   Like survey123 get the deviceID , can Quickcapture  get the deviceID or IMEI or any id thad will be unique for each cellphone?   regards
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  • Export Hosted Feature Layer to Shapefile - Preserve Pictures as Attributes

    I am relatively new to Quick Capture.  I set up a test project for point data to be collected in the field with associated pictures and comments.  My goal is to export the data as a shapefile for storage, an...
  • Promoting QuickCapture Projects between Portals

    I am attempting to migrate QuickCapture projects from one Portal environment to a higher Portal environment. When ready to promote the app from Dev to Staging and then to Production environment, what is the best metho...
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