• Is it possible to customize quickcapture app?

    Hi guys, I am thinking of customizing quickcapture in a way that when it was launched it start taking pictures every 10 minutes in a moving car and show the pictures on the map. Every picture is available on the map f...
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  • What is the quickest way to get to a summary of information post-capture?

    A count for each attribute would be great. Ideally if the button could display a running count, that would be perfect. We do helicopter surveys currently with paper and pen--our clients expect a rough idea of what we ...
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  • Understanding User Inputs in ArcGIS QuickCapture

    Capturing data with ArcGIS QuickCapture boils down to pushing a big fat button. If configured appropriately with device variables, you can also have additional attributes in your GIS feature be added automat...
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  • ArcGIS QuickCapture 1.4 released!

    QuickCapture version 1.4 is now available. The mobile app has been updated across all supported platforms and web designer refreshed. This new release will help you easily configure offline and online maps in you...
  • Capture device orientation to attribute

    Hi, It would be really helpful with the ability in ArcGIS Online/Enterprise to rotate symbols using an attribute to capture the orientation of mobile devices in QuickCapture to an attribute. We deploy viewers using ...
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  • Requested: polygon that doesn't stream

    Ismael Chivite Michele_Lundeen       James Crandall   We are interested in using the split screen approach in Quick Capture where we could draw a quick polygon (with a fingertip or sty...
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  • quick capture wrap text

    Is there a way to format the quickcapture button layouts to wrap text/look better? My button text is cutoff midline making it hard to read/unprofessional looking. See attached image.
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  • Working with ArcGIS Enterprise and QuickCapture

    In this article you will find a few quick facts describing how ArcGIS QuickCapture and ArcGIS Enterprise work together.   You need a portal (Portal for ArcGIS): For ArcGIS QuickCapture to work with ArcGIS Enterp...
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  • Writing to hosted feature layer views with QuickCapture

    Hi there,   We have deployed the following: A hosted feature layer to hold QuickCapture (QC) features (HFL) A hosted feature layer view (HFLV) of the above that is consumed via a QC project    When ...
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  •   Quick Capture Trimble R1 GNSS reciever won't connect

    Hi,   I'm using Trimble R1 gnss reciever (firmware ver. 5.43) I'm using also the apps GNSS status and GNSS direct on both iOS and Android   Quick capture won't connect to the R1 (the gnss app shows accuracy ...
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  • Quick Capture R2 iOS

    Does Quick Capture on iOS support the R2 with real-time corrections? I know it does not say so on the website, but maybe a future version. It does come up as an option. However, it does not want to connect to the R2 (...
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  • Using Integers as Project User Input

    Hi there,   Currently through the GUI you can only configure Project User Input as strings.  If you edit the json you can convert it from EsriFieldTypeString to EsriFieldTypeInteger and this works ok as lon...
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  • Does QuickCapture integrate with the other Field Apps?

    My question is can I open Quick Capture from Collector and pass data (behind the scenes) to it?   In order to connect a record to an existing asset.   Or will this be possible in future updates?...
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  • Quick Capture - Delete a feature right after collection - timeout

    I recently watched the YouTube video about QuickCapture - ArcGIS QuickCapture: An Introduction - YouTube  and saw that you can delete an item right after you create it - using the trash can button in the botton r...
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  • QuickCapture multiline button user input

    Hi Ismael Chivite,   I have found when I add a multi-line button user input the skip/next buttons are obscured by the iOS keyboard.  This could be confusing for users. Perhaps the dialog box needs to b...
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  • Two enhancement requests for project user input

    Hi there,   I have two enhancement requests for project user input: 1. Please respect domains in the same way you do for button user input 2. Please allow multiple project user input fields.   Thanks, Marc
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  • Quick Capture Photo Quality

    I would like to use the quick capture app for our construction inspectors to quickly document a field condition with a photo.  For example, Damage to Tree, Damage to Pavement, or Damage to Sidewalk.  It seem...
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  • Text-to-Speech for other languages in QuickCapture Windows app

    Hi all, I am currently creating a QuickCapture project in Thai language and after saving the project, I open it in the recently released Windows app. However, the Text-to-Speech functionality does not work for Thai B...
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  • Button user input doesn't work with line data.

    We have a button that starts a track log (line data). We cannot configure button user input for the line data. We've tried multiple data types (coded values, single line text, etc). Everything seems fine in Designer, ...
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  • QuickCapture Dropping points before submission

    Hey folks, I know that QuickCapture is still technically in Beta, but has anyone else attempted to use the application and had success?  I created a quick four button app to use to tag addresses where improper r...