ArcGIS QuickCapture 1.1 now available

Blog Post created by ichivite-esristaff Employee on Aug 1, 2019

Today you will find a new ArcGIS QuickCapture update in the Apple and  Google Play stores. We also have refreshed it's Windows flavor, as well as QuickCapture designer.  This is version 1.1, and here are some highlights:


If you are not familiar with ArcGIS QuickCapture, check our version 1.0 release announcement.


QuickCapture in over 30 languages


The next time you open the QuickCapture mobile app, it will welcome you in your own language.  It is now available in over 30 languages, including 'right to left' languages like Arabic and Hebrew. 


Text to speech functionality also works in most languages, although it will automatically be disabled if the operating system in your device does not support text to speech in the active language.


QR Code to scan an Enterprise URL


If you plan to deploy ArcGIS QuickCapture against your own instance of ArcGIS Enterprise, this will make a difference: When setting up a connection to ArcGIS Enterprise, you no longer need to manually type the URL: A handy barcode scanner has been added to streamline this workflow.


To take advantage of this feature, you will need to create first a QR barcode representing the URL of your ArcGIS Enterprise portal. Here is what an ArcGIS Enterprise URL looks like:




Note that I left the /home out of it. Keep /home for your browser. You do not need to include that for QuickCapture:


https://myportal.acme.com/webadaptorname   (Correct)

https://myportal.acme.com/webadaptorname/home (Incorrect)


There are many utilities out there to help you create a QR code from your ArcGIS Enterprise URL. I like QR Code Generator, but there are many others.


Once you have the QR code, you can include it in an e-mail with step by step instructions, print it on paper, etc.


Stop all active buttons with a single tap


With this update, you no longer need to manually stop -one by one- all active buttons before you can close your project in the mobile app. A new confirmation dialog will let you end all active captures with a single tap. A time saver for field users.


Enhanced QuickCapture designer.


With QuickCapture designer, right from a web browser, you can create your own projects for the QuickCapture mobile app. Here is what is new in this update:


  • You can now add your own button groups and new buttons and set the specific data source in your project on which features will be created. You can also duplicate existing buttons to speed up your design.
  • The drag & drop experience within QuickCapture designer has been greatly enhanced
  • If you change the size of color of Group labels with the JSON editor, the Designer's preview will honor it.
  • New form factor previews have been added.


The next update to ArcGIS QuickCapture is planned to be made available in September. Beta builds available through the ArcGIS QuickCapture Early Adopter Program.