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I have added the comment box in Quick Capture, I am able to write the comment in the box but I can not find the comment after capturing it.  Please let me know how.   Thank you,   Flavia Magalhaes
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Click to view contentWe are excited to announce the release of ArcGIS QuickCapture 1.3. The mobile app has been updated across all supported platforms. QuickCapture designer has also been refreshed.    Here are the highlights.     ArcGIS QuickCapture Public Projects  Starting with this release, ArcGIS Hub Premium customers can share QuickCapture projects publicly.… (Show more)
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My question is can I open Quick Capture from Collector and pass data (behind the scenes) to it?   In order to connect a record to an existing asset.   Or will this be possible in future updates?   My use case is a quick way for our grounds staff to indicate a tree needs trimming or needs to be removed.  Doesn't need to be form-centric, it could… (Show more)
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I recently watched the YouTube video about QuickCapture - ArcGIS QuickCapture: An Introduction - YouTube  and saw that you can delete an item right after you create it - using the trash can button in the botton right corner of your device.  This works - but times out too fast.  The video said you can modify the time out length.  Where do I find… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi QuickCapture Team,  When navigating though Feature Layer content Map Image layers also display. In the designer it's unclear which is the feature layer and if the map image layer is selected instead we receive an error message (please see images below).        Please either identify the Map Image Layer with an icon (and document that it… (Show more)
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I have a project collecting noxious weed treatment data using QuickCapture to collect points. Currently I've configured QuickCapture to have multiple buttons which each record a different species. The buttons record a point and populate the species code and date fields. The species code is populated correctly when uploaded to AGOL. However when… (Show more)
in ArcGIS QuickCapture
How can I create the left and right offset in the ArcGIS Online map like it is previewed in the youtube tutorial of Quick Capture?
in ArcGIS QuickCapture
HI, I can't get quickcapture  1.1 to work with a trimble r1 (with latest firmware and NEMA set up). Any advice? I can see the r1 in the list of devices to use with QC but if I try to add i just get the spinning wheel.    b
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Click to view contentHi,   I'm using Trimble R1 gnss reciever (firmware ver. 5.43) I'm using also the apps GNSS status and GNSS direct on both iOS and Android   Quick capture won't connect to the R1 (the gnss app shows accuracy though) On both iOS and Android   Is there any solution?   Thanks Lior  
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I have recently started designing in ArcGIS Quick Capture. I like the new functionality to give the user the choice of whether to include a photo or not. However I have experienced with my iPhone that anytime I do decide to capture a photo, it kills the application and looses any data I had collected. Has anyone else experienced this?    I tried… (Show more)
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