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Since moving to ArcGIS 10.6 from 10.5, ArcMap is crashing on various edits to new and existing models. It often crashes on connecting a layer to a process in Model Builder. It happens both with layers dragged in from the ArcMap table of contents and with layers created in the model with MakeLayer It does not seem to happen on connecting a feature… (Show more)
We have a legacy ArcGIS Flex app. What actions to take to make it continue to work with ArcGIS online services after ArcGIS online TLS 1.2 implementation in Feb 2019? 
Hello. We have a couple legacy apps built using the ArcGIS Flex API (versions 2.5 & 3.3). With the upcoming change to ArcGIS Online to enforce the use of TLS 1.2, should I be concerned that these older versions of flex may not be able to access ArcGIS Online services? Or will would you expect the apps to work just fine provide the client/browser… (Show more)
When the TLS Update is implemented in February 2019, does that mean that the WMS OGC Web Service will need to be https?
Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a protocol that provides privacy and data integrity between two communicating applications. Esri is planning to require TLS 1.2 connections for ArcGIS Online services in February 2019. Keep an eye on this Technical Support information page for updates on this.   At that time, ArcPad running on platforms that… (Show more)
AppStudio is not mentioned on the Esri TLS Support Page. How do I know whether an iOS or Android app built with AppStudio for ArcGIS is impacted by this change? (Specifically I would like to know whether I need to re-publish this iOS/Android app, which connects to ArcGIS Online to get feature service, webapp/webmap items.)   Thank you!
Important Update for ArcGIS and TLS Esri is committed to providing strong security for the ArcGIS platform by using the latest industry standards and best practices for security protocols. To meet these industry expectations, we are making an important update to ArcGIS Online in February 2019 that is likely to affect most ArcGIS software and… (Show more)
Welcome to the Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) Forum on GeoNet This is a forum to discuss and share information and developments regarding the Transport Security Layer Protocol.   TLS Resources: TLS 1.2 Technical Support Site Esri Software Products Affected by TLS 1.2 Implementation FAQ: Esri and TLS 1.2 Transport Layer Security - Wikipedia…
Hi,   I didn't see Survey123 mentioned in the list of mobile apps that are unaffected by the change in security protocol.  Is there any action that needs to be taken?  Apologies in advance if I didn't see the documentation...   Thanks, Shana
Hi there,   I couldn't find any mention of whether or not apps created using the dev edition of Web App Builder will be affected by the upcoming requirements for TLS 1.2 in ArcGIS Online. Is this dependent on the operating system of the web server?   Cheers, Nate Shaub